An Individual Reflective Journal on a Group of Students Essay

Develop a profile of a group of no more than six ( 6 ) scholars utilizing a tabular array or matrix that contains clear, relevant, professional and ethical information refering to that group. This information needs to depict the strengths, demands and involvements of the six ( 6 ) scholars.

Undertaking 1
Student A IEP – ASD & A ; Epileptic
Student A will ever inquire for aid when needed. He participates good in category activities. Enjoys the support of his category couples. He loves to take part in P.E. He has had really few yearss off from school. He is a rote scholar and thrives on modus operandi.

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This pupil needs to better his metacognition accomplishments. His thought accomplishments and associating accomplishments need to be established. He needs farther development of his spelling, reading and composing accomplishments. He besides struggles with the application of accomplishments. This pupil needs emotional support and apprehension of his status. Peer-tutoring and the support of his schoolmates. Extra aid from teacher Plutos and support instructor of larning troubles.

He besides needs to wait for instructor when inquiring inquiries. Change is besides an country he struggles with.

Enjoys working on word hunt mystifiers. He besides likes playing association football at tiffin clip with his friends. He is really familiar focal point of NRL as a athletics.

Student B
Student B works good one time shown what to make.

He is besides strong-minded. However he takes positive support good.

This pupil lacks assurance in his ability to accomplish at a sound degree. Encouragement to finish work in little, manageable balls.

Let him larn by making non merely by demoing. He needs to finish prep and assignment undertakings on a more consistent footing.

He needs to develop more independent work wonts

This pupil likes to acquire involved in athletics. His future end is to fall in the defense mechanism force.

Student C
Student C has a good appreciation of communicating accomplishments. She is willing to assist her equals when she has completed her undertakings. She shows good leading qualities in little group activities. This pupil enjoys art activities that relate to her subject that she is working on at the clip. She besides shows a personable attitude.

This pupil needs to be encouraged and guided as she sometimes deficiencies assurance in her abilities.

She besides has mental wellness issues. Her low regard sometimes hinders her work and lead to anger issues developing.

She likes playing her Nintendo Wii and playing athletics. She besides like socialising with friends. Her passion is in life is working with people who have societal justness issues.

Student D
Student D will remain focused to task if motivating to undertaking is given. Works good with one to one attending. He has a personable attitude toward life in general

This pupil needs assurance edifice in all countries of faculty members. He dislikes talking state of affairss. Encouragement alternatively of confrontation plants good with this pupil. He needs aid with organizational accomplishments to finish undertakings at manus

He enjoys music, skateboarding and siting minibikes. He besides likes texting his friends. He aspires to be an Artist.

Student Tocopherol
Student E gets along socially with other pupils. He is really enthusiastic on favorite undertakings.

This pupil needs to develop more independent work wonts. He needs motive to finish undertakings to the best of his ability. He needs to inquire for aid in undertaking that he is finishing

This pupil like sets, autos and tattoos

Student F
Student F is passionate about art. He besides shows a echt sensitiveness to those around him.

This pupil is a diffident individual who needs to be encouraged to finish his work and finds it difficult to reply direct inquiring. He besides lacks assurance in his ain ability to accomplish at a sound degree. He struggles with his mathematical accomplishments and demands intensive work to help him with his abilities to accomplish. Praising of little accomplishments.

He besides has mental wellness issues.

He enjoys music, skateboarding and siting minibikes. He besides likes hanging out with his couples

All of the above pupils need to increase their attending at school. They will besides necessitate support for their prep and appraisal undertakings. All the male childs in this group will besides necessitate a big sum of ‘step-by-step ‘ dislocation of accomplishments.

Undertaking 2 – List by Student Issues & A ; Impacts on Learning
Develop a tabular array or matrix that can be used to document developmental information refering to the same 6 single scholars identified in undertaking 1 above. The tabular array or matrix must include how the information could be utilised to inform or modify instructional design for the focal point scholars.

Relevant to Module 2: The acquisition environment
Undertaking 2
Developmental Information
Wayss to utilize information to inform or modify instructional design – what can the LM make?
Student A
16 old ages – male child
Metacognition – he will necessitate one to one support for his thought and associating accomplishments

Individual plan – seamster activities to accommodate support activities

Use subjects of involvement to prosecute acquisition

He is of mean physique and has merely merely entered pubescence. Has some coordination accomplishments jobs nevertheless over the last twosome of old ages he has gained more assurance in his accomplishments.

Physical Movement – encourage pupil to play athletics at a higher degree.

Streaming – like ability groups, or assorted ability groups to heighten accomplishments

Social / Emotional:
Support with all right motor accomplishments. His independent life accomplishments and societal accomplishments will necessitate a developmental focal point.

Verbal and ocular instructions offered one measure at a clip.

Enjoys making word hunt mystifiers and reading novels. Needs farther development of his spelling and reading accomplishments.

Lesson be aftering – Use a assortment of originative activities to research content.

Peer Tutoring – lucifer up with pupils that can work with each other.

Student B
16 old ages – male child

There are spreads in his acquisition which inhibits his cognitive accomplishments

Individual Program – Tailor activities to accommodate or planing modified undertakings including both extension and excess support activities


He is a instead robust and solid male child. He is willing to take part is featuring activities.

Use chances for pattern

Social / Emotional:

Frequently off due to hapless ego regard and assurance in ability

Role drama state of affairss to research how to associate efficaciously with others


Has trouble in linguistic communication accomplishments

Verbal and ocular instructions offered on measure at a clip.

Undertaking 2
Developmental Information
Wayss to utilize information to inform or modify instructional design – what can the LM make?
16 old ages – Male child

Lacks assurance in all countries of faculty members and disfavors talking state of affairss

Classroom Climate – The Learning Manager can be supportive, usage of modus operandis and rigorous guidelines


He enjoys music, skateboarding and siting minibikes and featuring activities eg. Gym work

Physical Movement – sitting for long periods.

The Learning Manager can give a shortbreak to alleviate physical fatigue

Social / Emotional:

He lacks assurance in his ability and does non like confrontation

Classroom Organisation – Learning Manager can set up seating program, entree to resources, entree to back up forces.


He needs aid with organizational accomplishments to finish undertaking at manus

Individual Program – Tailor activities to accommodate or planing modified undertakings including both extension and excess support activities

Undertaking 3 – Attitudes and Perceptions toward schoolroom undertakings
“ The effectual instructor continuously works to act upon attitudes and perceptual experiences, frequently so skillfully that pupils are non cognizant of her attempts. Subtle though this behavior may be, it is a witting instructional determination to overtly cultivate specific attitudes and perceptual experiences ” ( Marzano & A ; Pickering, 1997, p. 13 ) .

Make a in writing organizer that identifies specific instructional schemes that enhance scholars ‘ attitudes towards schoolroom undertakings. The in writing organiser should supply an illustration of each scheme.


Perceive Tasks as Valuable and Interesting

of how schemes could be used with mention to six scholars

Establish a sense of academic trust

Student D tends to be the category comic and efforts to flex the schoolroom regulations ensuing in other pupils making the same.

The Learning Manager will endeavor to demo and account of predating cognition and what relevancy it has to the undertaking at manus. This will give the pupils a ground for larning as they put their trust in what the acquisition director is demoing them even if they do non rather comprehend what it is.

academic Trust can merely be developed over clip. It Requires that pupils have consistent experiences with instructors in which they finally see the value of assigned undertakings. ” ( Marzano & A ; Pickering, 1997, p.30 )

Aid pupils understand how specific cognition is valuable

Student C will go on to finish her prep or assignment without aid and bury to inquire for advice when necessitating aid.

Explanation of the how information will be utile to them will assist them to larn subsequently more intricate ideas, make interdisciplinary connexions and / or when they complete a undertaking.

( Marzano & A ; Pickering, 1997, p.30 )

Use a assortment of ways to prosecute pupils in schoolroom undertaking ( instructional schemes and resources )

Student D & A ; E have a limited focal point span. This will in bend lead them to be riotous and non concentrating on the undertaking at manus

The acquisition director could give a scope of undertakings leting for pupil pick. This will allow them to unite techniques suited for the different acquisition manners. Students will be motivated to larn and able to show their work in a manner they prefer and feel more comfy with.

( Marzano & A ; Pickering, 1997, p.31 )


Believe they have the ability and resources to finish undertakings

Provide appropriate feedback and proctor pupils

Student C frequently finishes what is expected of her and may sometimes blend up with other information

The Learning Manager can give the sort of feedback that encourages the pupil and expresses assurance in their ability. E.g. ‘I knew you could make it. Now let ‘s take a expression at what you can better for following clip ”

( Marzano & A ; Pickering, 1997, p.33 )

Thatch pupils to utilize positive talk

Student B lacks assurance in his ability and when he achieves at an accepts criterion finds it hard to accept congratulations when given

Promoting the pupil to utilize positive self-talk will give a more positive mentality in the schoolroom. Using a brooding diary about negative remarks to oneself can be turned around into positive self-talk. This in bend will construct a assurance in their ability to finish undertakings. ( Marzano & A ; Pickering, 1997, p.33 )

As this group is in their mid teens self talk is needed as equal force per unit area comes to the bow.

Aid pupils recognise that they have the abilities to finish a peculiar undertaking

Whilst trying to finish a undertaking Student A will non travel on farther in his undertaking until he seeks aid from instructor.

Learning Directors should explicate clearly precisely what cognition is required of them. Evidence of old undertakings that they have done and were successful in will assist them refocus on a more complex undertaking.

( Marzano & A ; Pickering, 1997, p.34 )


Understand and be clear about the undertakings

Help pupil to be clear about the waies and demands of the undertaking – clear instructions

Student F finds it difficult to reply direct inquiring and receive clear direction to finish the undertaking.

The Learning Manager when reexamining waies with pupils should hold them practise the more complex parts to assist them place and unclutter up any confusions. Besides make certain that they to the full understand what they are to make

( Marzano & A ; Pickering, 1997, p.35 )

Provide pupils with lucidity about the cognition that the undertaking references

Student E finds it hard to inquire for elucidation in a subject and continues merely to make bare minimum

The Learning Manager will necessitate to inquire themselves what knowledge the undertaking is intended to learn and so pass on this clearly to the pupils. This in bend will demo the pupil what they should be larning as a consequences of the undertaking. ( Marzano & A ; Pickering, 1997, p.35 )

Provide pupils with clear outlooks of public presentation degrees for undertakings

Student D tends to complete undertaking at manus at an sound degree nevertheless will non seek and force the degree higher

The acquisition director needs to inform the pupil what criterion of public presentation is expected of them. As the pupil grows they will larn to develop their ain criterion of excellence. Learning directors will nevertheless necessitate provide public presentation criterions to pupils when they are get downing the undertaking so they know and understand the standard that will be used to measure their work.

( Marzano & A ; Pickering, 1997, p.36 )

Undertaking 4: Attitudes and Perceptions – Classroom / Workplace management-a sense of comfort and order
Identify and depict the indispensable accomplishments. Explain, with illustration if possible, how these accomplishments promote a sense of comfort and order within larning environments.

Essential Skills – A Sense of Comfort
“ A pupil ‘s sense of comfort in the schoolroom affects his or her ability to learnaˆ¦ By affecting pupils in doing determinations about schoolroom clime, single demands are more likely to be met ”

( Marzano et al. , 1997:3 )

Essential Skill
How Skill Promotes A Sense of Comfort and Order
Scenario ( with mention to six scholars )


Language od Expectation

Establishing Expectations & A ; Making Rules

This group of scholars all at times attempt to stretch the boundaries of schoolroom outlooks and the regulations set in topographic point.

Ill-defined outlooks from the LM can be seen by pupils that there are no steadfast bounds and boundaries of the schoolroom. Puting up a clear set of regulations and outlooks will give the pupils a nous of proprietary and responsibility.

Giving Instruction – Stating pupils what to make

Student D has a inclination to turn off and misses the instructions given for the undertaking at manus.

By giving clear and precise instructions pupils will understand the undertaking and organize what they are required to make and maintain them actively engaged. ( Ed. QLD, Core Learning Component, 2007, p9 )

Waiting and Scaning – Stoping to measure what is go oning

Student E will sometimes lose focus portion manner through the lesson and being a quiet pupil will travel unnoticed.

When giving instructions wait, look at your pupils ; scan the room for 5 – 10 seconds to keep the pupils attending. Whe scanning the group link with a descriptive encourager or utilize redirection if necessary ( Ed. QLD, Core Learning Component, 2007, p11 )

Prompting with Parallel Acknowledgement – Praising a peculiar pupil to motivate others

Student C is ever on undertaking nevertheless can be distracted by others

By utilizing the scanning technique on a regular basis when pupil are off undertaking, the acquisition director can take to admit an person or group in close propinquity who is on-task. The learning director can besides utilize low cardinal recognition affecting organic structure linguistic communication every bit good. ( Ed. QLD, Core Learning Component, 2007, p12,13 )

Language of Acknowledgement

Body Language Encouraging – Smile, nodding, gesticulating and traveling near

Student B has little or no assurance in his work when working independently. He frequently becomes disquieted particularly if he has made a error or does n’t understand what he needs to make.

The acquisition director ‘s degree of schoolroom monitoring when traveling around the room and interacting nonverbally with pupils should assist cut down episodes of inappropriate behavior. The pupil who is holding jobs will experience at more easiness.

( Ed. QLD, Core Learning Component, 2007, p15 )

Descriptive Encouraging – Praise depicting behavior

Student F can sometimes lose sight of what behavior is required in schoolroom and will be distracted.

The Learning Manager could promote pupils to go more cognizant of their competency by depicting precisely what you see or hear from them that you hope to see more often

( Ed. QLD, Core Learning Component, 2007, p16 )

Language of Correction

Selective Attending – Not evidently responding to some bad behavior

Student A frequently strives for attending by naming out and non waiting for the instructor

The acquisition director can utilize selective attention when a pupil is off undertaking or demoing inappropriate behavior that is non earnestly interrupting others.

( Ed. QLD, Core Learning Component, 2007, p18 )

Redirecting to the Learning – Motivating on-task behavior

Student D does at times stray from the undertaking at manus and when asked to acquire back on undertaking becomes argumentative and disrupts the category

The acquisition Manager can give a redirection to the acquisition, non the behavior by inquiring a inquiry about the undertaking or inquire a inquiry related to an offer of instructor aid.

( Ed. QLD, Core Learning Component, 2007, p20 )

Giving a Choice – Describing the pupil ‘s options and likely effects of their behavior

When Student E behaves severely, he will frequently take to go on his bad behavior and non reconsider the actions.

The acquisition director should face the pupil, who is interrupting the other scholars, with available picks and their logical effects

( Ed. QLD, Core Learning Component, 2007, p22 )

Following Through – Making what you said you would

Student D will frequently prove the instructor when reprimanded and sometimes doubts the effects she will endure

The Learning Manager needs to follow through her actions otherwise the other accomplishments will non be effectual. Even if they feel nervous or unsure as they need to remain confident. ( Ed. QLD, Core Learning Component, 2007, p25 )

‘It is the certainty of the effect instead than the badness of the effect that is of import ( Roger 1995, p38 )

Undertaking 5: Habits of Mind – specific instructional schemes
Refer back to the 6 profiled scholars from Task 1. Now consider specific facets of instructional design ( planning, oppugning techniques, organization/management of environments/resources, assessment design etc. ) within the acquisition environment. Describe how the Habits of Mind nexus to and heighten the specific facets of instructional design that might be considered for your profiled scholars. Justify the usage of the Habits of Mind.

Targeted Student/s
Targeted HOM
Student A, B, D, E & A ; F

Student C

Endeavoring for truth

Generate, trust, and keep your ain criterions of rating

Based on observation and work samples these pupil demand to research the words they will necessitate to cognize. Mistakes will happen as the list will be unobserved until the twenty-four hours of pattern trial. Attention will be given for the pupils to better their spelling Markss by terminal of hebdomad.

Based on observation and work samples this pupil needs to compose down her criterions so as to do her undertakings more ambitious therefore bring forthing and perpetrating to a higher criterion of work.

Context of lesson/s
Specific Teacher Talk
English Communication Lesson
Topic focus – Spelling and Dictionary significance of words

Time will be given for pupils to concentrate on spelling.

The LM will travel over the latest spelling list for a pattern trial

Students will so compose out what 1s were wrong.

The pupils will be encouraged to hold a list of words each dark to pattern.

By utilizing the dictionary they should be able to grok the significance of the words.

Opportunity for pupils to work in braces to happen the significances.

“ In today ‘s lesson, we will be concentrating on the spelling words which you will hold learnt for trial subsequently in the hebdomad. There will be Two wonts of head that I will endeavor to cover through the lesson – Endeavoring for truth and generate, trust and keep your ain criterions of rating.

“ Whilst we look at the words I will endeavor to demo you an easier manner to retrieve words as we go through the list. ”

“ Listen carefully to the words that I will read out. Think about how the word sounds and compose down as you go. ”

“ Now that we have finished our words we will endeavor to happen out the significances of the words you have merely written down.

“ Now C as you like to work with A, can you travel with him now and assist him with his significances.

B, D and E, I would wish to see you all on undertaking today and have all the significances written down in your books. This list will be used for future mention is your following assignment so accuracy with spelling is to the uttermost.

Now as we come to the last 10 proceedingss of our lesson Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s look into our work and see how you all went. If you have any incorrect I would wish you to copy down the right spelling as we go. This is portion of working with truth.

It was good to see that all of you gained 75 % mean today and following trial we will take for 80 % .

Congratulatons C on deriving 100 % on your spelling and dictionary significance today. It is good to see that your work is paying off and taking for higher criterion of work.

Thank you for today it is good to see that you have all met your ends today.


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