Analysing financial Statements of two London stock companies

This intent of this study is to critically analyze and notice on the fiscal statement of two London stock exchange companies. Fiscal statement is merely the sum-up of all dealing which has occurred over a specific period of clip. This study looks at the how each company present their fiscal statement, the philosophical grounds behind their presentation, what relevant and how dependable the information nowadays are and more. Fiscal statement or Accounting studies reveal the wellness of concern as pulse rate and blood force per unit area reveal the wellness of a individual.

I will be analysis one company which is Aggreko but besides comparing it with Carillion plc, both placed in U.K. They both operate in support and alternate energy industry. Most of my attending will be on Aggreko plc.

As reference above Aggreko plc is an international British company whose chief intent is to supply electrical power and temperature control to clients who need them either for a short period of clip or for an indefinite length of clip. The company provides its solution worldwide over 133 locations offering 24 hours a twenty-four hours 7 yearss a hebdomad service in over a 100 states. The points hired out include gas and Diesel generators, warmers, air conditioners and few more. These points hired out are used in a assortment of puting such as movie studios, power Stationss, offshore oil platforms and other more.

Carillion plc is one of U.Ks taking support services companies. They deliver a mix of solutions for substructure, edifice and services. They operate through three divisions which are building services, support service and public and private undertakings. Their building services include all catching and related activities, including mechanical and electrical technology both on traditional and public private undertakings. Their support service comprises of rail and route substructure services, installations direction and support services. Public and Private partnership undertakings include equity returns on investing in public and private undertakings.


Lewis and Pendill ( 2006 ) states the aim of fiscal statement is to “ do available information about the coverage entity ‘s fiscal public presentation and fiscal places ” , which is utile to broad scope of users such as present and possible investors, creditors and others in accessing the stewardship of direction and for doing economic determinations. Therefore transparence is need in fiscal statement.

Transparency is frequently used to depict a high quality fiscal statement. Transparency in fiscal statement signifies a better revelation which in goes farther than the normal recognized accounting rules or statutory coverage demands, where and when to supply the users and readers with the information which could assist make up one’s mind in doing an informed determination about the company. When information appears non to be crystalline, present and possible investors can ne’er be certain about the true hazard in puting in the company. For Example, a company whose growing chance are linked to how it invests. It would thereby be complicated to entree the company ‘s investing public presentation if its investing is directed through keeping company, hence doing them hard to observe or wholly concealed from position. Besides deficiency of transparence could bespeak that the company could good be seeking to deceitful about the company ‘s degree of debt, in that instance, investors can non thereby gauge their exposure to bankruptcy hazard

High profile instances such as Enron and Tyco has showed that directors who use ill-defined fiscal tactics and hard concern construction in hope of concealing unpleasant intelligence. Thereby exemplifying that deficiency of transparence in fiscal statement can merely make trouble for the company in some instances lead to bankruptcy.

Qualitative features of Financial Statement

To run into the readers and users demands, it is suggested that fiscal statement must hold certain features. The Accounting Standard Board ( ASB ) identifies four nucleus qualitative features which should be present in fiscal statements. The diagram below interprets the ASB ‘s features of fiscal statement.

1. Relevance

2. Dependability

3. Comparison

4. Comprehensibility

Relevant and Reliability

Relevant information is capable of act uponing the determination of users by assisting them measure yesteryear, nowadays or future events by corroborating or rectifying their past ratings Weetman ( 1999 ) .

Harmonizing to an article by Johnson ( 2005 ) , dependability is defined as “ the quality of information that assures that information is sensible free from mistake or prejudice and dependably represents what it is average to stand for ” .

Furthermore in make up one’s minding whether information is relevant and dependable, it would depend on certain traits such as

Faithful Representation – Faithful representation involves the words and every bit good as the Numberss, it requires that the substances of minutess are recorded.

Neutrality – When information is presented in a manner that would propose it has any influence in the determination devising in order to accomplish predetermined result. In other words information would be impersonal when it ‘s free from prejudice.

Prudence – Prudence is the exercising of cautiousness when covering with uncertainnesss in order to guarantee that the fiscal statement are impersonal, that additions and losingss are neither overstated or understated Forests ( 2007 ) .


Comparison is needed in fiscal statement in order to place tendencies in a company ‘s fiscal place and its public presentation. Besides it allows users to place the differences and similarities between two set of economic phenomena. Consistency means the usage of same accounting green goodss and policies each twelvemonth. Comparability is the end “ comparison is a agency to an terminal that helps accomplish the end ” .


The quality in which information enables readers and users to hold a sensible cognition of concern and economic activities and fiscal accounting is known as comprehensibility. Understanbility depends on how the information is classified and reported and besides significantly it depends on the capablenesss of the user

Amalgamate Statement of Comprehensive Income

The chief ground behind the amalgamate statement of comprehensive income is to demo the consequences of a group of companies as one, a individual coverage entity. IAS 1 was revised during 2008 and brought by a new criterion which was effectual for the periods get downing on or after 1 January 2009 Elliot and Elliot ( 2009 ) . Now it is acceptable to under IAS 1 for a company to show the comprehensive income statement as one or so once more present as two statements which separate the income statement from the comprehensive statement.

Detecting Aggreko ‘s fiscal statement, they have opted to show their information in two statements the Group Income Statement and Group Statement of Recognized Income and Expense. Combined together these statements are still the individual primary statement under IAS 1, the income statement. The history was prepared in agreement with International Accounting Standard known as IAS, International Financial Reporting Standard and IFRIC criterions. The fact that their fiscal statement complies with the criterions illustrates that the information provide could be relied upon. Their users and readers of comprehensive income can be certain that the information provided shows the true nature and wellbeing of the company.

Carillion plc has besides adopted the same criterion harmonizing to their group note. Their company ‘s published amalgamate fiscal statement for twelvemonth ended 31 December 2008 was prepared in conformity with IFRS as adopted with the European Union, except for some accounting criterion ( listed in notes on page 16 ) which became effectual as from January 2009. This makes comparings between the two companies easy and besides adds an component of easiness for user ‘s comprehensibility.

Amalgamate Statement of Financial Position

Statement of fiscal place provides inside informations of economic resources which are controlled by the entity and the usage of them. It most besides provide most significantly a item of an entity ‘s hazard profile and hazard direction attack to measure its current public presentation, fiscal adaptability and ability to bring forth hard currency in the hereafter. The statement of Financial Position of Aggreko shows that points existed at the clip of presentation ; thereby this proves that the information provided could be relied upon.

Items such as Goodwill in non-current plus for comprehensibility intent have been clearly explained in the notes to the group accounts. It basically helps readers and users of fiscal to derive better apprehension of the fiscal statement. Furthermore points classified as assets and liabilities are set out for users to derive the cognition of how much resources the company has and its duties.

The criterion in which the statement has been prepared is with the historical cost convention, which was besides the same that was used in Carillion plc which makes it easier and convenient for users to do comparings.

Inventory is critical to any company, hence acquiring the computation right is indispensable. It besides necessary that the method used is consistent throughout the old ages in order for comparing grounds. The jurisprudence regulating the stock lists is IAS2. The computation in Aggreko and Carillion both comply with IAS2, thereby it provides investors with dependable information as it reflects the true and just value of the houses stock list value. Besides farther information such as deferred revenue enhancement liabilities and commissariats were taken into history proposing that Aggreko plc complied with the minimal demand required by IAS 12.

Amalgamate Statement of Changes in Equity

Changes in Equity are used to demo all alterations in the proprietors ‘ equity for a fit period of clip. Changes in Equity harmonizing to IAS1 must be shown as a separate constituent of the fiscal statements. The income statement sums up the grosss and disbursals for an accounting period. The statement of alterations in fiscal place shows the status of histories at the terminal of a peculiar period, but the statement of alterations in proprietors ‘ equity does a spot of each. IAS 1 requires that an entity to show a statement of alterations in equity as a separate constituent of fiscal statements. Unfortunately neither Aggreko nor Carillion have prepared a statement of alterations in equity as a separate statement due to fact that the amendment which was made in other to bring forth it has a separate statement took consequence as at January 2009 before this histories were published. The mark in which IAS 1 purposes with the amendment it is to do it easier for users and largely investors to understand how much they could possible gain if they were to put in the company. This would besides heighten the relevancy fiscal statements.

Non-Current Asset

Non-current assets consist of Tangible assets and Non Tangible. Tangible assets have a physical being whereby Non Tangible assets can non be seen, touched or physically measured. Goodwill as mentioned be has been clearly explained in the notes to the group accounts.

Intangible in non-current plus have been prepared at just value at the day of the month of acquisition. Valuing assets utilizing just value is more realistic and makes it more relevant. Intangible assets do non hold to be physical assets in value of a mill or equipment but they can turn out to be really valuable to a house and besides be critical to a company ‘s success or failure. For illustration, a company such Coca-Cola would non be a successful today if it was n’t for the high value it obtained through it brands name. Although trade name acknowledgment is non a physical plus, it positive effects on bottom line net incomes can turn out highly valuable to a company such as Coca-Cola, whose trade name name strength helps drives it gross revenues globally twelvemonth after twelvemonth. Intangible plus include in Aggreko fiscal statement will assist increase the value of house. Intangible assets from Aggreko plc are clear explained in the accounting policies. Carillion plc besides clearly states how it intangible plus are calculated. Both companies calculate their intangible assets utilizing just value. This therefore proves relevant to readers of fiscal statement as they have grounds on how the figures were arrived at.


Aggreko plc one-year study and history for the twelvemonth stoping 2008 is 124 pages long. Is at that place a bound whereby there is merely excessively much unneeded information in the study or is everything produced for the good?

Could the degree of information green goods in the history overcomplicate the fiscal statement thereby cut downing it transparence. Some would reason that the degree of information provided is necessary in order to better understand the intervention of such point as stock lists in order to to the full understand to the full the appropriate application of the classified rule. On other manus most would reason that excessively much information would increase the complexness of statement and hence do cardinal public presentation indexs less obvious and besides potentially less easy comparable with other companies. Unfortunately when excessively much information is provide, them their rival or challenger could utilize this information to derive an advantage over them ; therefore the company must be really careful about the degree of information which is put out at that place. On the other manus, when less information is produced the company could be accused of trying to hide any illegal traffics. Therefore the company could pay the cost judicial proceeding.

Both companies did supply adequate information show computation on how certain figure were arrived at. In making so, companies would trust that the information is both adequate and clear in other to heighten the users ‘ understandbility of the statement. To the investors, it would be relevant as they could acknowledge the fiscal wellness of the concern. This would merely heighten the qualitative feature of fiscal statement.


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