An Enterprise With A Great Leader Commerce Essay

Trying to analyse the impression of leading through a existent illustration, we will now look into the endeavor I work for and its Managing Director in peculiar, being a leader of the endeavor, but besides a representative of the local authorization. The endeavor in inquiry is Aitoliki Development Enterprise, the company I work for since 2006, which was established in 1994 with the rubric “ Development Company Apodotias – Ofionias SA ( ANETAPO SA ) ” for the better usage of natural resources of Mountainous Nafpaktia. Nowadays Aitoliki Development Enterprise S.A. represents 13 Administrations of Local Authorities, 2 Agricultural Cooperative Unions, 1 Commercial and Small Industrial Union of Nafpaktia, 1 Organization of Cooperatives of I?afpaktia, 1 Nautical Association, the Local Municipality and Community Association of Aetoloakarnania, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Prefecture of Aetoloakarnania, the Technical Chamber of Greece, 1 fishermen association, 1 association of people with particular demands and the Local Association of Solid Waste Management. It represents Local Governments in the prefectures of Aetoloakarnania, Fokida and Evrytania and is considered a transrregional company ( Regions of Sterea and Western Greece ) .

The company intends in the rational use of natural resources of Aetolia, through activities that contribute in the creative activity of enterprises, plans and coactions and point out the comparative advantages of the part, giving replies to the following pressure challenges of our clip: Pace acceleration for the creative activity of new work topographic points, decrease of income divergencies and upgrading of parts criterion of life, drawn-out reproduction of societal capital, regional completion and balanced growing, assistance of decentralization for the standardization of regional inequality, more efficient operation of Local Authorities in all sectors ( economic, societal policy, etc ) .

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An Enterprise With A Great Leader Commerce Essay
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The foundation of AITOLIA S.A. is the consequence of convergence of mature contemplation with respect to the completed local growing and the demands of creative activity of new open uping frame. Its responsibility, together with all the establishments and citizens of the part, is to lend in the societal and economic growing of Aetolia and more specifically in the growing of the deprived parts of the cragged volume of the past states of Nafpaktia, Messolonghi, Trichonida and Dorida. It was created so that there is a scientific establishment that responsibly and consistently will look into, analyze the assorted developmental possibilities and organize the diffuse attempts for the sustainable growing of the general part.

Aitoliki Development Enterprise S.A. aims to alter the deprived countries belonging to its country of intercession, into healthy, safe, feasible and sustainable growing theoretical accounts, but the success of each attempt is ever connected with the suited human potency that justly possesses the first topographic point in the policy of the company, for the quick and positive response in the establishments and citizens increasing outlooks. The quality of human potency is one of the most powerful advantages for the building of dynamic endeavors in a frame which is characterized by globalization economic system and international competition. With the nonsubjective intents of the company in the human potency sector being the attractive force of high educational degree scientists of assorted fortes, the accomplishment of homogeneousness in the degree of proficient preparation and scientific fundamental law of executives, the use of new technological means that the company has or can get, by using actions for development, planning and direction of human potency, the web operation of dealingss between the workers and the direction and severally all those with the exterior environment, the company nowadays occupies several singular executives.

What leading is

Traveling frontward to the leader of the organisation, it would be foremost utile to specify “ leading ” , as a footing of the farther development of the assignment. Although in the ancient times, being a leader was an familial trait and it was believed that certain persons were born ‘natural ‘ leaders, or that certain forms of behaviour could enable them to act upon others, farther recent surveies lead to a figure of of import decisions. Harmonizing to John Kotter “ Leadership is a set of procedures that creates organisations in the first topographic point or accommodate them to significantly altering fortunes. Leadership defines what the hereafter should look like, aligns people with that vision, and inspires them to do it go on despite the obstructions. Furthermore, leading is cardinal to enabling group and organisational public presentation. However, the nature of leading required differs in different parts of the organisation. At higher degrees in the organisation leaders are mostly concerned with strategic determination devising. At in-between degrees, leaders are concerned with implementing schemes. At lower degrees, leaders are concerned with guaranting the continued efficient running of the organisation – they operate bing constructions. Clearly the influence of the leader is affected by different internal and external factors which are present at the organisational degree that he or she operates ” ( University of Leicester Handbook, 2008: 243 ) .

Several other authors have defined leading, as it appears to be a instead interesting chapter in the field of direction, as follows: “ the ability to act upon people towards the attainment of ends ” ( Daft, 2005: 590 ) or “ leading revolves around vision, thoughts, way and has more to make with people than with day-to twenty-four hours execution ” ( Bennis, W. 1989:139 ) , or “ leading is a combination of scheme and character ” ( Schwarzkopf G. ) , or “ Leadership is a development of a clear and complete system of outlooks in order to place evoke and utilize the strengths of all resources in the organisation the most of import of which is people. ” ( Batten, J.D.1989 ) , or “ Leadership is a map of cognizing yourself, holding a vision that is good communicated, constructing trust among co-workers, and taking effectual action to recognize your ain leading potency. ( Bennis, 1989 ) , or “ Leadership is a procedure of giving intent ( meaningful way ) to corporate attempt, and doing willing attempt to be expanded to accomplish intent ” ( Jacobs & A ; Jaques, 1990:281 ) , or “ Leadership is a procedure of influence between a leader and those who are followings. ” ( Hollander, 1978 ) , or “ Leadership is a procedure whereby an single influences a group of persons to accomplish a common end. ” ( Northouse, 2004 ) , or “ Leadership is an effort at act uponing the activities of followings through the communicating procedure and toward the attainment of some end or ends. ” ( Donelly, J.H. & A ; Ivancevich, J. M. & A ; Gibson, J.L. , 1985 ) , or “ Leadership is an influence procedure that enable directors to acquire their people to make volitionally what must be done, do good what ought to be done. ” Cribbin, J.J. 1981 ) , or “ Leadership is defined as the procedure of act uponing the activities of an organized group toward end accomplishment. ” ( Rauch & A ; Behling, 1984 ) ” . ( http: // ) . Finally, Scarnati T. James ( 2002 ) references that “ prima people is more an art than a scientific discipline. With practise, forethought and experience, going competent in the art of leading, is possible. It is linked to an art because it seldom trades with quantifiable absolutes. Unlike scientific discipline, a myriad of human variables interact, doing it impossible to foretell cause-effect relationships accurately ” .

Qualities of a leader

Sketching the features and qualities of a leader and the manner he determines the class of an organisation, we could state that, harmonizing to Kotter ( University of Leicester Handbook, 2008: 244 ) , and “ by taking for granted that the way is a cardinal component of leading, a leader sets way by making a vision, that is an inspiring, but an accomplishable image of the hereafter. Having determined and articulated the vision, a leader stands back to let his or her people to accomplish that vision. A leader takes a broader position leting others within the organisation to pull off the short term position whilst he or she establishes the wider vision. A vision is long-run, originative and ambitious. It has a strategic focal point and requires scanning the environment and looking towards the skyline for chances for important organisational addition.

In add-on, it would be interesting to mention to the facet of alliance, that is the procedure by which the organisation ‘s strategic aims and operational patterns are made congruent. Alignment ensures that all degrees of the organisation and all people within the organisation are drawing in the same way. A leader focuses on making a shared vision and civilization. By alining the values and beliefs of organisational members with those in the organisation there is small demand for imposed stiff constructions. Peoples align their patterns to the corporate scheme because they see the value in making so. Controls and boundaries become excess as people develop the person accomplishments and abilities necessary to lend to the organisational vision.

Equally far as relationships in an organisation are concerned, we can state that a leader forms relationships throughout the organisation frequently on a one-to-one footing, taking to animate and actuate people, utilizing coaching and facilitation to assist them turn and carry through their possible.

The personal qualities of a leader are normally seen as more single in nature. His or her chief purpose is to lend in the wider benefit of the organisation as a whole. As it is abovementioned, a leader demonstrates concern for persons, frequently hammering one-to-one relationships. He or she is emotionally connected to those around him/her and has a good developed sense of his/her ain personal strengths and failings. A leader recognizes the potency of others and honor their parts, encourages creativeness and invention.

Finally, results deducing from the above qualities are frequently less predictable or less clearly defined and prudent risk-taking frequently leads to transcending initial outlooks, traveling frontward by extremist alteration.

Sum uping all the above qualities of a leader, we can state that leaders adopt a more personal and active attitude towards ends, they create exhilaration in work and develop picks that substance to images that excite people, they have empathy with other people and give attending to what events and actions mean and their sense of individuality does non depend upon rank or work functions and they search chances for alteration ” . ( University of Leicester Handbook, 2008: 247 )

The life illustration

Having analyzed the impression of leading, it would be now appropriate to present the existent illustration in inquiry, Mr. Ioannis Boules, the Managing Director of the specific administration, who is a alumnus of Athens School of Economics and has a Master ‘s grade in Operations Research and Economic Systems of Polytechnic Institute of New York. He has an MPhil from Pace University of New York. He has worked in the USA in assorted private endeavors until 1980. Since that clip, back in Greece, he has worked as an adviser in the Ministry of Labour Affairs, the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the private sector he has worked in the Agricultural Bank of Greece ( ATE Bank, Training Center and the Division of Agricultural Industries ) during 1985 – 1995. In 1995 he was elected as an Assistant Professor in the School of Business Administration and Finance of Technological Educational Institution ( TEI ) of Kalamata. In 2006, he was elected as Mayor of the municipality of Pilini ( Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania – Western Greece ) , station which he holds until now. Well before his election in the municipality of Pilini, he was involved with the direction of the AITOLIA S.A. , where he has now the station of the Managing Director. During his engagement in AITOLIA S.A. , in ATE bank and assorted ministries, he has coordinated many regional, national and European undertakings.

Venturing to turn out whether this individual deserves to be characterised a leader or non, we will now look into elements of his personality that are comparative to the qualities appropriate to leaders, which are abovementioned. First, Mr Boules is a adult male with a vision. He has a clear image of where he wants to take the organisation and how he intends to acquire at that place and so creates a strategic program for accomplishing his ends. Not merely does he hold a vision for the organisation but besides for its members, which is considered the first duty of a leader, but besides a adult male who has ever tried to make a approachable vision for the employees of the organisation. From the really first twenty-four hours of each individual ‘s professional calling in Aitolia S.A. , the Managing Director would do certain the employee has a vision. Uniting the personal ends of the employee, every bit good as the general aims of the administration, Mr Boules would pull off to put the way in front, every bit good as to animate the employee, visualise future accomplishments, therefore hiking his public presentation. In short, he tries to act upon the ideas, the attitude and behavior of the employee. What he would afterwards make is to supply employees with all the necessary tools, preparation and advice, so as to allow him boom in the specific work environment.

Second, a quality that can decidedly be attributed to Mr. Boules is the fact that he makes certain the vision is communicated to the members of the organisation. No affair how exciting the vision is, a successful leader has to pass on it to the employees and clear up it, every bit good as adapt it to current fortunes and state of affairss, but most of all to the employee ‘s civilization. Therefore he makes certain all parties move towards the same way, sharing a common vision. What is more, he therefore commits people to prosecute something that belongs to them excessively, while he allows the employees to develop their ain accomplishments and abilities within the professional environment, by supplying adequate freedom for development.

Furthermore, every bit far as interpersonal relationships are concerned, Mr. Boules has ever tried to make strong bonds among members of the organisation, on a one-to-one footing. Relationship edifice includes several stairss, such as effectual communicating. Active hearing to others is an of import issue, every bit good showing ideas and sentiments to interested parties. What is more, Mr. Boules tries to set his manner of conversation harmonizing to each instance and individual, seeking to be understood, but besides understand between the lines the desire of his middleman. Being just towards staff members in instances of struggle, is another quality to be mentioned at this point, while trust edifice is considered one of the most of import issues impacting interpersonal relationships. In add-on, uninterrupted feedback, coaching, advice and encouragement in hard times and reassurance in instances of crisis, every bit good as his motive, have created a feeling of regard and grasp, from all staff members towards Mr. Boules. Finally, our Pull offing Director is a leader who has ever encouraged squad work, therefore seeking to heighten coaction but at the same clip strengthen relationships among staff members and facilitate work.

Mr. Boules ‘s personal qualities are countable. First of wholly, he is a adult male whose primary aim is the better hereafter of the organisation and his is committed to it, instead than his personal publicity. He is really much interested about his confederates and considers them members of his household. Having personal relationships with them, he energizes others and sits back to assist them accomplish their full potency, through their new thoughts and originative heads, therefore profiting the organisation. Our Pull offing Director has besides the gift to be able to actuate people. The personal contact with staff members has lead him to be cognizant of how each individual can be motivated, depending on his/her demands and non merely does he convert his confederates of the value of their thoughts, but besides inspires them to work towards common ends and to accomplish things they ne’er thought they could make, by authorising them every twenty-four hours. Furthermore, he is a adult male who has the bravery to take hazards and he is willing to put on the line failure. He is cognizant of his strengths and acknowledge his failings, he is willing to have unfavorable judgment and advice and do alterations when necessary. He is non afraid to do hard determinations, due to his strong assurance, but besides undertakes the duty in instances of negative results and in these instances he learns from his errors and moves on stronger, although in the bulk of instances his actions have led the organisation in great successes, due to his difficult work, survey, adaptation to altering circumsances and inherent aptitude on future stairss. It besides worths to advert that despite the fact that Mr. Boules is a adult male who has made singular surveies, he is non content with what he has achieved and since engineering is progressing quickly and current personal businesss affect advancement in all Fieldss, he is ever seeking to be up to day of the month, has the desire to continuously learn new things and is ever unfastened to advanced thoughts as a beginning of inspiration. In add-on, “ without complete honestness, moralss and bravery, any leader would confront important challenges, if non failure. Barely anyone would follow unethical people and few would swear a dishonest executive ” ( Brassem, 2009 ) . This is why Mr. Boules, who posses all these qualities can be considered a successful and ethical leader. What is more, Mr. Boules has ever tried to put the illustration which is a really of import leading quality and an effectual manner to demo others the proper manner to carry on themselves. Finally, Mr. Boules is a adult male with a sense of wit, which makes him a pleasant company to others, but besides an enthusiastic and passionate individual, full of exhilaration about advanced thoughts and energy to prosecute them. These qualities are considered really of import and resemble to “ infections that can animate the full organisation ” ( Brassem, 2009 ) . In a few words “ he is a leader who asks inquiries to put the way, puts the right people in the right places, seeks insight from all degrees and ensures resources are allocated in the right precedence, while moving ethically at all times and prosecuting people to stretch beyond what is comfy to maximise consequences ” ( Adler, 2009 ) . To reason, we can state that Mr.Boules is a dreamer. “ He dares to woolgather impossible dreams, new possibilities and creates designs and phantasies that lead to better merchandises and services ” ( Shelton, 2008 ) .

The consequences that this adult male ‘s qualities and the ambiance that he has managed to make in the organisation have brought are several. Apart from making a development company that is considered one of the top five in Greece, non merely because of its scientific staff and the undertakings implemented, but besides for the wider benefits that it has offered to the country, it is of import to advert that important financess have been rewarded to the country, due to remarkable undertaking proposals submitted to the Grecian Ministries and the EU, managing to develop a disadvantageous country into an attractive touristry finish. Furthermore, since Mr. Boules is besides a Mayor in a cragged community, he has managed to prosecute people to advanced thoughts, to wider their skylines and add value to the wider part.


As a decision to all the above, we can state that “ prima is a important and hard portion that a individual dramas. Not surprisingly, the individual who seems to hold known the most about leading was a adult male of the theater. William Shakespeare was acutely cognizant of the leader as histrion, both in the sense of a individual who acts-or is expected to act-and in the sense of a performing artist on phase. Shakespeare knew that a drama about power captivates an audience, every bit good as that both great histrions and great leaders make the audience portion of the public presentation. They engage us and leaders are successful merely to the extent that their followings portion that vision ” ( Bennis, 2009 ) . Therefore it is just to state that Mr. Boules has played this function successfully over the old ages, by puting the way, encouraging, inspiring, stimulating, put on the lining, germinating, caring and back uping, in one word Leading the administration towards a “ happy terminal ” .



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