An Important Sector Of Any Construction Economy Construction Essay

Small and medium contractors are an of import sector of any building economic system. The demand for efficient little and average contractors is good documented and can non be over-emphasized. They are critical in their part to employment creative activity and value rhenium orientation. However their in procedure operations are non good understood and have seldom been addressed. The purpose of this study was hence to set up a basal degree of apprehension of the operational nucleus face of little and average contractors. The research done revealed that the challenges that these contractors are faced with are deficiency of finance, preparation and concern accomplishments and limited accomplishments Construction Information Technology. The findings make an priceless part to the research for solutions to the jobs faced by these contractors. These contractors continue to see hapless growing and fight. The recommendations include the development of developing programmes in concern direction, debut of sector specific funding programmes and the proviso of appropriate regulative and legislative model. By set uping the nucleus issues impacting the operations of these contractors in the building industry, this research has contributed to the sweetening of the apprehension of this elusive topic.


The building industry, by nature, has many curious jobs. The building industry is affected by many jobs including misdirection, accomplishments deficit, corruptness, deficiency of engineering, inflexible recognition footings, late payments to contractors and troubles in accessing finance. In add-on disgruntled clients have been kicking about the under-performance and cheapjack craft, particularly that of the little and average contractors.

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An Important Sector Of Any Construction Economy Construction Essay
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Under accomplishment is doing turning dissatisfaction among industry clients in both private and public sector. Undertakings have mostly non been delivered on clip, budget and expected quality criterions. In short building excessively frequently fails to run into the demands of modern concern and impacts on their fight in international markets and seldom provides the best value. Construction must better its public presentation and accomplish its nonsubjective and marks in footings predictability, cost, clip and quality.

It is hence of import for building to take steps to better public presentation. These contractors must carefully chronicle lessons learned from their past undertakings. Such projects must be aimed at geting critical lessons that have immediate and future deductions. The construct of close out reappraisal which is aimed at geting critical lessons act uponing current and subsequent undertaking success is barely new. In fact, Soibelman, Liu, Kirby ( 2011 ) suggest that the building industry should formalize undertaking procedure reappraisal processs. Such procedure reappraisal instruments would take at turn toing the under-performance that continues to sabotage current and future little and average contractor & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s undertakings.

Statement of the job

Small and Medium contractors face a host of restraints and challenges.

Barely a hebdomad passes without an article in the newspapers foregrounding the deficits of Small and Medium contractors work. This is mostly blamed on the many restrictions these contractors are confronting. Many citizens have condemned some of the work carried out by these Contractors.

Importance of the survey

It is by and large accepted that the growing of a state is measured by the progresss in its substructure. The building industry is hence a critical constituent in the development of every state. SMME contractors in the building industry have a direct impact on skilled and unskilled employment. It is hence of import that restraints contractors face are identified and analysed to guarantee that unemployment is reduced to acceptable degrees and besides to guarantee that constructions erected are deserving their value for money.

Sub-problem 1

Small and Medium contractors lack preparation.

Training is a really of import facet of any concern in order for a house to win. The deficiency of good trained forces can be damaging to the success of the house. CIDB ( 2008b ) provinces that there is an incontestable nexus between the quality of undertakings delivered by contractors and accomplishments. The board believes that formal instruction and accomplishments development is the key to a better building industry in South Africa.

Sub-problem two

Small and Medium contractors lack entree to finance.


Capital is a major job confronting Small and Medium. The troubles that Small and Medium contractors have in pulling finance ; strongly affect the public presentation of their work. They lead to a assortment of sub-optimal state of affairss where building operators delay building, work with the incorrect type of equipment and sometimes draw out because of sudden fiscal jobs.

Sub-problem three

Small and Medium contractors lack concern direction accomplishments.

Management expertness is claimed to be one of the most scarce resource in the building industry. The deficiency of managerial know-how topographic points important restraints on Small and Medium contractor & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s development and growing.

Sub-problem four

Small and Medium contractors lack information engineering accomplishments.

Many observers and research workers have taunted the reaching of Information Communication Technology ( ICT ) as a manner frontward to hasten substructure development. However, assorted research workers have concluded that the building industry is dawdling far behind other industries in using ICT as a major accelerator for bettering productiveness and occupation creative activity ( Sunday Times, 2012 )

Related Information

There are many barriers to the development and growing of SMME contractors.

These include:

Environment ordinances ;

Inadequate substructure ;

Business ordinances ;

Tax and labor ; ordinances

Skills deficit,

Political intervention ;

Choice of engineering ;

Lack of collateral ; and

Keen competition for limited chances and unsteady supply of work

Decision and Recommendations

Conclusive comments

It is clear from this study that there are many restraints and challenges

confronting Small and Medium Contractors. Many research workers have attempted to foreground them. This study shows that the challenges range from accomplishments deficit, deficiency of statute law to back up Small and medium contractors, funding jobs, deficiency of equipment, late payments, high cost of

capital, and undertakings non being completed on clip.

The undermentioned decisions can be made with respect to the demand for preparation.

The demand for preparation in fiscal direction should be a precedence ;

In drumhead it can be concluded that preparation of Small and Medium contractors is a necessity to guarantee sustainable concern endeavors.

The undermentioned decision can be made with respects of fiscal jobs.

The chief job is inflexible recognition footings from Bankss. In drumhead, it can be concluded that Small and Medium contractors face financing jobs. This is largely due to miss of collateral. This job must be solved as it deters growing and development.

The undermentioned decisions can be made sing concern accomplishments:

Site direction is one of the major jobs, it is critical to turn to the job as ; and

Other facets related to concern direction accomplishments are a great concern, with cash-flow direction accomplishments being one of them. In drumhead, it can be inferred that most Small and Medium contractors lack concern direction accomplishments.

Decision and recommendations cont..


It is clear that the building industry in South Africa needs to turn to the challenges and restraints they are confronting. I recommend good structured Small and Medium contractor development programmes. Given the necessary support from stakeholders, programmes and theoretical accounts could do singular difference in easing the predicament of these contractors, every bit good as that of the building industry in South Africa.

This study reveals that there is a enormous demand for preparation in the South African building industry. Added to this, the study high spots strongly the deficiency of concern direction accomplishments. It farther recognises the funding restraints and challenges Small and Medium contractors are confronting. Small and Medium contractors conduct their concern in challenges in the building industry:

The building industry stakeholders need to urgently implement supportive statute law to make an enabling environment for these contractors to turn in the building market.

Contractor development programmes and theoretical accounts should be implemented desperately to develop a civilization of uninterrupted betterment. Education should lend to a civilization of acquisition, cognition creative activity and cognition sharing.

South Africa should ship on strategic programmes to advance the development of accomplishments in countries of direction, proficient, book-keeping, supervisory, gauging and tendering accomplishments to enable enterprisers run their houses productively and in a sustainable mode. This means that Small and Medium contractors and the contractor development programmes should be

carefully integrated into a streamlined attempt designed to construct their capacity to turn.

Programs for developing Small and Medium contractors should be implemented with a clear and supportive policy model which encourages co-operation through joint ventures, partnering and farm outing which encourages development between contractors of different sizes.

Decision and recommendations continued

Recommendations cont…

The South African Government should be seting aside money every fiscal twelvemonth to impart Small and Medium contractors one time a undertaking has been awarded to the contractors without necessitating collateral but possibly a signifier of sensible insurance must be requested from Small and Medium contractors.


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