Analysing the Goals of Hewlett Packard Essay

There are three types is endeavors, public, private and non-profit administration. Since Hewlett-Packard ( HP ) is run by a private group it comes under a private sector class, which by and large means that HP is an administration that seeks for net incomes for its stakeholders. Since the chief financess come from their stakeholders, it is necessary to maintain them happy by bettering the growing and production of the administration. The chief aim for the houses like HP is to take clasp of the chances which result in immense net incomes as it is their most indispensable result. Furthermore, the cardinal end is maintain those long term net incomes in the commercial market. In order to achieve such ends, CEO ( Chief executive officer ) is responsible, who will be a more qualified and experienced in the industry. Keeping net incomes for stakeholders, prolonging long term net incomes and beef uping house ‘s place in the planetary market, falls under the list of duties of a company ‘s CEO.

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Analysing the Goals of Hewlett Packard Essay
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HP ‘s chief intent is to achieve client trueness, net incomes, growing, and market leading, committedness to its staff members, leading capableness and planetary citizenship. Below is their mission statement

They earn client trueness and regard by continuously offering their service and value.

Since they believe that through client satisfaction, one can accomplish sufficient net incomes to finance growing, make value for stakeholders.

From net incomes they can turn which builds their strengths and competences.

They lead in the market place by developing and supplying helpful and resourceful solutions, merchandises and services. They develop

At all degrees, they develop leaders who attain concern aims, demonstrate their rules and steer them to turn and win

The cognition environment in which the administration exists – external context

Since HP subdivisions is located more than 600 locations around the universe and moreover it competes with many markets, including computing machines and other peripheral equipments. It is bound expose to many external environments. External factors can be anything, like alterations in engineering and globalization ; these factors may take to net incomes or loss depending on the chances. For a company like HP, globalisation brought several chances in the field of concern for case HP has 600 subdivisions all over the universe this is due to globalization. However, globalization does n’t connote to merely HP, it brings other administrations excessively which means competition. Factors like globalization helps consumers by offering a batch of options, for case HP is non the lone 1 in the market with computing machine merchandises, there is Sony, Dell, Apple and many more. Therefore, clients will hold an chance to verify monetary values and services based on the merchandise ‘s reappraisals. So trade name trueness is hard to achieve unless a company comes up with an advanced thoughts and services.

Stakeholder ‘s force per unit area is another external factor, due to globalization ; if a company ‘s net incomes are diminishing so force per unit area from stakeholders will increase. This could do more emphasis on the administration ‘s employees. Apart from stakeholder ‘s force per unit area, technological alteration could besides consequence in company ‘s production. If a company like HP is exposed to international markets so it is common to come across new engineerings which are being used by its rivals. In order to beef up its place in the international market, companies like HP should invariably update its engineering. ‘Globalisation pulls more and more into its magnetic orbit and communicating overcomes distance ‘ ( Harris 2005 ), nevertheless globalization can be a blessing and menace at the same clip.

The organizational construction including the internal cognition civilization

Knowledge civilization is where the administration allows and encourages sharing and using ‘the information, expertness and human assets across the boundary lines, across oceans, whether in individual or electronically ‘ ( Harris 2005 ). However, in the instance survey it is observed otherwise, In HP there is a small sharing of cognition, resources, information and its employees across the administration. Since HP is well-known for its decentralized administration construction and manner of operation. And it is besides understood that due to decentralization, there are strong addition in specific to house ‘s success. However, it is a known fact that due to decentralization, knowledge direction attempts have increased. In Mid 1995, 3 of import cognition direction systems have been implemented, Trainers Trading station, Connex and HP Network News. All these three have been helped the company in heightening their production and besides helped them to convey to a decision that in order to derive success in globalization a company need non necessitate a centralized system but should make an consciousness of sharing cognition through assorted undertakings underway.

Organizational construction plays cardinal function in edifice and development of productive cognition civilization. It dictates how the duty and power should be utilised in a company, moreover it helps to portion knowledge across the administration so that it can be utilised by the employees. As discussed above, HP operated in decentralized organizational construction.

Knowledge Workers

‘The term cognition workers have been coined to depict those workers who are take parting more efficaciously in the knowledge-based economic system ‘ ( Oecd 2001 ). And if the cognition economic system ‘s definition is disputing, so the cognition workers work will be disputing excessively. Basically who have good degree of literacy or high degrees of instruction are knowledge workers. These workers largely will be working in cognition direction systems or employees who have peculiar expertnesss and accomplishments, these workers will be taking portion in the creative activity and use of cognition. Knowledge workers chief aim is placing jobs, work outing jobs and calculated brokering competences. A chief characteristic of these workers apart from high instruction and proclaiming work outing accomplishments is that facts are no of import to their accomplishments profiles because if any information they need will be accessible at one chink of a computing machine key. They key accomplishments they bring to their occupation are ‘an ability to gestate jobs and solutions ‘ ( Oecd 2001 ).

In the instance survey we see some cognition workers as discussed above like Bob Walker, HP ‘s CIO and Vice President and Chuck Sieloff, Manger of Information Systems Services and Technology ( ISST ) who recruited people to construct knowledge direction system. These people made up their head to implement knowledge direction system by get downing workshops on those subjects. During that workshop, Joe Schneider, the trainer came up with three cognition direction system ; Trainers Trading station, Connex and HP Network News which proved really successful for the company.

Knowledge Leaderships

In HP, Vice president and director of ISST are the cognition leaders who efficaciously guided the hereafter cognition employees and have become important success of administration, these people made usage of cognition that is available and gathered them at their disposal. They have managed the cognition of their employees and created a thought administration. Knowledge Leaders are driven by the hereafter chances. A Knowledge Leaders should hold a proper combination of attitude, vision and practical exposure.

Harmonizing to Bahra ( 2001, p.52 ) there are three L ‘s in cognition leaders which plays critical function in company ‘s success: the cognition leader as hearer, scholar and linker.

Knowledge leader as hearer: A leader should ever listen to their employees and clients. Many people will listen to their clients but really few will cognize ‘how to listen to hear clearly about what others are stating and peculiarly when it is negative ‘ ( Bahra 2001 ). Listening accomplishments is really of import for a leader because a company will continuously covering with negative feedback and by hearing will assist in deciding it.

Leader as scholar: Bahra ( 2001, p.53 ) insists that today ‘s houses are more concentrating on constructing larning leaders than cognizing leaders. A company is more concentrating on leaders who learn how to work in new environment instead than leaders who implement old regulations for the new environment.

Leaderships as linkers: Leader should construct a community of web where employees can portion the cognition. Like in the instance survey, Bob Walker and Chuck Sieloff implemented knowledge direction system ; Trainers Trading station, Connex and HP Network News which proved really successful for the company.


To accomplish a successful construct of cognition direction, HP and many other houses has made usage of cognition oriented engineerings ( Davenport & A ; Prusak 2000 ). The most critical function of engineering in cognition direction is widening the range and heightening the velocity of cognition transportation ( Davenport & A ; Prusak 2000 ). Technology helps an single cognition to be extracted, structured and stored in the depositories so that other employees in the company can use it. Codification of cognition and its coevals is besides done with the aid of engineering. Harmonizing to Davenport & A ; Prusak ( 2000, p.125 ), engineering troughs of HP are now researching a new tool cared Grape Vine, this tool fundamentally allows sharing of cognition which is targeted on the content classs that are mentioned by cognition users. In add-on to that, HP besides used Lotus Notes as the engineering vehicle with the aid of Bruce Karney, a member of the substructure squad of Corporate Education administration, portion of HP ‘s forces map. This engineering helped to portion thoughts, cognition, information based stuffs and techniques for 1000s of HP ‘s employees.

The cognition direction system ( KMS ) which was implemented by Bob Walker and Chuck Sieloff where of three types as discussed Trainers Trading station, Connex and HP Network News. A cohesive and well-designed KMS platform was built in HP administration with the aid of cognition workers and leaders. Due to KMS cognition has become a dominant usage for pedagogues and Karney believes it will go a cardinal factor for future chances excessively.

Knowledge resources and knowledge-sharing patterns

Harmonizing to Breitenoder ( 2009, p.02 ) ‘knowledge means truthfulness, which points to the absolute, inactive and non-human position of cognition ‘. Such type of cognition should be documented and stored so that others can entree it. This documenting of cognition and storing is done in Knowledge Repositories ( KR ) which is a nucleus pattern of KMS. KR is a web-based layout where employees can link to it with the corporate intranet. Repositories act as a nexus between nucleus cognition and employees, where employees can seek for the necessary info or add new informations. Due to this KR, cognition sharing is easy to set into pattern as it delivers a positive value.

In HP, a new KMS Connex was developed and was scheduled go pilot stage. It uses a web based browser which extracts information from the database of shared cognition. The primary content of the database contains adept profiles or manuals on specific subjects. By shoping Connex one can seek these ushers easy.

Knowledge Needs

Harmonizing to Wielinga ( 2008, p.181 ) Knowledge Needs ( KN ) defines the information required to supplement the job resolution of a peculiar work. KN chief end is to place exactly sing the demand of cognition in a peculiar squad of people. Due to KN analysis, a company ‘s hereafter scheme will better the public presentation of an administration. HP addressed its cognition demands and developed KMS like Trainers Trading station, Connex and HP Network News which proved really successful.

As discussed in Knowledge civilization HP is good known for its decentralization administration construction for that ground knowledge direction attempts has enhanced. In order to turn to these KN, Bob and Chuck has developed KMS which been helped the company in heightening their production.

Knowledge Gaps

Knowledge spreads in cardinal portion of procedures signify uncomplete cognition plus portfolios ( Housel & A ; Hom 1999 ). These spreads in the cardinal portion of procedure will do failures will consequence company production. There are two types of spreads in cognition, current and future spread. Current gaps fundamentally signify mundane failures in procedure like slow rhythm times and mistakes etc. Future gaps mean a failure in direction ‘s capableness to happen out what types of ‘knowledge assets must be added or deleted to react to a invariably altering market place and to guarantee that these assets are deployed as required ‘ ( Housel & A ; Hom 1999 ). Once these spreads are identified with a solution to shut these spreads so the consequence will better determination devising accomplishments, keeping of employees, sweetening of invention and encouragement of transforming information into cognition.

In the HP, when first workshop held in October 1995 from the treatment Joe Schneider gathered a list of 20 HP sites which had some signifier of positive cognition direction. Once reexamining the current bing cognition spreads, Joe got replies for these inquiries like from which beginning this cognition is taken, who has this cognition and when this cognition is being used. After larning these spreads KMS was implemented which proved really successful for the company. Therefore, happening these spreads in cognition will better determination doing accomplishments on current spreads and besides assist to place future spreads.

Proposed inquiries to be asked for the staff

If there is a KMS in your administration, so what type of cognition is being used?

In what manner that cognition is utilised by your company?

From which beginning that cognition is obtained?

Are there others utilizing this cognition, apart from your company?

Is there any limitation of cognition for some employees?


It is critical to understand about how cognition is separated in an administration and how many types of cognition are available for staff members.

When a company is utilizing KMS, it is of import to understand if there is any limitation to that cognition like username and watchword installation before deriving entree of that cognition.

Knowledge can be extracted from employees i.e. employees or externally like consultancies and other factors.

It is natural to understand that a company will promote to portion the cognition among its employees but it is besides possible provide that cognition to it providers excessively

Is the cognition depository is accessible to all the employees of the company if non so why is restricted.

Knowledge Audit Tools

Harmonizing to Gourova, Popov & A ; Todorova ( 2009, p.1 ) for KMS execution program, Knowledge Audit ( KA ) plays a really of import function since it checks the ‘state-of-art of cognition assets, their use and flows in the administration, every bit good as see the cognition needs for deriving advantage against rivals and accomplishing corporate strategic ends ‘ ( Gourova, Popov & A ; Todorova 2009 ). Plus, during the KMS execution, Knowledge audit tools help in monitoring and commanding by giving appropriate feedback from the consequences achieved.


Exit Interviews

When employee is go forthing the administration, so they are taking some type of cognition inside their caput. This tool will assist to document some of that cognition so that it can assist the company and its employees. Some of the suggestions to capture that cognition are: in a month or before if a staff is go forthing HP company, work out a program to capture their cognition which are of two type explicit knowledge – like their private booklets and electronic mails and for silent cognition, by detecting their replacements.

SWOT Analysis

If a company like HP, needs to cognize its strengths, failings, chances and menaces in their undertakings or in a concern procedure so SWOT analysis is a best tool.

Strengths: accomplishing Company ‘s aim with the aid of internal strengths of administrations or staff members.

Failings: Obstructs in accomplishing company ‘s nonsubjective due to internal properties of administrations or staff members

Opportunities: properties which are external that are helpful in accomplishing company ‘s aim

Menaces: amendss company ‘s nonsubjective due to external properties of administrations.

Gap Analysis

The spread among the desired cognition or ideal cognition and bing cognition environment is called as Gap Analysis. These spreads fundamentally lag the production, obstruct chances that could heighten the growing of the company or damage the execution of the engineering. It is really of import tool which helps marketing troughs of HP to make up one’s mind upon assorted selling schemes and techniques. This tool is really effective since it is really easy and straightforward. The first measure of this tool is to understand the bing cognition of the, where it is, who has it, for which undertakings that cognition is utilized. Finding these spreads in cognition will better determination devising accomplishments and better the public presentation of the company.


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