An Autobiography: Tom Landry Essay

The book An Autobiography: Tom Landry was written by himself with help
from Gregg Lewis, is about Tom’s life. He was the head coach for the
Dallas Cowboys for 29 years. The story takes place in various cities in
Texas. Tom Landry speaks of his childhood and he controversial firing of
his job at head coach.

Tom Landry was born on September 11th, 1924 in Mission, Texas. He had
three other brothers and sisters, two of which were older than him. As a
child he was shy, probably because of his speech impediment. His dad was a
volunteer fireman, which was a very dangerous job, so he greatly respected
his father. He looked up to his dad a lot. For example, he would follow
his dad whenever he would go to a fire. He was good in school, which you
could probably attribute to his parent’s discipline. His parents were
Christians, but they didn’t really focus on teaching him the Word. They
wanted to teach him other stuff. Tom ended up playing high school
football, which led to his love for pro football.

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He ended up coaching for the Dallas Cowboys. He led them to many
playoffs and Super Bowls. He was a great coach for them. After he had been
coach for twenty-nine years there was a controversial firing. It was a
controversy because the great things that he was doing for the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones, coach of a Florida college team, had plans for buying the
team. After he bought it, he fired Tom Landry. The firing happened on
February 25, 1989. Jerry Jones named himself head coach. Up to this day
Jerry Jones has never been the coach that Tom was.

Tom Landry’s life really was significant to people across America,
because he was so upstanding. Tom had a lot of morals, probably one reason
was because he was a Christian. He was so looked up to that Dallas made
“Tom Landry Day” on April 22. In 1990 he was elected to the Pro Football
Hall of Fame.

After reading this book I like Tom more that before. After reading
what he feels on things I understand why America respects him so much. I
would highly recommend this book the anyone who has ever liked the Dallas
Cowboys, or Tom Landry. It is a long book, but it is worth it.


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