An Examination Of The Caviar Market Economics Essay

The new concern is taking to bring forth a replacement caviar merchandise in Russia and Kazakhstan, with a position to exporting it to the UK. It is anticipated that the chief marks for this merchandise will be those in the low to middle income bracket who would non by and large be able to afford existent caviar. Consumption of caviar in the UK is non every bit widespread as in some other parts and this is thought to be chiefly due to the high monetary value that is commanded by caviar in the state.

The purpose of the concern is to supply an low-cost option that will be provided over the cyberspace and by phone, leting for rapid bringing of merchandises that are good priced. Loyalty offers will be available and the concern aims to aim the general ingestion market instead than the sole, luxury section of the market. Initially, the mark will be the UK entirely, although there is no peculiar ground that this could non be extended in clip as production additions. Substitute caviar made up of a assortment of different ingredients will be available in order to fulfill the widest scope of gustatory sensations possible.

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An Examination Of The Caviar Market Economics Essay
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Overview of Research Process

A multifaceted research attack has been taken, due to the fact that whilst finishing the initial research it became clear that the UK market may non be the best initial abroad market to aim, and this resulted in a wider analysis than originally anticipated. Consideration was given to the planetary market for both the export and import of caviar and caviar replacements, with a position to deriving an apprehension of the general motion of caviar and besides in an effort to understand where the value lies and where there is chance for growing.

Another research attack was to look at commentary particular to the UK market and the manner in which UK consumers view the caviar merchandises, in order to acquire an thought as to whether or non there is likely to be a demand for a caviar replacement of the nature proposed. This type of research will of course necessitate greater deepness and primary research in the signifier of consumer questionnaires ; interviews would besides be desirable to supplement the general media studies.

Information was besides obtained in relation to the production industry in Kazakhstan and Russia, which was besides seen every bit of import as this gave an indicant as to whether or non these states had the ability to increase their production and had the necessary installations to make so at a sensible monetary value.

Critique of Research Process

The research procedure was slightly scattergun in nature, taking to cover a broad scope of issues and this resulted in deficiency of deepness at times. By trying to find the possible market in the UK, the general market for caviar and caviar replacements, the general production procedures and the manner in which caviar replacements are developed, this research was of course less elaborate than may be necessary in the following phases of concern development. A more focused attack, for illustration, looking specifically at the UK and the assorted caviar replacements available, may hold been a more productive attack at this phase.

Evidence Gathered

A broad assortment of grounds, of changing dependabilities, has been gathered, as noted below. In footings of the information associating to the UK, there was really limited general entree information available and media readings had to be relied upon. This in itself is a possible failing. However, from this research it is clear that caviar in the UK is really much a luxury merchandise that is able to command a significant monetary value, but it is non turning in popularity as a consequence of the increasing monetary value that is stimulated by the deficit in supply.

Evidence was besides gathered in footings of the planetary market as a whole, placing Japan as a significant consumer, every bit good as the US. This raised the question as to whether or non the UK is the best pick as a mark for this new merchandise. This research besides looked at the export side of the market and identified both Russia and Kazakhstan as being important participants. This is likely to be a positive factor, as it indicates that the supply ironss for this type of merchandise are already present, although it may raise concerns associating to impregnation of resources, depending on the exact type of replacement that is being used.

Critique of Evidence

Some of the issues have been raised already in relation to the dependability of this research. It has been noted that there is non a great trade of information available in relation to the UK ingestion of caviar and caviar replacement, so media commentary has had to be relied upon. There is a danger that this analysis is biased and does non show all of the available informations and this factor needs to be considered when looking at the research below.

Furthermore, there is small research that really distinguishes between the comparative desire for caviar and caviar replacement, which is potentially cardinal to the likely success of the proposed concern. Much of the information available is produced by the industry itself and hence there may be issues of prejudice. The research does non incorporate information from the last 12 months and once more this may ensue in a grade of failing in the figures being produced, as affairs may hold changed dramatically in recent months and peculiarly during the fiscal crisis.

Recommendations for Future Research

Based on the above, it is suggested that future research is needed to supplement the initial research undertaken. A much more elaborate analysis of the consumer demand for caviar and caviar replacements in the UK is required. This is likely to affect primary research, which would include consumer analysis in a command to find merely how likely consumers would be to exchange to a cheaper replacement and whether the handiness of a cheaper replacement would promote more consumers to buy this merchandise.

Research into other possible markets should besides be undertaken, as at that place seems to be a greater appetency for caviar in topographic points, such as Japan and Sweden, that should be explored in more deepness.

Research Analysis

Fiscal Implications / Ingredients of Caviar and Caviar Substitute ( hypertext transfer protocol: // s=substitute & A ; x=0 & A ; y=0 )

Although concentrating on the caviar market, the study by ‘The Caviarist ‘ provides valuable fiscal information, every bit good as practical suggestions in relation to the market for caviar replacements. This study is utile, based on the fact that it draws together several industry sentiments and besides is able to see the value of these replacements, in comparing to pure caviar.

The studies produced by The Caviarist noted that there was, in fact, a broad scope of possible options to the traditional black caviar, many of which offer a well cheaper option, but these do non ever run into with consumer blessing, in footings of gustatory sensation. Some of the cardinal replacement options were noted as being snail caviar ( De Jaeger ) from France, Cajun caviar which is made out of Bowfin Roe and comes from the US, and Keta which is derived from salmon roe. Each of these could, potentially, be rivals for any new caviar substitute coming to the market. A farther option is to utilize eggplant which has resulted in ‘poor adult male ‘s caviar ‘ being produced and once more shows the possible for cheaper replacements to be brought to the market.

Imitation caviar in Japan is, potentially, large concern already, with one company, Hokuyu Foods Co Ltd. , specializing in the production of imitation caviar, which consists of a gum that is derived from kelp, pectin from apples, sea urchin infusions, crenations, oysters and squid ink. The ingestion of this caviar is thought to be about 20 % of the ingestion of echt black caviar and indicates the possible market for replacement caviar and the consumer willingness to utilize a replacement. It is, nevertheless noted that this imitation caviar, Cavianne, is non frequently sold straight to consumers, as it is by and large purchased wholesale at a monetary value of about 11USD for a 50 gm jar.

A more recent replacement which has come to the market is that of Cabial, which is sea urchin roe and originates from Spain. The typical monetary value for this is between 10 – 12 Euros for a 120 gm jar. This, once more, suggests that there will be a bead in quality, although it does bring forth a existent pricing challenge for any company looking to come in the market.

Substitution is non ever welcome, with some persons merely being prepared to see the ‘real ‘ caviar, due to gustatory sensation and the sensed deficiency of quality associated with these cheaper options. For those consumers who are prepared to replace, there is the issue of monetary value competition, which is likely to be ferocious and a barrier for any new replacement.

Current Market Trends UK, Russia, Kazhakstan / Competitors ( hypertext transfer protocol: // # bm6.4 )

Reports have suggested that the market for caviar has declined, in recent old ages. It was noted in this elaborate study that the handiness of wild roe was in diminution and there was a revival of farmed sturgeon to fulfill the increasing consumer demands for caviar ( or so caviar replacements ) .

Production of sturgeon through the agriculture industry has increased from 150MT, in 1984, to a sum of 158MT, in 2000, demoing that this industry is turning, albeit non at a rapid rate. Initiatives in the caviar industry are focused on this new signifier of agriculture ; hence, even where the production of caviar is still taking topographic point, it is being done so with efficiency of production in head and this has reduced the monetary values of production, doing the caviar replacement market even more competitory, on an on-going footing. The chief markets for bring forthing farmed caviar are Russia ( 2,050MT ) , Italy ( 550MT ) and Poland ( 250MT ) .

When looking specifically at the place in Kazakhstan, it can be seen that despite being considered a lower-middle income state, it is a extremely influential part when it comes to the production of caviar. There is a sum of around 16,000 piscaries in Kazhakstan and a production of caviar at about 1,153 MT ( value of US $ 2,469,500 ) , demoing merely how influential the caviar industry is to this part and that the likely competitory nature of the industry will ensue in a monetary value war.

Russia is seen to hold a similar demographic in that it is besides considered to be a lower-middle income state that relies to a great extent on the piscaries ‘ industry. The figure of piscaries in Russia is well greater than in Kazakhstan, with a sum of 316,300 piscaries of which 1,300 green goods farmed caviar entirely. Entire production in Russia sums to 77,132 MT and a value of around $ 204,779,000. Export income bases at about $ 1,386,000, bespeaking that there remains a significant market for caviar and that the market will go progressively competitory, as agrarian production becomes more efficient and the economic systems of Russia and Kazakhstan strive to protect their place within the planetary market.

This market analysis shows both positive and negative tendencies for a company looking to come in the market. Whilst it is clear that there is a turning market for caviar ( both natural and farmed ) , it is besides an improbably competitory market. Furthermore, as existent caviar can be produced more cheaply, this will of course set a strain on the market for caviar replacements.

Demand in the UK ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

A study from the concern subdivision of the BBC has looked specifically at the issue of caviar in the UK and who really consumes caviar. Although this reappraisal dates back to 2000, it is the most recent of its type and is a cardinal index of the ingestion tendencies of caviar, in the UK. It was noted, in this study, that from the UK point of position, the handiness of caviar has dropped well ; this is likely to be attributable to the fact that the UK relies wholly on imports and does non hold its ain production installations. The handiness of top quality caviar, e.g. Beluga caviar, remains comparatively low and hence the pricing of this caviar has risen to reflect this deficiency of supply. For illustration, it was noted that 50g or Beluga sells at ?210 in top eating houses, in the UK, doing it really much a luxury merchandise. It is no surprise, hence, that the ingestion of caviar has dropped, in recent old ages, chiefly due to the intensifying monetary values. What is non clear is how much of this decrease is merely a affair of gustatory sensation and how much of it is down to affordability. This will be a cardinal issue to find when looking at the viability of a caviar replacement. It is estimated that the sum of ingestion in the UK is around four metric tons per twelvemonth ; when this is compared with Sweden at six metric tons and bearing in head that Sweden has merely 10 % of the population of the UK, it is clear to see that the market for caviar, for whatever ground, is non big in the UK.

The ingestion of caviar in the UK is, hence, seen really much as a luxury specializer merchandise that is consumed by really few persons. This raises interesting inquiries in relation to the potency for a cheaper caviar replacement, in the UK market. As the monetary value of caviar has risen, so has the degree of gross revenues and this would propose that a cheaper replacement ( terminal of sentence? ) .

Despite this, it is non clear whether there truly is the appetency for caviar, in the UK, and even if the monetary value were to cut down, well, it may be that it merely is non a popular pick with UK consumers and that other markets should be considered, in order to present this replacement caviar merchandise.

A Global Trade Perspective

The 2005 Report considered the planetary market for caviar, in footings of where the most production was achieved and where in the universe the greatest demand for caviar was. This is peculiarly relevant in the context of this concern program, as the market for a caviar replacement is likely to follow the same tendencies as the market for caviar itself. There is, nevertheless, the potentially larger range of caviar replacements, due to the fact that they are cheaper to bring forth and therefore will be sold at a lesser monetary value, which may, finally, pull a wider consumer base.

This study gives an first-class overview of the planetary place in relation to caviar and caviar replacements, bespeaking that the largest exporter of caviar and caviar replacements is the US, followed shortly by Iran and so Russia. By contrast, the largest importer is Japan, followed by France. The UK is the tenth largest importer, bespeaking that there is a demand for the merchandise ; nevertheless, there may be a larger demand in other parts which have been overlooked so far during this survey, notably Japan. However, this study does see caviar and caviar replacements, together, and hence consideration will hold to be given as to whether there is a greater demand for replacement caviar, in certain parts, perchance those that are by and large considered to be less flush, such as Latvia and Hungary, which presently rank comparatively lowly, in footings of import.

When it comes to imported caviar and caviar replacements, in Europe, the chief marks are France, Germany and Sweden, with the UK ranking comparatively lowly, in 8th place, taking under 4 % of the European import market. This suggests that the current attack of aiming the UK may non be the best possible concern program, because there is a well larger market in other parts of Europe, for illustration, France which takes up 26 % of the European import market.

Based on this study and the general demographic of the import and export of caviar and caviar replacements, it would look that there is a much greater demand to be had in parts that may hold antecedently been overlooked. For illustration, there is a significant market in Japan and France, neither or which was instantly obvious, in the concern program. This study does non separate between caviar and caviar replacements, which may alter the demand construction, due to the fact that the cost associated with caviar replacements is less, potentially, promoting better market incursion, in certain less flush parts.


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