An audit plan of solace ltd.

Solace Ltd. Company is specializing in private tutoring services and the company is Australian listed company so at the terminal of the twelvemonth they have present fiscal study. Furthermore, Solace limited company is a public company so the external users are to a great extent depends on fiscal statement. Furthermore, Solace current focal point is to infiltrate the Australian market place and accomplish a market portion of at least 30 % . In add-on, to strong its place in market she is be aftering to take over other smaller tutoring service company. The company ASX listed company so our house is contracted to scrutinize the Solace Ltd. statement of personal businesss. Harmonizing to ASA 300, an audit program is required so the battle is executed in an effective mode. Simultaneously, it helps auditor to place hazard and any unusual or unexpected mistake associated with fiscal statements. Furthermore, it enables them make audit process for a peculiar stuff misstatements mistakes and publish a true and just audit study. The following measure is to develop an audit program for scrutinizing the statement of personal businesss of Solace Ltd.

Our Audited account program includes the followerss:

Accept client and execute initial audit planning.

Understand the client ‘s concern and industry.

Assess client concern hazard.

Perform preliminary analytical processs.

Set materiality and buttocks acceptable audit hazard and built-in hazard.

Understand internal control and buttocks control hazard.

Gather information to measure fraud hazard.

Develop overall audit program and audit plan.

Accept Client

The first attack for audit program is to be after an battle and accept the client. However, before accepting the client it is important to garner information sing the fiscal stableness of client, relationship of client with its old hearers. The chief ground to scrutinize the Solace Ltd. is that the company is listed in ASX and under corporations act the steadfast fiscal statement should be audited and at the terminal they have to show an sentiment in the signifier of audit study.

Harmonizing to ASA 210, the hearer should document their apprehension of an battle in the working documents, including the battle ‘s aim, the duties of hearer and direction, and the engagement restrictions. Finally, appropriate staff is assigned for the battle.

Understanding the client Entity and its environment

A thorough apprehension of the client entity, its concern and its environment and cognition about company ‘s operations are indispensable for carry oning an equal audit as per ASA 315. It helps in understanding client ‘s concern hazard and the hazard of material misstatement in the fiscal statements.

As per our client Solace Ltd that runs private tutoring services that aims for high quality, low priced tutoring services. In add-on to tutoring services Solace besides indulges in existent estate concern that will even assist them in renting premises to put up schoolrooms to supply services to local pupils.

Business Operations and Procedures

Business operations and procedures include how much company is profitable and its fiscal status. Solace ltd. chiefly generates gross from pupil fees & A ; services and the equity is the chief beginning of finance. Hence, the company have good fiscal status.

Management and administration

The hearer needs to familiarise the company ‘s Organizational Charts. A public company needs to set up a codification of Ethical motives, and they have to be taken into consideration and it should be reviewed by the hearer for any alterations.

Client ‘s aims and schemes

The followers are the aims and schemes of the client which hearer needs to understand:

Effectiveness and efficiency of operations

Dependability of Financial coverage

Conformity with Torahs and ordinances ( ASA 250 )

Measuring Business Hazard

“ The client ‘s concern hazard is that it will neglect to accomplish its aim which includes fiscal statements, conformity with Torahs and ordinance and effectivity of efficiency of operations ” ( Arens, 2007 ) . There can be material misstatements in the fiscal statements of consolation limited company because of concern hazard. The Industry or the environment in which Solace Ltd operates is hazardous and there are opportunities of stuff misstatements in the undermentioned countries:

Fee for service


Government financess

Student fees and charges

Preliminary analytical process

Analytic process refers to an accretion of activities executed by hearer to garner sufficient grounds. The chief aim of analytical process is to compare the fiscal information of entity such as comparing between current twelvemonth and last twelvemonth fiscal ratios ( ASA520 ) . These comparing helps auditor to place any unusual or unexpected alterations occurred in the fiscal statement. In ratio analysis chiefly the undermentioned ratios are considered:

Liquidity Ratio

Cash Ratio

Solace ltd. hard currency ratio is more than 1 and it is increasing every bit comparison to last twelvemonth ; hence, the entity can rapidly neutralize assets to cover short term liabilities ( Appendix 1 ) .

Quick Ratio

Quick ratio is more considered than current ratio to see fiscal strength or failing of a company because it exclude stock list from current assets. The Solace limited company Quick ratio is more than 1 so the fiscal strength of the entity is strong ( Appendix 1 ) .

Current Ratio

Solace ltd. current assets are about twice of current liabilities so the entity can easy carry through its short term debt duties. The current ratio is more than old twelvemonth ; hence, the company is in good fiscal status ( Appendix 1 ) .

Leverage Ratio

Debt/Equity Ratio and Debt/Assets Ratio

Debt equity ratio and debt assets ratio of Solace limited company is smaller than 1 so the assets are chiefly financed through equity and there is no future funding troubles ( Appendix 1 ) .

Profitability Ratio

Net income Margin

Solace ltd. Profit border is lifting from last twelvemonth i.e. 5 % to 6 % ; hence, the company is effectual at its cost control and they are change overing gross into existent net income ( Appendix 1 ) .

Tax return on Assetss

As we compare the ROA of last twelvemonth from current twelvemonth of Solace limited company it is lifting from 7 % to 9 % which proves that the company is profitable and gaining more income on existent investing ( Appendix 1 ) .

Tax return on Common Equity

Consolation ltd ROCE is more than 10 % and it is lifting as comparison to last twelvemonth ; hence, the company have adequate financess to hike their concern and to pay dividend to stockholders ( Appendix 1 ) .

Set Materiality & A ; assess acceptable audit hazard and Inherent hazard

“ The magnitude of an skip or misstatement of accounting information that, in visible radiation of the surrounding fortunes, makes it likely that the judgement of a sensible individual trusting on the information would hold been changed or influenced by the skip or misstatement ” ( ASA 320 ) .

Materiality is of import because if fiscal statements are materially misstated, users determinations may be affected, and thereby do fiscal injuries ( Arens, 2007 ) . To assess materiality degree of Solace Ltd. the hearers are following AASB 1031 which provides that misstatements greater than 10 % of the base value are considered stuff while misstatements less than 5 % of the base value are considered immaterial ( Appendix 2 ) .

Acceptable audit hazard is a step of how willing the hearer is to accept that the fiscal statements are may be materially misstated after the audit is completed and an unqualified sentiment has been issued ( Arens, 2007 ) . Acceptable audit hazard can be calculated by following expression:

Acceptable Audit Risk = Inherent Risk x Control Risk x Planned Detection Risk


Planned Detection Risk ( PDR ) = Acceptable Audit Risk ( AAR )

Built-in Risk ( IR ) x Control Risk ( CR )

To measure AAR the hearers first step battle hazard and utilize it to revise AAR. Engagement hazard is the hazard that hearer will endure injury because of a client relationship, even though the audit study rendered for the client was right ( Arens, 2007 ) . There are many factors which affect AAR such as external users rely on statement of personal businesss. Hence, Solace Ltd. is a public company so the external users are depend on fiscal statements and these can be determined by client size, distribution of ownership and sum of liabilities. Furthermore, there is possibility that the client will endure some fiscal troubles at the clip of issue of audit study. In add-on, Solace ltd has low AAR so the experient staff should be assigned to derive sufficient grounds.

Built-in hazard is a step of the hearer ‘s appraisal of the likeliness that there are material misstatements in a section before sing the effectivity of internal control ( Arens, 2007 ) . There are many factors which affect built-in hazard of Solace limited company such as nature of client concern, old audits consequences and non everyday minutess.

Understand Internal Control and measure control Hazard

Internal control construction consists of policies and processs designed to supply direction with sensible confidence that the company achieves its aims and ends in following classs:

Effectiveness and efficiency of operations,

dependability of fiscal coverage and

conformity with applicable Torahs and ordinances

Management holds the duty for taking attention of all the internal controls of their administration in the same manner they should fix the fiscal statements of the administration in conformity with the set accounting criterions. The Auditing and Assurance Standards Board ( AUASB ) issues Auditing Standard ASA 315 Understanding the Entity and Its Environment and Assessing the Risks of Material Misstatement.

This Auditing Standard:

( a ) requires the hearer to execute hazard appraisal processs to obtain an apprehension of the entity and its environment, including its internal control ;

( B ) requires the engagement squad to discourse the susceptibleness of the entity ‘s fiscal study to material misstatements, including those due to fraud ;

( degree Celsius ) requires the hearer to understand specified facets of the entity and its environment, including its internal control constituents ;

( vitamin D ) requires the hearer to measure the hazards of stuff misstatements both at the fiscal study and averment degree ;

( vitamin E ) requires the hearer to place important hazards and averments where substantial processs entirely will non be sufficient ( Arens, 2007 ) .

The hearer shall obtain an apprehension of internal control relevant to the audit they are besides concerned about:

Controls over categories of dealing

The primary accent is on internal control over categories of dealing instead than account balance. This is because the truth of the end product of the accounting system is to a great extent dependent on the truth of the input and processing, in the instance of Solace Ltd we have to execute chiefly these audit aims:


Being or happening




Posting and summarizing

Controls related to dependability of fiscal coverage

Main concern is all about the fiscal statements that can be figured out through the internal public presentation studies of Solace Ltd have in its day-to-day working that includes the working of the employees every bit good as the day-to-day public presentation mark achieved by Solace Ltd.

Effectss on information engineering on internal control

Consolation can better effectivity and efficiency of internal control by systematically treating big volume of dealing and informations through IT. This will assist in heightening seasonableness and truth of information, even holding so much to give it even has some issue involved with it such as staff adding incorrect informations in the system that can take to loss.

Procedures that will assist in avoiding such issues in Solace Ltd are:

Independent cheque on public presentation

Physical control over assets and records

Adequate paperss and records

Proper mandate of minutess and activities Adequate separation of responsibilities

Procedures to obtain an apprehension of the internal control of Solace Ltd is:

Keeping proper cheque on staff and their activities

Making note of the day-to-day working of Solace Ltd, their corporate policies and the codification of behavior used.

In brief sing the records, files and informations maintained by Solace Ltd.

Assess control hazard

Assess whether the fiscal statements are auditable

Determine assessed control hazard supported by the apprehension obtained

Assess whether it is likely that a lower assessed control hazard could be supported

Determine the appropriate control hazard

Trials of Control:

This is performed after a good apprehension of the internal control has been achieved and control hazard is been known in a more apparent mode.

Making enquires of Appropriate client forces of the Solace Ltd

Examine paperss, studies and records

Reorganize client processs

Observe control related activities


While scrutinizing the Solace limited company it is important to garner information to measure fraud hazard. There are three conditions for fraud Incentives/Pressures, Opportunities and Attitudes/rationalisation.

Measuring the hazard of fraud

As per ASA240, hearer must keep a degree of professional agnosticism as they consider a wide set of information, including fraud hazard factors, to place and react to fraud hazard.

The undermentioned beginnings help to place hazard of stuff misstatements due to fraud:

Communication among the squad

Inquiries of direction

Hazard factors

Analytic Procedures

Other Information

Documenting Fraud Assessment.

As per ASA 240, the hearer should document fraud hazard factors identified during the assessment procedure and the hearer ‘s response to such factors. Hearers chiefly document the undermentioned affairs related to the consideration of stuff misstatements due to fraud:

Discussion among engagement squad.

Procedures performed to obtained information.

Specific Risk.

Supporting decisions.

Consequences of the processs performed to turn to the hazard.

Analytic relationships.

Nature of Communication.

Develop overall audit program and audit plan

In developing an overall audit program and to garner adequate suited grounds the hearers have to execute following five types of trials:

Gather grounds about the design and arrangement in operation of specific controls.

Test the effectivity of controls in support of a reduced assessed control hazard.

Testing of pecuniary mistakes to find whether the six transactions-related audit aims have been satisfied for each category of minutess.

Comparing and measuring whether history balances or other informations are reasonably stated.

Testing of pecuniary mistakes to find whether the nine balance-related audit aims have been satisfied for each important history balance ( Arens, 2007 ) .

The importance on the types of trials in any audit relies on the place of the client. The nature clip and extent is determined by the assessed degree of control and built-in hazards.


This audit program involves risk appraisal of Solace limited company which is the ASX listed company involved in private tutoring services. Harmonizing to the corporation act the audit is necessary for Solace limited company because it is a public company so audit study is required yearly for external users. Harmonizing to audit program we have covered all the necessary stairss involved in scrutinizing of a house. The audit program starts from accepting audit battle and go on with brief apprehension of the client concern and industry. Furthermore, measuring of concern hazard is required because consolation ltd company is funded by authorities and there is a opportunity of materiality misstatements. To garner sufficient appropriate grounds and to put the materiality degree preliminary analytical processs are required. In order to acquire sensible confidence as to direction aims internal control was taken into consideration wherein few control process were flowed to happen the hazard involved. Finally, before developing the audit program we assessed the hazard of fraud.


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