Aim: The chief aim of this essay is to analyze and analyze the economic apparatus the drink companies have managed to set up in two different markets like India and UK. This will be done chiefly on the footing of Structure-Conduct-Performance ( SCP ) Paradigm. The survey will concentrate more on the taking soft-drink maker ‘The Coca-Cola Company ‘ which is regarded as the leader in that peculiar section of the market all over the Earth. The survey besides includes deeply looking into the anomalousnesss or the jobs that the company might hold faced to be in the competition in the two economic systems, if any, which may be based on the construction of the market – population, criterion of life, overall disbursement capacity of the people in the state etc and besides looking into the stairss taken by the company to get the better of the issues which constitutes the behavior of the company. Analytic research and account on the gross revenues graph of the company for the past two decennaries in the above said economic systems which shows the public presentation of the company is besides included in the survey.

To get down with the essay and to acquire a better apprehension, visible radiation has to be thrown on the history of the company and the roots of the company in the two states.

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INDIA AND UK AS BEVERAGE MARKETS: The Basic Conditions of the market –

India as a underdeveloped state with 8.5 % GDP, is regarded as one of the fastest turning economic systems in the Earth. But poorness has ever been a critical job for India. With more than half of its population populating under poorness line who can non afford luxuries, major investors has to concentrate on the remainder of the population and chiefly on the large metropoliss. And the presence of much cheaper alternate drinks like tea, java and fresh juice makes the competition harder. But, against the background of an aging universe, India has the biggest advantage of holding a immense immature population. Around 570 million people of the entire population of India are under 25 old ages of age # 6. The on the job age group ( 15-60 ) is estimated to represent more than 60 % of the entire population till 2050.This big proportion of the on the job age group which is considered as the chief consumers in any economic system makes India a dream finish for the retail market giants whole across the Earth. India is place of 20 % of the planetary population under 25 old ages of age, and as portion of the IT/ITeS roar from the recent yesteryear, this proportion of the population equipped with a good wage and who are considered to be the ‘ Brand witting heads ‘ , has made the Indian market a good promising land for the investors. And for a planetary trade name like Coca-cola, the demand factor in India is in a higher degree with the above said new coevals.

On the other manus, UK a good developed and powerful G8 economic system with a relatively much lesser proportion of poorness population, is holding a much better criterion of life when compared to that of India. But, beliing to the state of affairs in India, UK has a big proportion of ageing population. Harmonizing to recent estimations, in a period of 30 old ages, 40 % of the entire population in UK will be more than 60 old ages of age # 10. And the autumn in the birthrate rate is besides a major concern for the hereafter market.The roar in the demand of alternate merchandises like bottled H2O and fresh juice is besides an country for concern.Though the hereafter is ill-defined, the present market scenario is really pleasant with strong development policies by the authorities and the relatively high criterion of life.

Coca-Cola in both the Markets: The STRUCTURE –

In India, the economic system with a population of 1.1 billion, 55 % of the entire population lives below the poorness line. Using a freshly developed index, a recent Oxford University survey provinces that tierce of the universe ‘s hapless lives in India # 4. And the disbursal for a soft drink from their budget would be more than a luxury for that class of population. So the company has to look for the staying part of the consumers. Thankss to the rapidly turning metropolitan urban metropoliss of the state which has maximal figure of trade name witting young person coevals, from where the company has managed to raise most of its net income. And as the organised retail system became so popular in India from the recent yesteryear, company was able to force the gross revenues figures to a much higher degree.

When compared to India, the criterion of life of the people in UK is manner better with a poorness of 22 % of the entire population # 12. And for the staying part of the population, particularly among pupils and the younger coevals, the ingestion of soft drinks is like about a regular modus operandi. This has helped the company to keep a regular rise in the gross revenues graph.

The issue of the company from India in 1977 due to the ordinances of the Indian Government had caused a major blow for the company ‘s growing in the state. And when the Company re-entered the Indian market in 1993, the chief challenger, PEPSI had already made a solid base there in the market, which had re-entered three old ages back. The market was really competitory with the Global Rival Pepsi and good established domestic challengers like Limca, Thumps Up, Gold Spot and Citra.

THE CONDUCT and the Performance:

The journey of the company was non so smooth in the Indian market. After the company withdrew from the state on 1977 because of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act ( FERA ) that regulated the operations of foreign companies in the state, they came back in 1993, as Coca-Cola India ( CCI ) by geting the so celebrated soft imbibe trade names in India by PARLE ‘ Thumps up, Limca, maaza, Gold topographic point and Citra.But their chief challenger, PEPSI, had already re-entered the Indian market in 1990 and had been keeping most of the market portion # 5. But, geting the popular domestic trade names and entree to 53 of Parle ‘s workss and a good established bottling web ( Suppliers ) helped coca-cola to set up themselves in the state more easier and to convey in the planetary trade name value that they had. And by 2000, the company launched their new merchandise ‘ Kinley, bottled imbibing H2O. But, on 26th Jan 2000, the company had stated a loss of $ 45 Million on their 4th one-fourth consequences due to heavy investings in India and Japan, and by that clip the company had invested $ 800 million in the Indian market. Sing the loss in the market regarded as ‘developing economic system ‘ , the US Head quarters of the company had sent a warning message to CCI.

The twelvemonth 2002 saw a singular bend around in the gross revenues of the company ‘s merchandise in India. The company adopted a selling scheme of cut downing the size of the bottle with a significant lowering of monetary value. The company brought in 200 milliliters bottles with a monetary value of Rs 8 ( 11 pence ) which created some exhilaration in the crowd ensuing the gross revenues to travel up by 15 ‘ 20 % # 7

And the gross revenues graph raised even more when the company slashed the monetary value of the 200ml bottle to Rs 5 ( 7 pence ) which helped the company to force the mark population from 164 million to 250 million. The Coke India was awarded with Woodruff Award, which is considered as a esteemed award within the company. The merchandises were farther more popularised as the advertizements of the merchandise were done through extremely paid Movie histrions such as Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Rai. In 2003, the companies works in Bidadi, near Bangalore, was given ISO enfranchisement # 1. This was a large accomplishment and the company was accomplishing tremendous popularity and grosss.


In 2003, when the graph was on the extremum, the company faced the most annihilating challenge. The Centre for Science and Environment ( CSE ) , a non-governmental company in Delhi, accused that the aerated soft drinks in India had high degree of pesticides which may do malignant neoplastic disease and many birth deaths. Trials proved that Soft drinks from Coca-cola consisted of 30 times the permitted degree of pesticide residues allowed under European Union Regulations. Where as trials done in other states, including UK, had non proved positive for the residues. This started of a immense figure of protests against the Cola points all over the state which resulted in a singular autumn in the gross revenues figure of the merchandise by 11 % # 8

In the undermentioned old ages, more protests came up as one whole small town in Kerala, a southern province of India protested for the company works located in one of their small town to be shut down impeaching that the company was wash uping the belowground H2O resources go forthing the whole small town in H2O scarceness. This caused the province authorities to censor the company works in the twelvemonth 2006, though the prohibition was reversed by the Kerala High Court after a month. Five other Indian province authoritiess besides partly banned the soft drink from colleges, schools and infirmaries. # 9.Many other provinces in India besides joined the anti-cola motion including a province called Rajasthan, where the H2O degree fell tremendously after the entry of the works in 1999 ( Fig 1.1 )

Figure 1. 1 Beginning:

The Impact of the work stoppage in UK

The impact of the work stoppages against the company for working the environment in states like India and being accused of union-busting activities in states like Turkey, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Russia, Guatemala and most notably in Colombia where the company was accused for utilizing paramilitaries to kidnap and kill the union-leaders in their bottling works # 13, had clearly created a deep negative grade in the repute of the company worldwide and the company was placed at the underside in the Ethical Magazine with a mark of 3 out of 20.

In 2004, things wholly went out of the company ‘s custodies when their extremely advertised merchandise ‘ DASANI, bottled imbibing H2O, was tested positive to taint and was labelled as ‘contaminated Tap H2O ‘ . Coke had to acknowledge the licking and 500,000 bottles were recalled and the production was stopped # 14. The company ‘s base in UK was once more severely affected when in 2006, major UK universities like University of Sussex, Portsmouth, Leeds, Middlesex and the University of East Anglia had banned the Coca Cola merchandises from the campus for its un-ethical activities around the universe, along with prohibitions from schools impeaching that the merchandises cause fleshiness in children. # 11. These issues caused a deep autumn in the gross revenues figures of the company and the good traveling graph had a speedy dip in the gross revenues.

The COMPANY ‘S Answer:

The company denied all the accusals made against it and came up with strong advertisement schemes and convinced the people by put ining 500 rain harvest home workss in 22 different provinces in India and by donating $ 1 million ( US ) to resuscitate a 1000 acre lake called Nemam # 17. The company gave great importance to advance a positive image to its repute in the market by passing over $ 2 billion per twelvemonth for advertizements entirely. In India, the company began publicizing to a great extent about the quality of the merchandise with film famous persons straight traveling to the workss and speaking about the false contentions.

Top 5 Advertisers in Beverage sector Print Ad pie in India boulder clay may 09 % Share

Coca Cola India Ltd 13

Pepsi Co 11

Mohani Tealeaves Pvt Ltd 8

Tata Tea Limited 8

United Breweries 6

Beginning: AdexIndia

The company began to put to a great extent on patronizing international athleticss events like FIFA universe Cups ( being 2010 FIFA World Cup spouse has helped the company to hike its net income by 5 % # 18 ) , Olympic Games, Common wealth games and many environmental friendly runs. In long tally this helped the company to re-establish its lost glorification over the Earth and it was able to re-capture the label of the planetary leader of soft drinks.


Both India and UK are considered as strong gross bring forthing markets based on the public presentation of the company for the last twosome of old ages.

It was reported that the company ‘s planetary net incomes were lifted by the gross revenues in India for the 2009 Q2 by 33 % # 16 and 2009 Q4 by 20 % # 15. As per the 2010 First Quarter Financial Result of the company, 29 % growing was reported on the unit instance volume in India.And

Harmonizing to the Grocer magazine ‘s Britain ‘s 100 Biggest Brands one-year study, Coca Cola has become the first trade name to exceed ‘1 billion in one-year UK food market gross revenues # 11

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