Amity Cochin institution Essay


Amity Global Business School, Kochi started its journey on the twelvemonth of 2009. The first MBA batch started with 19 pupils. It started off with the “Orientation program” of the first batch MBA ( 2009-11 ) pupils.

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Amity Cochin institution Essay
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The Amity Kochi household got bigger with the wining batch of MBA ( 2010-2013 ) and besides with the debut of the UG programme BBA ( 2010-2013 ) . They were welcomed with an orientation programme on August 2010. The orientation began with the “Saraswathi pooja”- seeking the approval for a new start. The orientation programme included preparative categories every bit good as ice breakage Sessionss. An art fest “SPANDAN” was conducted by cordiality pupils in the month of November 2010. Programs like dance, skit, cooperate walk etc… was showcased.

Our pupils participated in a chat room session which was aired by Asianet telecom. They discussed subjects sing “Consumerism, Attitude towards military and police force and MBA programme” . Amity University was the rubric patron of NIT Calicut fest which was conducted on March 2011. Our pupils organized a trip to Munnar in the month of March 2011. The pupils indulged in adventuresome activities like trekking, mountain mounting, boosting and activities like campfire accompanying by DJ dark. The first batch of MBA command farewell in the month of April 2011. Along with that reasoning ceremonial was besides organized. The following set of batch was welcomed with an Orientation programme followed by the Fresher’s Party organized by the senior batch titled “MILAN” on 20ThursdayOctober. The festival Onam and Christmas was celebrated by the pupils in a expansive mode. On 17ThursdayOctober 2011 the pupils of Amity Kochi made a testimonial to the late direction guru Steve Jobs.

The pupils organized the first of all time athletics activity, “AMITY CRICKET LEAGUE ( ACL ) ” , where a clump of pupils formed in to several squads. This event was conducted in the month of March 2012. On 10th April 2012 the pupils attended the programme “ formative immature heads ” organised by AIMA and KMA and besides the finals of Amity cricket conference was held on the same twenty-four hours.

A expansive mask farewell party was organized by the pupils to the outgoing batch 2010-2012 on May 2nd at DD Retreat. The party ended with DJ followed by dinner. Succeeding the farewell party Amity Family organized their concluding ceremonial. The reasoning ceremonial of the Batch 2010-2012 was held on Wednesday, 16th May 2012.Thechief invitee for the twenty-four hours, Shri U Ramachandran, Vice President, AGBS Campuses was here withus to bless the pupils. His presence has graced the juncture. The sing modules were alsopresent in the campus to witness this auspicious ceremonial.

In June 2012 we are proud to tie in ourselves with Central Kerala Sahodaya Complex. It was a portion of our enterprise to make out to schools and colleges in Kerala. We were proud to denote our first instructors developing plan on Saturday, 23rdJune, 2012.Also, we have organized a whole twenty-four hours developing plan for the instructors of 11Thursdayand 12Thursdaycategories in the countries of Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, and Humanities.

The Orientation of following batch MBA ( 2012-2014 ) and BBA ( 2012-2015 ) was conducted in September 12Thursday2012 and they were welcomed with a Fresher’s party- “FRESHERS FRENZY” on October 4Thursdaywere the juniors were asked to come in darting xanthous and black outfits. This twelvemonth besides “The National Festival Onam” was celebrated on 7ThursdaySeptember in a expansive mode where several cultural programmes were organized.

The pupils organized and participated in a “FLASHMOB” , an event conducted by Parivartan Charitable Trust. The event was conducted as a portion of “Breast Cancer Awareness” . It was held at Oberon Mall Cochin in October 18Thursday2012.

Kerala Management Association organized a conference with Indian Navy ( Southern Naval bid ) on Marine SPICE on March 13th,2013.Our MBA and BBA pupils had theopportunityto participate in this conference and were besides awarded certifications for the go toing the same.

Juniors organized a farewell party- Amity International Farewell Awards ( AIFA ) on April 26Thursdaywhich was themed as a “RED CARPET EVENT” and was held on April 2013. The MBA batch ( 2011-2013 ) and the first BBA batch ( 2010-2013 ) said adieu to the Amity Family.

The following batch of MBA ( 2013-2015 ) and BBA ( 2013-2016 ) were welcomed with an Orientation and a Fresher’s party on October 11Thursdaywith the subject “ANGELS AND DEMONS” . This twelvemonth once more our National Festival Onam was celebrated by the senior and junior batches.

April 4th -Students of Amity-Kochi conducted a Flash Mob at Lulu Mall, the largest promenade in South India. It was witnessed by at least 300 people.

On November 6Thursday2013 our Amity Kochi campus hosted a Blood contribution cantonment in association with IMA blood bank.

The senior MBA ( 2012-2014 ) and BBA ( 2011-2014 ) command adieu to us. Farewell party was hosted on April 30Thursdayat IMA, Kochi to the outgoing pupils. The official concluding ceremonial for the seniors was held on June 3rd2014. The really presence of Shri URamachandran, Vice President, AGBS in the concluding ceremonial inspite of his extremelybusy agenda is a contemplation of the importance that is attached to the committedness to qualityaugmentation. We are all inspired by his gracious presence and his words of wisdom.

Orientation programme for MBA ( 2014-2016 ) and BBA ( 2014-2017 ) was conducted in the month of August 2014. They were welcomed by their seniors with a Fresher’s party themed “NEON FEVER” . The pupils organized the first of all time Management Fest of Amity Global Business School, Kochi named “THE GREAT KOCHI TREASURE HUNT” . The pupils besides volunteered in forming the “SPICE COAST MARATHON” conducted by Souls of Cochin which was the first group to carry on a full endurance contest. We received a item of grasp from the Guinness World record holder for the same.

The pupils besides organized another athletics event “THE AMITY FOOTBALL DERBY” on November 2014 held at The Rajivgandhi bowl.

Every twelvemonth a selected figure of pupils are taken to Amity Noida campus for our one-year Founder’s Day celebration- “SANGATHAN” which is a month long mega event where inter institutional athleticss meet is organized. The latest Sangathan 2014 was the 16Thursdayone-year meet of Amity Family. It was an luxuriant jubilation at University Campus Noida.

Our pupils participated in several “MANAGEMENT FEST” and have received a figure of trophies. They have besides won overalls from the best colleges across Kerala. They have showcased their endowment and have benchmarked Amity’s name in front.

Since origin Amity Global concern school has stand out itself as a pacemaker in campus arrangements in top class companies with prodigious rewards. Engagement includes both from taking Indian every bit good as foreign companies. Elect companies such as Ernst & A ; Young, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, KPMG, Royal Bank of Scotland, South Indian Bank and many more offer legion occupation chances entirely for our University.


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