Analysing The Useful Methods Of Motivation Essay

Modern organisations have distinguishable steps to actuate their staff, no affair what the company is centralized or decentralized ; to compare with some old ages ago, company progressively realizes that actuating their workers non merely by fiscal factors, such as piece rate, physiological demands and periphery benefit ; but besides non-financial factors, which are concerned about opportunities to take duty, security, accomplishment of place. All of these factors are related to Taylor ‘s, Maslow ‘s, and McGregor ‘s theory. Furthermore, it is widely believed that Taylor ‘s theory-only motivates workers by money is non sufficient. Non-financial factors are progressively utile in current.

Fiscal factors are related to Taylor ‘s theory-piece rate system, Maslow ‘s physiological demands and McGregor ‘s X theory, like periphery benefits. Taylor ‘s theory ( Hall, 2008:375 ), which reduced inefficient staff and actuating employees by money-piece rate, has been successful in the past few old ages. Harmonizing to the Lerntipp ( 2010a ), Taylor ‘s theory supports adept workers to excel the production mark expeditiously and penalizing workers, who do non make the mark. Merely one ground for workers ‘ intent is money. In add-on, directors will oversee and command workers forcefully. One of the important advantage of piece rate system is employees would be productive because of higher rewards or salary.

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Analysing The Useful Methods Of Motivation Essay
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For illustration, the Ford Company ( Lerntipp, 2010b ) used Taylor ‘s piece rate system, and got a great success in 1920s. To some extent, Taylor ‘s piece rate system is motivational for workers. However, Taylor ignored other demands of employees ; there is exists worker, who does n’t actuate by money singlehandedly. Harmonizing to Transtutors ( 2011 ) , Taylor ‘s theory overlooked the sensible idea of employees ; it potentially has negatively motivation effects on workers. Hence, Taylor ‘s piece rate system is easy enable staff to experience unsated.

Another factor of finance is Maslow ‘s hierarchy of physical demands. In fact, Harmonizing to Halls ( Halls, 2008:374 ), Maslow ‘s theory measures the comprehensive demands of a individual ‘s whole life into a hierarchy, it includes physiological demands, safety demands, love and belonging, esteem demands and ego — realization.

Maslow ‘s hierarchy ( Abraham-Maslow, 2010 )

However, the fiscal factor in the hierarchy is merely physiological demands. For case, a twosome of workers in poorness faiths are desired higher rewards or salary to be able to take attention of them. Therefore, bing to the Taylor ‘s theory, the underside of Maslow ‘s hierarchy is based on money.

As for McGregor ‘s X theory, Hall studies ( Hall, 2008:378 ) that X theory ‘s employees is merely motivated by money and other fiscal factors. For case, fringe benefits could be an attractive factor for X theory ‘s workers. Hall ( Hall, 2008:378 ) stated that periphery benefits are the fringy benefits of working conditions, such as vacations with wages, discounted cards for staffs and supplying company autos for workers could be endearing to employees. It can be a motive that hired custodies accept and being efficient. For case, FBMC ( FBMC, 2011 ) Company use the manner of periphery benefit to pull staffs.

The company makes the usage of wellness benefits, “ Partner Relations & A ; A Brokerage Services ” , which is good to teamwork, Commuter Benefits for workers. However, periphery benefits could do the outgo of company be raised. It is disadvantageous to net net incomes. Sometimes, staff could non avoid using these periphery benefits to make what things irrelevant to plants. For illustration, Google ( Arrington, 2009 ) in 2009 has a big sum rate of staff surrender, because of the periphery benefit made the relaxed environment in working. However, non merely the overhead outgo would be climbed, but besides made the employees are non solidarity and difficult working. Therefore, periphery benefit is non ever available in direction.

However, companies should see that non-financial factors would be progressively popular with employees in current. One of the popular nonfinancial factors is Maslow ‘s hierarchy ( beside the underside of the hierarchy ) . There are safety demands, love and belonging, societal demands, esteem demands and self-actualization ( Hall, 2008: 375 ). Human existences have strong desires in their bosom. Lerntipp ( lerntipp, 2010c ) reported that safety demands includes societal construction ‘s safety, freedom. It might impact the protection of working place, or safe on the job status. “ Love and belonging ” means that works want to be admitted or basking in teamwork. “ Social demands ” demonstrates the staff is greedy for the high place in the society, repute or power. “ Esteem demands ” refers to that the assurance that workers want to acquire.

Then, “ self-actualization ” is the worker who wants to outbreak their possible power and accomplishing their ain ends and purposes. The important advantage of Maslow ‘s hierarchy is detecting the idea of employees. Presently, employees progressively pay attending to the feelings of themselves, they would stress the value of themselves. However, Maslow ‘s theory about contains all the facets of motive. For illustration, harmonizing to the Evancarmichael ( 2011 ), Sony ‘s employees can take the direction manner what they like. It can do the most usage of intelligence of each person or cooperation. It is good to modern labourers to accomplish themselves and being more efficient, active and motivational.

Another non-financial theory is McGregor ‘s Y theory. It is stated by Businessballs ( 2011 ) that Y theory is the opposite to X theory. In add-on, Y theory, which refers to that employees are active and positive, is adverting that employees do non necessitate excess supervising and force per unit area. These workers are take duties by themselves. For illustration, Google hunt engine company ( Anthony, 2009 ) uses Y theory of McGregor. Employees in Google are originative and free. Everyone could hold their ain points of position.

Employees are ease at place when they are working in the company. It is better to make a comfy and flexible working environment. Employees are empowered and holding rights to do determinations by themselves. For case, the Samsung company ( Cho Sun, 2004 ), which has been the universe category electronic company, has carried on the McGregor ‘s Y theory of direction manner. Since the 1990s, it has changed the Taylor ‘s direction manner into McGregor ‘s Y theory. Samsung established the determination devising system and empowered their workers. It is easy that workers achieve their purposes, feel trusted and take more duties for their plants. Hence, it is suited for staff presents.

To pull a decision, fiscal factors is stylish in the past, such as Taylor ‘s theory-piece rate, Maslow ‘s physiological demands and McGregor ‘s periphery benefits merely emphasize the influence of money for employees ; nevertheless, it overlooked the ideas of staffs. There is no uncertainty that non-financial factors progressively notice the impression of employees, such as Maslow ‘s hierarchy and McGregor ‘s Y theory are evidently represent that workers ‘ realization in a company. Hence, non-financial factors are in a important place in motive, houses should non overlook employees ‘ demands and wants.


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