An Ethical Interview Sample Essay

My topic for the moralss interview was Angela Williams. I have known Angela throughout my life as a member of my household. She is six old ages older than I and is experienced in the corporate universe which makes her an ideal topic for this interview. Angela graduated from Catholic University in 2005 and has held three separate occupations since so. Other than a Catholic college. she has attended Catholic school throughout her life including a little. all-girls 7-12 high school. Her most recent employment is at a non-profit organisation of Massachusetts but her anterior employments involved an advertisement house and an insurance bureau. All three of these occupations involve marketing/sales which in many instances involve doing a product/service attractive to a client.

Angela has shown dedication and devotedness to all of her calling waies. and from an outside point of position I am able to state that she acts as an ethical professional. Her employment at non lone corporations but besides non-profits has increased her experience and has given her a better position of how people act in each occupation environment. The ethical issue that Angela and I discussed happened when she foremost arrived at her current occupation about three old ages ago. Her employment at a Boston. Massachusetts based philanthropic gift. which is besides well-known throughout the state. is in the concern of assisting people and raising money for many merited causes. Angela has ever been really personable and really societal in every state of affairs. which contributes greatly to her positive attitude and strong networking accomplishments. Because of these accomplishments she has had the chance to run into many people and ever efforts to be friendly with everyone she meets.

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When Angela foremost came to work. she already knew several of her colleagues from her outside-of-work life and she was really friendly with many of them. Angela knew one miss in peculiar. Helen Back. from the high school they both attended and coincidently Angela was taken to Helen’s younger brother’s prom many old ages ago. Angela stated during the interview. “I agreed to travel to his prom largely as a favour to one of my other friends” . At their high school the competition between misss was easy recognizable and green-eyed monsters among the misss were widespread. Helen. who is a few old ages older than Angela. had been working at the philanthropic gift for more than a twelvemonth before Angela arrived. The beginning of Angela and Helen’s professional relationship was friendly and they worked together closely ; nevertheless. they were non best friends and Angela chose to be friendlier with a few others in the office. The nature of their work included many parties. maps. and societal assemblages to raise money. Even though it was a professional office scene. there were many societal state of affairss between colleagues outside of the workplace. One of Angela’s first assignments during her employment was “The Young Leaders Party” .

It was a assemblage at a local restaurant/bar that was held to thank immature professionals in the country who donated money. clip. and consciousness to the philanthropy’s causes. Many people from the office were involved in set uping this party including Helen and one of Angela’s good office friends Maxine Power. The party was held on a rainy Thursday dark after work and employees who were involved in fixing the party were allowed to devour intoxicant every bit long as they kept it professional. Due to the rain. Angela and Maxine went back Angela’s flat and alteration into dry apparels before they attended the party. As Angela and Maxine drove to the eating house they were still fixing their visual aspects. Angela sprayed aroma on herself and Maxine liked the aroma so she asked Angela to spray some on her every bit good. After Angela parked the auto outside of the eating house. she proceeded to spray aroma on Maxine ; nevertheless the spray landed largely in her oral cavity. Maxine jestingly yelled at Angela for making so and they were both express joying a great trade as they proceeded from the auto to the eating house. As they entered the eating house they were both still express joying and accidentally drew attending to themselves.

Both Angela and Maxine ( whom had been employed at the philanthropic gift for three old ages ) knew the party was intended to be a jubilation and didn’t consider their actions to be out of line. Although as Helen observed their entryway she believed their behaviour to be unprofessional. Throughout the dark both Angela and Maxine did their occupations of networking and speaking to givers. and besides enjoyed a twosome of cocktails. They were really personable and doing certain to thank the givers personally for their parts. Helen observed them throughout the dark and although ne’er mentioned her concerns to them. she thought that their behaviour may be considered unprofessional and irresponsible. The following forenoon she proceeded to explicate to Human Relations that she thought Angela acted unprofessionally and Helen was besides convinced that Angela non merely imbibe excessively much at the party but that she may hold been drunk before she entered the party. Angela was really pleased with herself traveling into work that Friday forenoon. cognizing how she had a merriment but besides productive and successful Thursday dark.

She was called into her boss’s office upon geting to work and was acquiring ready for praises when her foreman started to inquire specifically about her activities the old dark. Angela was caught off guard and stated her instance of artlessness and explained to her foreman that the accusals were pathetic and although she did imbibe that she in no manner acted less than professionally. Angela besides explained to her foreman that the office friendly relationship seemed to be “clicky” and that jealously or enviousness may hold played a factor in Helens accusals. Angela was most angry that Helen didn’t straight confront her and alternatively went consecutive to HR without sing the reverberations. After Angela’s foreman finished listening to her side of the narrative and talked with other employees who attended the party. including Maxine. he agreed that the state of affairs was blown out of proportion. He told Angela. “The state of affairs seems to be junior-grade and stemming from old High School drama” . He reassured Angela that there would be no reverberations from this state of affairs and that the affair at manus should be dismissed by all the parties involved ( Angela. Maxine. and Helen ) .

Angela was dismayed by Helen’s haste to judgement and cheeky whistle-blowing without consideration of other factors at manus. After Angela left her boss’s office she had problem disregarding the affair and felt the demand to oppugn Helen’s purposes and she besides wanted to expose her grudges to Helen. Angela discussed the state of affairs with Maxine at tiffin and they both agreed that Helen merely made herself look like an “idiot” by traveling to HR and that she lost her trust and friendly relationship by traveling behind her dorsum. Angela returned to her cell after tiffin and began composing an electronic mail to Helen explicating how immature and unprofessional her actions were: I can non believe your behaviour. What sort of individual accuses person of something and studies them to HR without even turn toing the individual foremost. You are wholly out of line. Not to advert. I have a history with you. traveling to the same school and holding done your brother a favour in the yesteryear. You evidently haven’t changed one spot since high school – because this is something right out of NCDS [ high school ] .

Peoples think something goes incorrect and people go directly to the top without verifying anything. You should be ashamed of yourself for moving this manner. By moving so unsuitably you have merely made yourself look highly unprofessional and based on your actions I think you should cognize that I no longer hold even an ounce of regard for you. And I don’t attention who knows it ( hence the public electronic mail forum ) . This electronic mail that was sent merely a few hours after Angela was foremost made aware of the state of affairs shows that she is clearly frustrated with Helen’s actions. Angela was most bothered by the fact that person who she had known her for so long wouldn’t even confront her before doing the state of affairs more complicated. After the electronic mail was sent. Angela said that she go really nervous that Helen would convey the electronic mail to HR and to Angela’s foreman. This would certainly impact the willingness for Angela’s foreman to support Angela like he had antecedently done. Luckily. after the electronic mail. Helen perceptibly dropped the issue and although they did non bury about what happened. they did non allow it impact their work.

In this instance. both Helen and Angela were both guilty of unethical behaviour in the work topographic point. First Helen subjected herself to whistle-blowing. Our text edition provinces. “Whistle-blowing is the deliberate. non-obligatory act of revelation. by an person with privileged entree to data or information of an organisation. about a non-trivial illegality or other wrongdoing under the control of that organisation. to an entity who has the power to rectify the wrongdoing” ( Hartman ; Desjardins ) . When Helen was at the party she created the state of affairs by detecting Angela’s actions even though it was non her duty to maintain check on her colleagues. Second. the following forenoon. when she complained to Human Relations about Angela’s actions the anterior dark. her motivations should be questioned. There was no positive manner of Helen cognizing if Angela was really intoxicated or non. Besides. if Helen was the lone 1 who complained to HR the following twenty-four hours. so it is apparent that Angela did non clearly cross any lines at the party. That leaves the inquiry of why would Helen travel to HR? The fact of the affair is that many employees’ whistle-blow on colleagues for personal addition.

The ground we must look at the motivation in this instance is because Helen’s accusals seemed to be cheeky. Helen should hold considered the regulations of whistle blowing. created by the philosopher Sisella Bok. before she went to HR: •A specific error or maltreatment poses a present of at hand menace. •You make every attempt to see the effects of talking out and to guarantee the truth of your accusal. •You first explore bing avenues for describing the job within the organisation. •You are just to the individuals accused of wrong-doing. doing certain that your ailment is one the populace is entitled to hear about. •You are non blowing the whistling merely for self –aggrandizement. promotion. or retaliation. Rather you are moving for the public good or for the higher good of the organisation. ( Newton. Schmidt )

These points specifically point towards the right idea procedure Helen should hold had in head. Helen clearly rushed to judgment in this state of affairs because of the fact that she didn’t do the attempt to see the wake of talking out and moreover should hold confronted Angela about the state of affairs before the ailment was made. It seems as though Helen. was eager to stir up contention in the work environment. It is besides apparent that she did non do an attempt to guarantee the truth of her accusals due to the fact that she could non support them without other informants from the party. Helen’s cheeky whistle-blowing in this instance was irresponsible because she could non back up her original claim made to HR.

The prolongation of this state of affairs arose when Angela sat down in her cell to compose the revenge electronic mail to Helen. Although it is clear and apprehensible why Angela is angry and frustrated in this state of affairs. the electronic mail she wrote was non professional and was besides dubiously unethical. Helen is now considered a informant in the state of affairs and is protected by specific regulations made to guard informants. Even though this instance was non and ne’er would be a legal instance. the same regulations still exist and this electronic mail may hold been considered intimidating a informant. A Legal web site provinces. “Intimidation means to do fearful or to set into fright. Generally. cogent evidence of existent fright is non required in order to set up bullying. It may be inferred from behavior. words. or fortunes moderately calculated to bring forth fear” ( uslegal. com ) . The action of Angela directing Helen the electronic mail after the confrontation is highly unprofessional and could be considered bullying or torment. Fortunately for both parties involved it ended with the electronic mail because this misinterpretation may hold really good go a serious office-conduct issue after the dorsum and Forth events. Claim: Helen was incorrect in the manner she brought the issue straight to HR without sing the truth of her accusal and how she did non see lesser extremes to nearing the state of affairs. Grounds 1:

•Helen wasn’t responsible for supervising her colleagues at the party. •Helen claimed that Angela showed up drunk but she had no manner to turn out this accusal. •Helen would hold gained attending and promotion from Angela’s ill fame. Both Helen and Angela are colleagues in the same section so there is a struggle of involvements between parties.

Warrant 1: When describing an issue to HR. an employee should see the reverberations to all stakeholders involved and whether or non they can back up their accusal. Backing 1: The corporate society can be negatively affected by whistle blowers who bring attending to petty issues. This negative attending can impact productiveness. societal relationships within the office. and can bring on unneeded penalties. Rebuttal 1: The other side to this statement is that despite the negative attending brought to the office by making an issue like this. it will assist command office parties in the hereafter. There are many times when the common office puting holds assemblages with intoxicant involved and these state of affairss can go vulnerable to the stakeholders involved. Grounds 2:

•Helen handled the state of affairs harshly and was non sympathetic to Angela or the delicate issue at manus. •Helen did non give Angela a just opportunity to explicate herself and went to HR even though no incontrovertible harm had been done. •Helen did non see the effects of talking out. peculiarly when she told Angela that is was her who brought the issue to HR. •There was no at hand menace Angela created at the party.

Warrant 2: An employee should be careful about conveying attending to issues that involve their colleagues. Backing 2: A Co-workers trust is non merely really sensitive but trust within the corporation can better a company’s wellbeing. Oppositely. the deficiency of trust within the corporation can destruct a company. Rebuttal 2: The other side of this statement is that Helen was looking out for Angela’s good being and because they’ve known each other since high school. Helen felt it was her responsibility. Helen. the accuser. was non merely looking out for Angela. but besides for their company every bit good and she was worried that the actions by Angela could negatively impact the “young professionals” sentiment of the philanthropic gift.

The interview took topographic point in two separate parts. First. we sat down at her flat for an hr and she explained to me the events as I took notes. After the initial interview. she was available for follow-up inquiries and besides emailed me the original electronic mail she sent Helen upon petition.


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