An Evaluation of the absorption costing system Essay

Job AB was one of the occupations worked on during the period. Direct stuff bing ?35,000 and direct labor hours ( 800 hours ) bing ?20,000 were incurred. I. Calculate the production overhead soaking up rate predetermined for the period based on: Direct stuff cost

Direct labor hours

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An Evaluation of the absorption costing system Essay
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II. Calculate the production operating expense cost to be charged to occupation AB based on the rates calculated in reply to I. above ;

III. Assume that the direct labour hr rate of soaking up is used. Calculate the under- or over- soaking up of production operating expenses for the period.

IV. In relation to the reply to III. above, province an appropriate intervention in the histories of the over- or under- soaking up and explicate the principle for this intervention.

Part B

Discuss the comparative virtues of the soaking up method of costing and, in peculiar, remark upon the two methods of overhead soaking up used above.

Part A


a ) PRODUCTION OVERHEAD / DIRECT MATERIALS = ?1,250,000 / ?500,000 = ?2,5

B ) PRODUCTION OVERHEAD / DIRECT LABOUR HOURS = ?1,250,000 / 50,000 hour = ?25



?35,000 ten ?2,5 = ?87500


?25 x 800 = ?20,000



?1,250,000: 50,000 = ? 25 PER LABOUR HOUR



ABSORBED ?25 x 55,000 = ?1,375,000

ACTUAL ?1,750,000


This is due to direct labour hours worked being more than expected and by existent operating expenses being ?500,000 more than expected.

4. Under-recovery of operating expenses should be recorded as an disbursal in the current accounting period and over-recovery of operating expenses as a decrease in the disbursals for the period. In the UK statement of Standard Accounting Practice on Stocks and Work in Progress ( SSAP 9 ) is written that the allotment of operating expenses in the rating of stock lists and work in advancement demands to be based on the company ‘s normal degree of activity and that any under- or over-recovery should be written off in the current twelvemonth ( Drury, 2004 ) .

Part B


Cost control is an of import activity for all administrations. To increase Numberss of points sold and good degrees of net income companies have to maintain their merchandising monetary values competitory. To accomplish that, they have to hold an accurate measuring of how much the cost is. Without this information finding merchandise cost is impossible, and in effect they will merchandise at a loss instead than at a net income.

The cardinal ground for cognizing merchandise cost is that they are used to value the cost of gross revenues and stock in the periodic histories of administrations. The 9th statement of standard accounting pattern ( SSAP 9 ) provinces that production and stock must be valued at the ‘absorption ‘ production cost for histories which are accessible to stakeholders.


Absorption costing is the method to measure and measure the company ‘s entire stock list by including all production costs incurred to bring forth those goods.

Absorption costing means that all fabrication costs are absorbed by units produced. In other words, cost of the closer in stock list includes direct stuffs, direct labor, and both variable and fixed fabrication operating expense. As the consequence, soaking up costing is besides known as full costing or full soaking up method ( Atrill & A ; McLaney, 2002 ) .

Absorption costing is different from other bing methods, as it takes into history fixed fabricating operating expense costs ( including disbursals such as rent of mill, depreciation of the fabrication equipment and the supervisor ‘s wage ) . Proportion of these non-measurable disbursals has to be included in the entire merchandise cost and soaking up costing is one manner of making this. For each merchandise, the direct, the direct cost is measured but the indirect cost is estimated. The estimations of indirect costs are normally based on some connexion between the cost and a step such a machine hours used, direct labor hours used, entire cost of direct stuffs used or rewards cost. It is really of import to utilize most appropriate overhead soaking up rate ( OAR ) . The pick of OAR makes a important difference to the production cost ( OAR/machine hr ?25 and OAR/direct labour hr ?2,5 ) and this illustrates the approximative nature of soaking up costing.

Some of most common benefits of soaking up bing are:

This method is accepted by revenue enhancement and securities as stock is non undervalued ;

This method is ever used to fix fiscal histories ;

When production remains changeless, but gross revenues fluctuate soaking up costing will demo less fluctuation in net net income and

Unlike fringy costs where fixed costs are agreed to alter in variable cost, which is cost in value of portions therefore stock rating of deformation ;

Disadvantages of full costing method are:

As soaking up bing non so utile for direction to utilize to do determination, planning and control ;

Data aggregation procedure for this system is really clip consuming ;

As the director ‘s accent is on entire cost, the cost volume net income relationship is ignored. The director needs to utilize his intuition to do the determination ;

Technical restriction. Absorption costing is about one hundred old ages old. It was created for a fabrication epoch whose merchandises relied upon direct labor more than they do today. Volume production in the 21st century is based on computing machine controlled automatic machinery.

Absorption costing is frequently contrasted with variable costing or direct costing. Under variable or direct costing, fixed fabrication costs are non allocated above or assigned to ( non absorbed by ) manufactured merchandises. Variable costing is frequently utile for direction determination devising. However, soaking up costing is required for external fiscal coverage and coverage on income ( Horngren et al, 2002 ) .

Direct stuffs, direct labor and direct disbursals that are portion of premier cost are all direct costs. They can be assigned ( attributed ) to industry of the merchandise straight. Costss beyond cost of production are called overhead. These costs are non straight attributable to merchandises or services or cost Centres. They are given by mapping procedure and allocating overhead costs, distribution is based on the rational principle.

In ciphering cost of merchandise or service, the technique considers fringy cost of behavioral costs ( segregation of costs into fixed and variable elements ) as the variable unit cost is fixed and entire costs are variable in nature, where entire fixed costs are fixed and fixed cost per unit is variable in nature and, in add-on, variable costs are governable in nature, while entire fixed costs are unmanageable in nature.

Fringy costs is utile for short-run planning, control and determination devising, particularly in the concern where many merchandises are produced.

In context of ciphering cost of the merchandise or service, soaking up costing considered the portion of any disbursals incurred by the company for each of the merchandises or services. In soaking up costing technique, costs are classified harmonizing to their maps.

Absorption bing gives the better merchandise information and pricing, which includes both variable and fixed costs.

Over / under soaking up of operating expenses

Operating expense is defined as amount of costs of indirect stuffs, indirect labor and other costs, including services that can non be loaded suitably direct to specific cost units. Therefore, overhead costs are all other costs of direct outgo. Overall, operating disbursals include all disbursals incurred by or in connexion with general organisation of all or portion of company ( cost of operating supplies and services used by company, which includes care capital goods ) .

Operating expense is by and large applied to production, based on preset rates. Default rate may hold existent or estimated cost. Actual operating expense cost incurred and overhead applied to production is seldom same. But due to certain grounds for difference between two may originate.

Over soaking up: If sum requested exceeds existent cost is said to absorb extra operating expense.

Under soaking up: If sum requested is fall abruptly of existent caput of production is said to be under soaking up of operating expenses. Changing soaking up of operating expenses may be referred to as alterations in indirect costs. Under or over soaking up of operating expenses may happen for following grounds:

Mistakes in appraisal of operating expenses ;

Overhead costs may alter due to alter in method of production ;

Seasonal fluctuation of overall outgo in certain industries ;

Use of available capacity, sudden alteration in volume of end product ;

When expected degree of activity and existent activity are non same, there is ever over or under soaking up state of affairs. This is because rate of soaking up of operating expense costs is set at beginning of period based on an expected degree of production and that during period, degree of production and / or disbursals will differ from projected costs and / or end product.

Increased soaking up occurs when entire operating expense recovered or absorbed is greater than existent degree of operating expense for period.

Under-absorption occurs when entire costs recovered or absorbed is less than existent operating expense costs incurred during period.

In merchandise / service costing, soaking up bing system allocates or distributes the part of any disbursals incurred by the company for each of merchandises / services. In this manner, we can set up whether, in long tally, each merchandise / service makes the net income. This can merely be the usher. Arbitrary premises must be made on distribution of many of costs because some costs tend to stay fixed for the period, besides depend on degree of activity.

An soaking up bing system traditionally classifies costs by map. Gross saless and production costs ( gross revenues ) steps gross net income ( manufacturing net income ) of occupation. Gross net income lupus erythematosus costs incurred in other concern maps provides net net income ( operating net income ) of work.

Use of soaking up bing system, net income reported for the fabrication concern for the period will be influenced by degree of production and degree of gross revenues. This is due to soaking up of fixed fabricating operating expense in value of work in procedure and finished goods stock lists. If stock remain at terminal of an accounting period, so fixed indirect production costs included in rating of stock lists are carried frontward.


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