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Literature Review

Literature reappraisal is an indispensable portion of any work of analysis and particularly in the instance of research work where it is complete focal points around the analysis of practical sample, which is processed to recover consequences and do comparing with the work and survey available. The primary informations used in is collected, analysed and interpreted based on the practical analysis.

In this chapter we will discourse the nucleus construct of Islamic banking in conformity with the belief and beginnings of Islamic rules and its intent and besides its execution in order to gauge and measure ‘to what extent the Islamic banking system in United land follow Islamic rules ‘ in the chosen bank that is HSBC Amanah.

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Islamic banking system is the most demanded and preferable system in Muslim states. It is besides increasing in United Kingdom where there are about 1.3 million trusters of Islam. Islam and Islamic rules are in being since last 1430 old ages. The chief focal point of Islamic banking is exclusion or prohibition of ( riba ) involvement. 1.2 billion Moslems around the universe are united with the belief system of Islam, which is about one-fourth of the universe ‘s population. ( Sarwar 1989, p.209 ) . There are no distinctions in temporal and spiritual personal businesss in Islam, neither on the concern activities and personal behavior as all these are regulated in conformity with shari’ah Islamic Torahs and instructions.

Sunnah as described by Ramadan ( 1961, p.31-32 ) that the Sunnah is human prophetic practical attack of the Holy Quran. The chief intent of the Sunnah is to do Men understand the ways through a adult male. Following the holy Quran Prophet ‘s direction and Sunnah are the primary beginning of Islamic shari’ah.

Islamic banking chiefly revolves around the prohibition on riba ( involvement ) as its reference the poetries of Holy Quran:

“ O you who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for vigorish, if you are so trusters. If you do it non, take notice of war from Allah and His Apostle. But if you turn back you will hold your capital amounts. Deal non unjustly and you shall non cover with unjustly ” . ( Holy Quran, chapter 2: verse 278-279 )

The basic kernel of censoring riba in Islamic banking is that if a dealing, which guarantees a return to one party without even sing the state of affairs and fortunes of the other party what and how will the other party manage, is unfair and unjust. Although gaining on progresss of money is permitted as both parties have the hazard of loss. Muslim banking does n’t merely concentrate on banking without involvement but it besides prohibits unfair and unjust behaviors and unethical activities. On the other manus it supports in actively take parting for accomplishing aims and ends of Islamic economic system and growing.

Islamic banking exists since the clip of the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him but it has increased in recent old ages in investing and trades because of the rules its based on. The Muslim rules are based upon the poetries of Hadees and Holy Quran that is the instructions and life of Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. Muslim Bankss are now the active participants since the last two decennaries harmonizing to institute of Islamic banking and insurance.

Islamic banking system in recognized and accepted throughout the universe. Many writers and bookmans in the nineteenth century wrote about it for illustration Shakespeare besides denied the credence of Usury and its besides prohibited in the old testimony of bible. Islamic banking is in operation since 7th century, but the institute of Islamic banking and insurance in the West say that Islamic banking is a recent tendency.

Principles of Islamic Banking:

The most of import and important factor in Islamic banking is the prohibition of riba ( involvement ) . There seem to be two types of vigorishs, ‘usury of trade ( riba al buyu ) and vigorish of debt ( riba al diyun ) .

Usury of trade ( riba al buyu ) is fundamentally the exchange of services or goods for an equal sum like swap trade and the bringing is delayed. And in order to avoid the vigorish of trade, the exchange of the services or goods must be equalled instantly. Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him out vigorish of trade from crawling into the economic system.

Usury of debt ( riba al diyun ) on the other manus is enforcing a all right or irresistible impulse on the borrower that is a farther incremental sum is implied on the top of the rule, which considered mandatory status of giving a loan. If the borrower is non able to return the loan sum, extra sum is once more charged on the top of the rule sum and if the borrower fails once more to pay it once more charges like concatenation to extra sum increasing.

As Abu Saeed Al khudri explains the words of Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him:

“ The Prophet peace be upon Him said: Gold for gold, Ag for Ag, wheat for wheat, barley for barley, day of the months of day of the months and salt for salt – like for like, manus to manus. Whoever pays more or takes more has indulged in riba ( involvement ) , the taker and the giver are likewise ( in guilt ) . ” ( Ahmad 1995 )

Therefore, this is the ground the Islamic fiscal establishment do non utilize riba involvement because it is ban in Islam. There is no such term as Islamic banking in Islam but Islamic fiscal establishments. But now a twenty-four hours it is these are referred as Islamic banking. And being a Muslim its their duty to be on the right way that is to follow Islamic Torahs and rules in their day-to-day life and in their dealing with other worlds non merely Muslims and with other Muslims besides to go a good Muslim.

The sanctum Quran teaches the Muslims the right manner of populating their lives, it states that the first and most of import responsibility is towards Allah and on the 2nd measure the responsibility towards society for the public assistance and justness of the society and last is to believe about self benefit. Second measure believing about society includes fiscal activities and covering with other worlds which fiscal establishments besides stands in this class.

“ Trust territory, attention for others, moderateness in ingestion, productive attempt as a agency of functioning the cause of Allah… , it will b our enterprise in what follows to lucubrate upon these thoughts to see what sort of economic and fiscal constructs consequence from them. ” ( Siddiqi, 1995 )

First and first Islam does non let having or giving riba involvement to Muslims regardless of the footings and status and involvement rate at which they are delivered. The extent to what extent riba is prohibited in Islam is mentioned in the poetries:

“ And their fetching vigorish, though they were out it, and their devouring people ‘s wealth falsely ; and we have prepared for the disbelievers among them a painful penalty. ” ( Holy Quran chapter 3: poetry 161 )

There are some steps and appraisal carried out to distinguish between involvement and vigorish. The Muslim bookmans have non approved some Islamic people dispute that riba is a form vigorish that is carried through little creditors and does non associate to the involvement charged by modern Bankss, and the riba is allowed in Islam if it used for productive loan but these differences. So Moslem bookmans have decided between them selves that there is no distinguish in involvement and riba.

It is indicated several times in the sanctum Quran that riba ( involvement ) is out in Islam. And the extent to which its mentioned in the sanctum Quran that Allah ‘s approvals go off from the wealth if involvement has been used. The message conveyed by Holy Quran that if person disregards the prohibition of riba ( involvement ) than it ‘s a dissension with Allah and his Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It is reference in the Quranic Verses as:

“ Those who devour vigorish base non but as bases one whom Devil has confounded with touch ; that is because they say, `trading is merely similar vigorish ‘ ; but Allah has permitted trading and out vigorish. Now to whom an warning from his Lord range and he gives over, he may hold what is past, and his matter is committed to Allah. But those who revert, they are the people of the Fire ; they shall brood in this everlastingly. ” ( Holy Quran chapter 2: poetry 275 )

“ Allah blots out vigorish but adds to alms ; and Allah does non love any ungrateful evildoer. ” ( Holy Quran chapter 2: poetry 276 )

“ O Believers, fright Allah and give up what remains of vigorish, if you are Believers. ” ( Holy Quran chapter 2: poetry 278 )

Holy Prophet peace be upon him said that some one who give or take involvement and one who witness such dealing are all every bit guilty. Even though it is clearly mentioned in sanctum Quran that Riba ( involvement ) is haram ( improper ) , which is a wickedness, but still people try to execute this wickedness and argue on this in the favour of riba ( involvement ) .

It has been observed that some of the authors have composed the construct of undue income and involvement payments, and justified them in order to put regulations of Islam. There besides seemed to hold struggles few old ages back in belongings rental that it was taken as ( halal ) lawful, but this was been discarded because of the ground that both involvement on adoption and rent on belongings were considered similar. The benefit for the resident on the rented belongings is positive and there would be wear and tear for the assets on the belongings. On the other manus adoptions are unsure, as vigorish is negative as there would be repayment plus the involvement in full. Even though if the Islamic panel of jury have forbidden the reimbursement for the devaluation of money value, but as a Muslim one can non deny the poetries of sanctum Quran that involvement has been out and therefore it is irresistible impulse for the Muslim to follow Allah ‘s orders.

As involvement is ban in Islam, this does non intend that money is complimentary and is for nil. Islam believes and agrees for the capital as for the factor of production but it does non intend that it beliefs in excess production which is involvement. Harmonizing to Kahf ( 1982a and 1982b ) involvement rates can be an surrogate in relation with net income sharing.

The basic method for the development of Islamic economic system is Muslim banking. And so the institute of Islamic banking and insurance ( 2005 ) hold given some features of Islamic banking to run an Islamic provinces economic system which are:

  • To seek or better persons good being Islam clearly differentiated between ( halal and haram ) lawful and improper features to accomplish economic activities. It is ever forbidden in Islam to execute such economic activities that can harm the society socially and morally.
  • Harmonizing to the Torahs of heritage Islam does non let to administer the wealth in few custodies this can be harmful for the society because Islam has the proper cognition of human nature.
  • In Islam it is non allow to pass the wealth insensibly which has be earn in halal ( lawful ) manner or maintain it hoard an person should pass it sanely and be moderate. Despite that Islam accepts a individual right for the ownership of halal ( lawful ) wealth.
  • There is besides a construct of zakah in Islam. Although Islam allows maintaining keep of any extra wealth but on the other manus it advises to diminish the border of excess for the interest of society, for the underprivileged and low countries of society and community.
  • The Islamic economic system visualizes the societal justness by restricting an person to remain off signifier such workss, which are harmful for society and single itself.

In the instance of net income and loss sharing footing these allow the fiscal covering with company and to place the public presentations either good or bad for an mean acting investing. Therefore it helps to advance better resources of direction. The construction of Islamic banking is developed in such a manner that client ‘s sedimentations and stockholders capital is clearly and decently differentiated. These are to do certain that net income and loss sharing activities take topographic point harmonizing to shari’ah jurisprudence. ( Ariff 1985 )

Structure of Islamic banking

Shari’ah Islamia is a comprehensive system that is based on the Quran ( word of Allah ) and the Hadith ( stating and actions of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him ) . In the absence of an expressed reply to the issue in inquiry the Muslim bookmans do the Ijma which means unanimity and the concluding beginning is Qiyas which is represented in analogical logical thinking from the other three beginnings for current issues that are non straight pointed out in those beginnings but have similar features as those that existed in the yesteryear. Once either ‘Ijma ‘ or Qiyas makes any determination, it becomes mandatory and can non be overruled by future coevalss. The foundation of the Islamic banking is Shari’ah Islamia and it runs utilizing this Islamic system.

Islamic banking, which is based on the shriah islamia, is non against the additions on capital but it prohibits merely involvement on capital. Harmonizing to the shari’ah the involvement or addition should be considered on the footing of the public presentation of the capital. Islam permits joint venture on the footing of net income and loss and the proviso of the services through trading both recognition and hard currency and leasing activities.

The Islamic banking is based on the followers:

  • Sharing the hazard
  • Pull offing and Owning of physical goods
  • Association in the procedure of trading
  • Construction and Leasing contracts utilizing assorted manners of Islamic finance
  • Asset direction for income coevals

The Islamic system does n’t let the fixed rate net income portion in the concern and split the wages in an unsure rate else it becomes Haram ( improper ) . The Islamic banking is following this regulation and any investor in a concern has no right to make up one’s mind or demand for a fixed rate of return and he has to lend on the footing of the net income and loss and will hold to portion the hazard. This characteristic makes the Islamic banking different from the conventional banking. The agreement for the loans and investings are similar what other Bankss are making but the process and its handling is different e.g. the money is borrowed at a rate and there is full payment of the money. The investor ( rabbul maal ) invest the money in the bank and the adept bankers utilise the money in utile undertakings or put it in the companies to do the net income following the halal manner of concern. Sing of the fact that company makes net income or loss ; both the rabbul maal ( investor ) and the mubarib ( borrower ) have bearded the loss. This term in the banking is known as Mudarabah.

In the Islamic banking there is no fixed wage or portion for the madarib for his part in the trade but he receives an in agreement sum of the portion agreed with the rabul-mal. This motivates the mudarib to put the money in a profitable concern earn more net income.

“ … the Mudarabah understanding could be formal or informal, and written or unwritten. However, in position of the Quranic accent on the authorship and formalizing of loan understandings ( Quran, 2:282-3 ) , it would be preferred for all Mudarabah understandings to be in authorship, with proper informants to avoid any misinterpretation. ” ( Chapra 1985 )

In the Quran and besides the prophesier Muhammad peace be upon Him was seen before those poetries of Quran were sent down. Cizakca ( 1995 ) says: “ the earliest Islamic concern partnership can be traced back to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him Himself, Who acted as a Mudarib with His married woman. ”

There is a 2nd manner of making concern by which you can make the investing following Islamic regulations. This is based on the equity engagement and is known as Musharakah. The net income and loss portion partnership in proportion to the capital investing is best described as Musharakah. This type of partnership is best suited for the investor because the investor gets an in agreement sum of net income from the concern. The benefit depends upon the success of the concern. Harmonizing to the Muslim jurists merely liquid capital can be used in the formation of the Musharakah understanding. Any assets contributed in the concern remain in the ownership of the investor/contributor.

The Musharakah is a traditional manner of making Islamic investing. There are no set of regulations and ordinances to make the understanding for this type of investings. The understanding should follow the guiding rule set out in Islamic shari’ah.

In Malaysia a study was conducted to convey the poorness degree to zero per centum by 2000 and a program was prepared to implement this system on the hapless community of the fishermen. A elaborate papers was produced in 1994 in which it was explained that how the constitution of the Musharakah construction could towards the poorness suppression. The 90 % of the community was contacted by the study music directors about their applications to the fiscal establishments had been blocked. Compare to this system the applications where the applier asked for the Musharakah support was successful and it was found that 85 out of 132 fishermen responded positively to this proposal. As the debut of the survey argues:

… doubtless, Musharakah funding through its inducement elements have given more hopes [ sic ] to immature and hapless husbandmans ( particularly in Sudan through the experience of Sudanese Islamic bank in assisting the little husbandmans ) to work hard and cultivate their land. They became a spouse through the new system, sharing the hazard and net income with the bank. A major success in Musharakah funding appears to be undertaking rural to urban migration. Therefore, Musharakah has the potency for turn toing successfully some of the of import issues in rural development. ( ibid, Islamic finance a spouse for growing p. 36 )

Among the Islamic banking system the most successful and the popular signifier of funding is Murabaha. Harmonizing to this system a bank provides the fund to buy a given plus by bear downing a markup for the goods. The Bankss do this by purchasing the goods for the 3rd party and so sell it at the in agreement monetary value to the client. Basically it ‘s the merchandising of goods against deferred payments and is besides known as bayal mu ajjal. The chief aim of this type of funding is that it should non be beyond the range of everybody but semantic to conventional banking. The manner the Islamic banking trades following Murabaha construction is really different from the conventional banking. For Example. If a bank buys a merchandise for & A ; lb ; 100 and sell it to his client for & A ; lb ; 107, and a straightforward & A ; lb ; 100 loan advanced at an involvement rate of 7 % . The Islamic bankers argue that this signifier of banking is better and different to an overdraft organized because it offers several benefits to the bank and his client the same which would non originate from a simple involvement based overdraft installation. T he investing bankers have modified the Murabaha funding and its single dealing is expanded to reflect the turning demand for Islamically customized merchandise for international bluish bit companies. This modified system is implemented in several organisation and they have done several minutess following these new regulations and have adopted the construction. The first record dealing was made in 1995 in the air power industry between the Bahrain based Islamic Investment Company of the ( IICG ) and the Pakistan international air hose ( PIA ) . Following this construction they have finalized a US $ 25 million trade. Reporting on the trade MEED explained:

… air hoses normally buy fuel through hard currency flow, but the jet fuel Murabaha funding installation enables payment over a period of one or two old ages… .IICG functionaries say the understanding will turn out cheaper for the air hose because fuel purchases can now be treated as a medium-term funding demand, and need non be financed through a more expensive overdraft history. This will turn to the air hose ‘s liquidness demands. ( MEED, London, July 14 1995 )

There is a construct in the Islamic universe known as Ijara. The Ijara is a leased based dealing. The investor is known as lease giver and the loaner is known as leaseholder. In this trade the investor or lease giver, would purchases the merchandise from the makers and rent it on to the company or leaseholder for an in agreement period of clip and during the whole period or life of plus, the lesser is at hazard of ownership and leaseholder is responsible for the use of the plus.

Another construct of supplying loans to people without any involvement is known as Qard-hasan in the Islamic banking. Normally these types of loan are for the corporate clients in fiscal agony, which can be rehabilitated in to equity afterwards. The qard-hasan funding helps to reconstruct profitableness. An single individual enduring from hurt, unemployment or some other unexpected development can besides avail this installation and can acquire the Qard-hasan. This could besides be used for one-off large-scale demands such as funding of marrying. The mechanism for the qard-hasan is documented and outlined in the Jordan Islamic bank 1996 one-year study.

As per qard-hasan construction the bank accepts the parts from helpers who wish to allow involvement free loans, through the bank for particular intent. These types of parts are deposited into the Al_Qard Al-Hassan fund.

The Istisna is an understanding for the purchasing the manufactured goods by their specifications or order. The monetary value of the goods is paid increasingly in phases conformity with the growing of the occupation. For illustration, this system is used in the lodging industry where the builder is paid at specified phases of the edifice procedure. The specifications in an Istisna sale have to be really clear as to type, size, stuffs used, bringing day of the month and topographic point. This type of sale can non be used for natural green goods.

The payment for the future goods to be furnished in future in progress is known as Bai ‘ Salam. This is opposite to the Istisna. The specifications for the goods are determined and recorded in to the contract at the clip of understanding. The hard currency monetary value is paid and the bringing is agreed at a hereafter day of the month. The marketer of the goods is bounded to do the bringing of the goods of determined specification on a definite hereafter due day of the month. The goods need non be already manufactured at the clip of the sale contract.

From the above features it is crystal clear that the Islamic banking is non merely different from the conventional banking but it besides gives the pure signifier of funding and attacks to the destitute people in the community foremost without taking advantage of their demands and seting any excess force per unit area on them. This is more robust and utile for the community. The Muslim Bankss take higher hazard in funding as compared to the conventional Bankss in the UK and all over the universe. A typical and outstanding characteristic of the Islamic banking is that it keeps its militias that help the bank in its recovery if the bank faces any immense losingss. From the above features it is crystal clear that the Islamic banking is non merely different from the conventional banking but it besides gives the pure signifier of funding and attacks to the destitute people in the community foremost without taking advantage of their demands and seting any excess force per unit area on them. This is more robust and utile for the community. The Muslim Bankss take higher hazard in funding as compared to the conventional Bankss in the UK and all over the universe. A typical and outstanding characteristic of the Islamic banking is that it keeps its militias that help the bank in its recovery if the bank faces any immense losingss.

Accounting prospective of Islam

Islamic banking is started into the Great Britain. It is structured on the Islamic rules but to happen out that up to what extent it is utilizing Islamic rules needs looking at the Islamic position of the accounting as a major beginning and so necessitate analyzing the Islamic banking in UK.

“ The Islamic diary ” is the book, which can outdo depict the Islamic accounting. This diary was published by Roszaini Hanifa and Muhammad Abdullah Hudaib. To convey the stableness and socio economic prosperity in the society fulfil rights and duties of Allah, and executing the ibadah ( worship ) the Islamic position of accounting is assisting to accomplish the ends and aims of Islamic shari’ah and develops a system where everyone has the chance to populate good and work easy without any fiscal jobs.

Aims set by IPA can merely be achieved if both the proficient system and the worlds follow the shari’ah. Islam has setup a fixed Zakah of 2.5 % for the hapless people and to give them the chance to travel frontward in the society. The Zakah and the Sadaqah riba ( involvement ) free resources should be clearly and decently disclosed and needs covering harmonizing to the shari’ah processs. If these basic things have been ignored and non cover decently will ensue in a major wickedness and misdemeanor of the shari’ah regulations. Interest free resources and minutess are constructions developed to assist the hapless and destitute people non working them and seting some excess force per unit area on them.

Further more in these rule other things are besides of critical importance like payments of revenue enhancements, managing of debts, distribution assets and liabilities. These all should be disclosed and should hold been fulfilled that they are in conformity with Islamic shari’ah. Further these constructs are elaborated with their purpose and rules.

HALAL Minutess, the basic kernel of this construct is that Almighty Allah has forbidden all Muslims from making Haram ( improper ) and making such things will ensue, as a wickedness other than out things Haram remainder of all the things are halal ( lawful ) .


  • All dealing in the concern should be halal ( lawful ) which means that avoid all concern associating intoxicant, gaming and other Haram ( improper ) merchandises and services.
  • The contract made for concern must be in conformity with the Islamic shari’ah jurisprudence that is the funding must be done involvement free services shall be pain full and just rewards everything thing should be clearly mentioned in the contract, just pricing shall be done for the contracts of gross revenues and purchases without and bribery involved.
  • Fiscal beginnings must in conformity with Islamic shari’ah that is Mudarabah, Musharakah, Ijarah etc.
  • The beginning of capital must be halal ( lawful ) , that is avoiding all penchant portions and involvement denudation bonds, notes receivable and collectible and involvement leasing minutess

ZAKAHhelps the Muslims to in a manner thanks Almighty Allah for his approvals and wagess he has given and inquire for more to be continued and to avoid any drosss from immoral Acts of the Apostless, this is the manner to do Allah sword lily by passing wealth.


  • To cipher right sum of Zakah proper histories shall be maintained during the whole twelvemonth so that right sum of Zakah can be calculated.
  • Current market value must be consider while ciphering the Zakah, like assets shall be considered on the current market value and bad debts can be deducted on the existent sum of the debt. For the instance of insolvency, creditors must be paid before if nil is at that place so proprietor is non accountable.
  • Savingss that are kept less so one twelvemonth are non accountable for Zakah but it ‘s more than a twelvemonth than its accountable at the rate of 2.5 % in surplus of equivalent of 86 gram of gold. And same for the personal income
  • 10 % in the surplus of equivalent of 86gm worth of gilded value at income of investing.
  • 10 % of net net income in instance of fabrication industry.
  • 1 sheep for every 5 camels and for every 30 cowss its 1 cowss for Zakah
  • For 40 sheep 1 sheep shall be given for Zakah
  • Agribusiness: 10 % for non-irrigated harvests if it exceeds 1,568 kilogram and 5 % for the irrigated harvests.
  • For minerals and inhumed hoarded wealth it is 20 % of the entire value.
  • For gold and Ag it is 2.5 % in surplus of 725 gram

The rating rule of Zakah is that it is calculated on the points that are Zakah able. Harmonizing to Gambling and Karim ( 1991 ) in corporate sector cyberspace working capital including the hard currency is used for the calculating Zakah that is current acquiescence less current liabilities sing the value of the stock adding to this harmonizing to Muslim bookman El Askher ( 1987 ) current market value of the stock less the distribution disbursals should be considered. For the instance of debts merely the existent sum of debts are deducted from the computation sum for Zakah, rest proviso of debt and other proviso shall non be deducted. And for the instance of insolvency first precedence is given to the creditor of the company if the creditor are non paid so proprietor is non apt for Zakah.

Harmonizing to Siddiqui ( 1995 ) discusses about the corporate sector that revelation of accounting information is an indispensable factor as it helps the internal direction and users in decision-making procedure that helps them to supply them with a true and complete image. IPA considers all users of the procedure are equal and all are apt to hold proper information for spirit of justness in Islam which is quiet different from conventional banking, in conventional banking merely the investors are the primary group whose informational demands are catered.

Theory Behind Muslim banking:

The chief construct behind the Islamic banking is the demand of the Muslims that are clearly reference in the sanctum Quran and Sunnah which are in being since the clip of holy prophesier Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) that explains the manner to cover with twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours state of affairss and manner of populating life decently. There have been many misconception and misinterpretation for the impression of Islamic banking. The basic kernel of Islamic banking is that it helps the fiscal establishments to supply same services as conventional banking but riba free. ( Ariff, 1988 ) .

In 1985 chapra a celebrated writer mentioned that Islamic banking is non merely a involvement free banking, he farther described that Islamic banking and conventional banking are wholly different peculiarly in transporting out their operations with involvement plus their attack and nature of concern on the other manus Islamic banking plants for the strengthening of the society and for its public assistance non merely to do money for its ain and stockholders. Chapra farther provinces that Islamic banking is a complete fiscal establishment that offers a scope of services on the other manus conventional banking chief focal points on lower limit hazard for net income maximization.

Chapra ( 1985 ) besides stated that Islamic banking offers its client more attractive and convenient banking. But for this it has to travel through a elaborate analysis before funding any concern for investing. As Islamic banking is both net income and loss sharing kind of banking it develops a particular bond with its clients. For the instances of settlement Islamic Bankss keep their militias to cover with the job as there is a deficit of hard currency, and as there are no returns like involvements to maintain themselves risk free and safer it is more hard for the Islamic Bankss to pull off and to pull off such job Islamic Bankss portion at that place adjustment to avoid any more losingss and money deficit can be met.

Chapra ( 1985 ) besides discussed about the equity based minutess for Islamic banking, as in Mudarabah manner of banking was confronting unfavorable judgment. As equity based minutess can non be considered halal ( lawful ) as the already fixed involvement in included in the net income of the Islamic banking and it is more the net income would be shown as unfair involvement.

Harmonizing to Naqvi ( 1981 ) Mudarabah does non be in shari’ah jurisprudence neither it is been driven from Quran and Sunnah but it was a tradition used before Islam. Further more though because of his ain unfavorable judgment he besides described that Mudarabah was used by the people who had money like old aged, adult females and kids so that they can put their money for trading on the footing of net income and loss sharing as if there was a loss in the concern the investor besides had to bear the loss. And the fact that holy prophesier ( peace be up him ) did non knock Mudarabah so it is considered to be accepted in Islam.

In 1995 Siddiqui discussed about Islamic banking and he discussed the diverse side of Islamic banking like modestness, trust territory, behavior and work moralss. Work moralss is a most of import portion of Islamic banking as it is related with norms and moral value of the people. He discussed that do the people truly think for the public assistance of the society or merely their ain concern and benefits to function the cause of Allah. But still the inquiries Siddiqui ask remain unreciprocated. As mentioned in the sanctum Quran

“ And pass ( freely ) in Allah ‘s cause, and allow non your ain manus throw you into devastation ; and persist in making good ; behold, Allah loves the actors of good ” ( Holy Quran, chapter 2: verse195 )

Cizakca ( 1995 ) discussed about the two different types of vigorish Mudarabah and Musharakah. On the other manus another writer Ahmad ( 1995 ) besides talk on the background of Islamic banking but his adult male focal point was the difference between Islamic and conventional banking. He besides discussed that Islamic banking has been developing for centuries. On the other manus the fact is Islamic banking has late been recognised and established by the universe in last two decennaries. Ahmad ( 1995 ) says that:

“ Muslim injunction against riba is 14 hundred old ages old and that, Islamic Bankss have emerged merely in the last 15 old ages, a inquiry which may lawfully be asked by any perceiver of Islamic banking is why the Islamic universe took so long to come up with the option to involvement based banking ”

Principles Required For Conventional Banking to Get down Islamic Banking:

In recent old ages many conventional fiscal establishments and Bankss are heading towards and offering Islamic banking and investing with lifting involvement rates more specifically in Europe and Middle East. And as per the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic fiscal establishments offers that the conventional Bankss need look at as if they want to get down Islamic services for their clients. The first and most of import measure towards Islamic banking system is to look are their Articles of Association that it must follow with Islamic Torahs. As per Sheikh Nizam Yaqooby a celebrated bookman in Bahrain has highlighted some facets in inside informations in his articles.

Forms of coaction and their permissibility

Prior to explicating the topic in great item, tribal sheik has advised that before convergence and cooperation between Islamic conventional establishments in pull offing investings has to take several signifiers that may include:

  • IFI Islamic fiscal establishment offer an investing portfolio backed by shari’ah experts and huge direction of the portfolio are in an external investing directors these undertake to follow with Islamic fiscal establishment ‘s conditions and use the criterions and standards laid down by ‘IFI ‘ while pull offing investing. This can merely be done in shari’ah jurisprudence if the investing director performs harmonizing to the Islamic conditions and is been proven successful more than one time.
  • If a conventional bank that markets and sell Islamic services or merchandise, planned and introduced by IFI through the shari’ah expertness, and if it has been a successfully proven in more than one practical illustration than this is besides authorized by Shari’ah.
  • If a conventional bank offers merchandises of services stating that they are Islamic or open a ‘Islamic window ‘ on their premises. Some scholar say that it is non permitted in Islamic jurisprudence because of the conventional Bankss do non follow with shari’ah Islamiah in footings of legislative acts and incorporation. Thus how can a conventional bank provide services and merchandise harmonizing to Islamic jurisprudence?

Further more, many bookmans believe that the financess of conventional banking system are drawn from improper beginnings, so as they are out in Islam, therefore how can such financess be invest in Islamic services and merchandises? On the other manus some bookman license these types of investing every bit far as shari’ah conditions are fulfilled. Harmonizing to sheikh Nizam some bookman besides explain that it is some allow to cover with these type of financess where the beginnings are non to the full improper or assorted.

More over, some of the bookmans agree that the conventional Bankss may change over their investings and traffics in full with conformity with shari’ah investing and IFI criterions with clip. The bookmans who agree to this position are Mir Taqi Usmani, Abdullah bin Sualiman, Abdul-Sattar Abu Ghuddah, Abdullah Al Muslih, Nazih Hammad and Yusuf Al Qaradawi.

Fulfillment of conditions by conventional Bankss:

Few economic experts such as Monzer Kahf and M. Ali Elgari have described that any organic structure that is willing to get down offering Shariah conformity fiscal merchandises and services must run into undermentioned conditions, and these conditions so besides be approved by the Accounting and Auditing organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions ( AAOIFI ) .

Shari’ah ‘Supervisory Board ‘ :

A supervisory board for shari’ah is indispensable for Islamic investing establishments that want to offer Islamic services and board must represent of extremely qualified and trusty bookman to give ( Fatwa ) on fiscal minutess. And in add-on to that these people should besides hold the experience and cognition of modern ways of minutess and traffics. The articles of association should besides demo the being of shari’ah board. And this board should be incorporated with incorporation of the fiscal establishment and should be independent to give its sentiments and maps.

Segregation of Fundss:

Complete segregation of financess must be observed harmonizing to the demand of Islamic shari’ah for Islamic investing merchandises. This is for the concern of those investors who do non desire their financess to blend with conventional financess and want their earning from the halal beginnings their fund should non be mixed with others harmonizing to shari’ah jurisprudence. Thus the bookman have advised that there must be separate mechanism for dealing entering which is non separate from conventional like separate histories, computing machine plans and books should be maintained in order to supply cogent evidence that the complete segregation of financess have been carried out.

Safeguard Of Muslim investors ‘ financess:

Mudarib does non vouch the Mudarabah capital for the subscriber of capital in Islamic jurisprudence, therefore the investing history in Islamic finance is non guaranteed by the mudarib. A policy should be stated in the Articles of association or the prospectus of the establishment. That safeguard shall be taken to guard the Muslim investors financess against trespass, carelessness and fraud. Major fiscal establishments may sometimes avoid their duties give grounds and alibis.

Committedness Of Management:

The dedication and committedness is required for the direction of the fiscal establishment who is supplying such services with full apprehension and cleared constructs. And should be dying to follow and implement such instructions modulating it. Until and unless the full direction in non convinced and committed the activities of concern and endeavor will non be fault free. On the other manus in the starting there is no injury if the senior direction implements declarations and trains the staff member. The director should individual do illustrations for others to follow in all respects.

AAOIFI Standards:

A figure of accounting and auditing criterions are mentioned that the Islamic fiscal establishments must implement and follow with by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic establishments. The ( ijtihad ) collective personal logical thinking of AAOIFI is most of import as for the critical facet of Islamic economic life. Therefore rigorous attachment to these criterions is necessary. Many authoritiess and cardinal Bankss in many states have circulated obliged these criterions to fiscal establishments to follow with them. There forward any establishment want to offer Islamic services and merchandise as an Islamic fiscal establishment must be following these criterions in order to invalidate any misinterpretations confusion and ambiguity and to hold sound concern.

Sheikh Nizam Yaquby, Shariah Scholar Bahrain Ibe-Taymiyyah ( Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance London )


The information above concludes that the Islamic banking is in being from the clip of holy prophesier Muhammad Peace be upon him. The basic subject and beginning behind Islamic banking are the instruction of Holy Quran, Sunnah and Hadees. And It is Clearly mentioned in Holy Quran that Riba ( involvement ) is prohibited in Islam and there is no ambiguity about it. Islamic banking is emerged in last two or three decennaries and is been turning really much in the market through out the universe particularly in Europe and Middle East. Further more Islam is a faith that welcomes every one so hence Muslim banking is non limited for Muslims nevertheless non-Muslims can besides used Islamic banking.

Hadees and sanctum Quran steer us about the manner of life non merely as persons, but besides as a whole community. For illustration esteeming seniors, looking after neighbours, loving immature and assisting hapless people ( which Zakah play a critical function ) . The chief aim of the Islamic establishments is to delight Almighty Allah that finally consequences in the thought of public assistance of the society.


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