An on the importance of becoming a High School Essay

“Education. ” An essay on the importance of becoming a High School Graduate – gives the paycheck of an average High School Drop-Out and Degrees in college beyond High School. By communications Education Having a good education, In the long run, can mean a lot. It makes the difference of whether or not you live in the streets or in a mansion. If the average high school dropout out makes a total of $609,000 in a lifetime, that means, if they work for 50 years, they only make $12,180 per year. That’s making approximately $1015 per month.

It will take a long time before they can own a decent 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom house with a kitchen. That’s If they aren’t married and have children. If they do get married, they better home they marry somebody who Is at least a high school graduate. High School graduates make $212,000 dollars more. If they also work for fifty years, that means they make, on average, $353. 30 more per month than a High School dropout. That Is quite a bit more per year. They could actually go on vacation. The average Bachelors degree earner makes on average.

That would mean that they would make $5100 per month. It they worked for only 30 years and made the same amount, that would mean they would make $71,400 per year, making their monthly earnings $5950 per month. If they were married to someone else who had, for example, a bachelors degree, that would mean they would make a total of $8912. 42 per month, that’s $106,949. 04 per year. A Professors degree achiever makes, on average, in their lifetime a total of $3,013,000. If the professor works for 30 years, he/she makes, on average, $100,433 per year.

That means the professor would make approximately $8369_42 per month. If the professor worked for only 25 years that means they would make SSL 20. 520 per year, at 10,043. 33 per month. I nee protestor would make more than teen average null cocoons dropout. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s quite a bit of money gone to waste, that could have possibly been earned. At the least, be a High School graduate. It makes a huge difference. Spend that extra one or two years working hard. The education will eventually pay for itself.

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An on the importance of becoming a High School Essay
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