Analysing The Roles Of A Quantity Surveyor Construction Essay

A Quantity Surveyor is an single whom works on undertakings runing from office blocks, schools, infirmaries, mills to Bridgess, railroads, oil and excavation development, ship edifice and big procedure technology plants such as oil refineries, and anyplace that major building work is carried out. Traditionally this function has been performed by a extremely trained individual with extended cognition in the operational processs involved with building or undertaking direction. This place frequently acts as an independent contractor and is a sure and respected beginning for professional audience. The functions of the Quantity Surveyor are diverse and critical to the undertaking life rhythm ( Internet ) .

Every Quantity Surveyor has the standard BASIC accomplishment which is to pull up a measure of measures which is a type of stamp papers that contains information sing to the building undertaking. The measurings are taken from the drawings which must be in conformity with the standard measuring method which is agreed or accepted and will be priced by the contractors. The paperss will be used throughout the whole building undertaking and are for rating and cost control purposes. The Quantity Surveyor estimation and proctor building costs, from the feasibleness phase of a undertaking through to the completion of the building period as portion of an adviser ‘s function. After the completion of building, the Quantity Surveyor may hold to be involved with revenue enhancement depreciation agendas, arbitration and mediation if necessary, and cost appraisal for insurance intents. They are employed on most building undertakings as advisers to the proprietor, in both private and public sectors. They would hold to work manus in manus with designers, moneymans, applied scientists, contractors, providers, undertaking proprietors, comptrollers, insurance investment bankers, canvassers and Courts and even with all degrees of authorities governments.

The functions of Quantity Surveyor come in ready to hand when at times of:

Cost planning is a progress technique used by the QS squad and it is chiefly to assist all the building squad members to get consequently at practical designs for a undertaking and do certain the undertakings are within budgets. The Qs will hold to do certain that everything has to follow in agreement to the estimations which have been agreed, from the beginning of successful contractor ‘s stamp to the concluding undertaking cost. In be aftering building cost, it is really of import that care and running cost can non be neglected in order to achieve a undertaking that is cost effectual throughout its life. The QS will hold to quickly cover with the cost deduction when the client decided that there is a alteration of programs and when fluctuations are introduced. Cost planning can better economic system criterions and besides better value for money. Changeless monitoring can avoid the hazard of overspending if they are spotted early and proper disciplinary actions are taken, therefore assist the client to salvage money.

Value direction

Value direction is an act which aims to extinguish waste from the design or client ‘s brief, therefore at the same clip the safety and chief maps of the undertakings are retained. The aim of this value direction is to present the undertaking map to the expected quality so that the best value for the money can be expended. In this instance, it does non necessary mean to be at lowest initial cost, but all factors impacting upon the undertakings which are considered as a whole are proven of the highest value ( anon. , cyberspace ) .A QS is a good qualified individual to direct the value direction surveies on a undertaking. From this value direction, the undertaking squad can obtain a clearer apprehension of the involved undertaking aims and maps therefore cut downing any unneeded costs are being made able. In this value direction, it besides labels the whole life deductions in footings of both cost and besides the client ‘s concern aims of the edifice design.

The Life Cycle Costing

The cost of a undertaking can non be evaluated base on the initial cost entirely. It is long been proven that although a constructed installation is inexpensive but may appears to be in long term, can be a batch more expensive than one with much higher initial cost. The life rhythm costing is about a procurement rating technique which determines the entire cost of acquisition, operation, keeping and disposal of the points acquired ; the lowest ownership cost during the clip the point is in usage ( anon. , cyberspace ) . The life rhythm bing appraisal should non merely sing the features of the constructed installation, the sustainability, the maintainability, the reusability and obsolescence, but they must besides non pretermit the initial capital cost, the care cost, the operational cost, the residuary and disposal costs. Both economic and non-economic public presentation of constructed installation can be checked in this manner.

The QS will be the 1 who monitor all the life rhythm bing analysis. The impact of all costs are considered instead than merely the initial capital cost to guarantee that different constructed installations can be more expeditiously evaluated and to assist the effectual direction of a completed installation are the chief aims of life rhythm bing. The edifice clients can obtain the best value for their money this manner.

Preliminary Cost Advice

A QS is the individual whom will be giving practical advices on materials which has to make with the cost of the undertaking. The QS will besides fix the cost surveies and advice on the structural signifiers, the pick of stuffs, the alternate design solutions, the building sequence and the care cost.From that, a elaborate cost program can be prepared for budgetary control.

Facilities Management

Facilities direction is an highly broad and all embracing activity affecting many types of maps such as assets direction, office direction and housework, edifice and technology care.

Among the definitions of installations direction, but it could be borne in head that there be some common subjects, or features, as follows:

it will be necessitating incorporate multi-disciplinary professional services ;

it have mention to construct plus – the workplace ;

it will hold to assist the organisation in accomplishing its aims.

However there ‘s no one person, nor profession, who would be able to carry through all the needed proficient maps included in the construct of installations direction. Still and all, if there is any specifically trained or experienced QS is in charge, he will be able to understand and specify theobjectives of the client ‘s organisation, therefore be able to organize and supply the most appropriate installations direction services.

Procurement Methods

The QS are known for their expertness, cognition and tools which are utile in the choice of the “ right ” providers or contractors for any given undertakings. There are no two undertakings which are precisely the same. Most of the undertakings ( and many smaller 1s ) have their ain challenges and needs their ain solution. Procurement through competitory tendering based on different types of signifiers of contract and options is the most common method option. The QS are the individual who prepares the measures of measures which are used for the tendering. The measures incorporating paperss of an itemized dislocation of the plants to be carried out in a unit monetary value contract, bespeaking a measure for each point and the corresponding unit monetary value. The measures of measures are the important component in both effectual cost control and besides the footing of rating of fluctuations during building. On different occasions, different tendering method and contractual agreement may be used depending on the client ‘s demand. It may include tendering method such as the traditional method, the design and physique, the building direction, the guaranteed maximal monetary value, the premier cost contract and cost plus, and many more. The QS function is to supply advice to the client on the best pick of contractual agreement depending on the fortunes that the client ‘s required.


Competitive tendering of the same sort or differing type remains the usual footing for building contracts, while the measures of measures are the cardinal to this procedure. The interior decorators produced drawings and specifications which are translated by the measure of measures into paperss which would let a contractor to cipher his stamp monetary value consequently and on the exact same footing as his rivals. In the procedure of buildings, the QS are besides an of import component in effectual cost control. If there are other tendering processs which are appropriate, the QS will urge options.

Contractual Advice

The QS have to be are able to supply both commercial and contractual advice to all corporations such as the developers, the authorities organic structures, the contractors and subcontractors, for all types of civil technology, edifice and structural projects.A A

The type of service for contractual advice screens:

Contract disposal: site set-up, ratings of work in advancement, subcontract procurance, measurings, appraisal of rates, cost coverage and fluctuations.

Contract paperss: guarantees, bonds and warrants, choice of appropriate criterion signifiers of contract, the reading, drafting of particular conditions and signifiers of contract.

The Valuation of building work

The contractor is paid every month in most of the building contracts unless otherwise specified. The QS function is to value the plants carried out each month by the contractor on the undertaking involved and subject a recommendation for payment.

Insurance Advice

The QS may assist the employers to take the most appropriate building insurance. Construction sites are inherently unsafe topographic points. This is why building insurance is an of import policy to hold if they are traveling to run or pull off a building site. It is besides known as Builders Risk Insurance, building insurance provides precautions for employers against building workers being injured on site. Construction insurance does non relieve the employer from maintain a safe workplace. Normally, building insurance policies merely pay out if a rigorous set of wellness and safety guidelines are followed ( anon. , cyberspace ) . It besides protects the development construction and the stuffs purchased for the building for the loss due to damage or larceny. The advantages of obtaining advices from the QS are:

Well cognizant in the mode of cost, all unit of ammunition advice on contractual affairs, and with full of efficiency in building activities ;

Better communicating with the involved parties such as insurers/employers/contractors/loss adjustors, which might be less efficient if it was handled general insurance practicians.

Cost Control & A ; Financial Management

Cost control might be one of the most of import facets which have to be monitored closely in any capital undertaking. It is of import because the client wants a good value for money from the undertaking. The QS have to do certain that the needed balance of outgo between different elements of the undertaking is achieved and besides to maintain the concluding outgo of the undertaking within the client ‘s required budged.

In general, cost control consists of three basic stairss:

Build an overall cost mark

Taking remedial action where necessary

Analyzing any divergences

In pattern, the procedure of cost control shows an extent of professional activities such as cost analyses of old undertakings, cost surveies of different types of constructional options, cost planning/estimating, cost monitoring in clip of the building phase and cost rapprochement in clip of the tendering phase. Regularly, the QS produce the cost estimations and fiscal which creates an of import phrase of the fiscal direction of capital undertakings. With these periodic fiscal studies, the clients are able to anticipate the undertaking ‘s advancement and command their future fiscal committednesss.


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