An Event That Change My Life Essay

An Event That Change My Life Life is about making choices, but some of them can even change our life. Two years ago I decided to come to America to join my husband who is a doctoral student in a university, although I knew it was really a challenge to me. This significant decision that I’ve made changed everything about me and my life. That was a tough decision to make. It means I will leave my homeland, friends and go to a far-away place to my family. I must adjust to the alien environment.

Moreover, I had to finish my contract on a very decent job. My parents worried about my future, but I still thought life was wonderful and the world was big. Arriving in a new country was exciting and discomforting. America is a wonderful place to live, which is full of adventure and challenge. I was attracted by the Western culture. Meanwhile, I am also troubled by different language. Although I began to learn English in middle school from ABC, my listening and oral abilities tend not to be adequate.

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An Event That Change My Life Essay
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I have to study hard to improve my English, so that I can understand what the people said. Since I came to America, I made great progress not only foreign language but also adaptive capacity. From what I saw, read, and talked with my husband and friends, I realized that I want to back to school to improve myself. Because many American universities have opening academics and education thoughts, advanced facilities, and sufficient funding support.

After making an effort, I have been admitted to the university and have been granted a scholarship. Getting the admission of university is important to reorganize my life. In the past two years, I learned a lot here. This experience not only broadens my view but also enriches my life. It changed my life for the good. I will try my best to do everything well, in order not to regretful in the following years.


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