Analysis And Discussion of the Trump Empire Essay

When we look at Donald Trump owns rather a batch of qualities traits which include assurance, passion, assertiveness, emotional stableness and drive accomplishment motivation which has wholly contributed to his success.

Since the early 1980s, Trump did n’t maintain himself reserved about advancing his accomplishments. He has passionately showed off his personal ownerships such as yachts, immense estates and private jets ( Payment 2007 ) .

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Analysis And Discussion of the Trump Empire Essay
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Trump ( 2007 ) mentioned that he has true passion for larning. Passion, which is perfectly indispensable to accomplish long term success and that passion merely has created concern chances for him. Trump besides loves playing golf and his passion has motivated him to make Trump Golf to run first golf classs.

Trump ( 2007 ) besides stated that “ My motive for making these undertakings was ne’er the money. I was n’t even looking for these undertakings. But my repute for being passionate about my universe is well-known ” . The passion for the work he does has driven him to come out of booby traps and acquire back on path.

Trump ‘s assertiveness is revealed on his ain American world telecasting show, The Apprentice. He is straightforward in showing his sentiments, puting high outlooks and demanding flawlessness for the contestants. If one is non competent, he or she is likely to have a “ You ‘re fired! ” from Trump ( Naughton & A ; Peyser 2004 ) .

Donald Trump possesses emotional stableness, which is one of import facet of a good planetary leader, which is being able to get by good with his emotions. An case which illustrates his ability to command his emotions is during the clip when he was to a great extent in debt. As he walked into the conference room, where the temper was really nerve-racking, he was able to alter the focal point from looking at the job to looking at the terrific hereafter they had in front. By making so, he was able to do staff look frontward to accomplishing ends alternatively of dwelling over the failure ( Trump & A ; Zanker 2007 ) .

Trump is besides widely recognized for his thrust and achievement motivation in carry throughing the highest quality undertakings and edifices. He works long hours and seldom goes on holidaies. He manages many different undertakings and at the same time keeps path of even the minute inside informations ( Payment 2007 ) . One of Trump ‘s aureate regulations for success is “ Never give up. No affair what the obstruction is, you have to acquire through it and accomplish what you set out to make. Never even think about giving up ” ( Trump 2008 ) . This suggests a strong indicant that Trump has finding and doggedness.

Traits, Motivations and Features: Richard Branson
Richard Branson possesses several personality traits, viz. his endurance for failures lending to persistence, being a hazard taker, possessing emotional intelligence every bit good as holding a thrust and achievement motivation.

In the kingdom of concern, Richard Branson epitomises the equation for success. Branson has endured his portion of failures, his Virgin group has controlled 100s of concerns, the huge bulk lost money, have been closed or sold – despite them he one time said “ the challenge of acquisition and seeking to make something better than in the yesteryear, is resistless ” ( Henry et. al 2003 ) . This truly outlines his admirable quality of continuity.

Like other great enterprisers, Branson is non afraid of failure. But unlike many other successful concern planetary leaders, he refuses to remain within the confines of a individual nucleus concern. Rather than “ lodging with what you know ” , Branson ‘s creed is “ if you know one concern, you know any concern ” , he besides adds: “ If you can run a record company, you can run an air hose. If you can run an air hose, you can run a bank. If you can run a bank, you can run a soft drink company ” ( Dearlove 2007 ) . Branson has proven clip in clip ; he is without a uncertainty, a hazard taker.

Emotional intelligence can besides be seen emerging from within him. He is self-regulated ; he thinks that choler promotes counterproductive therefore he tries to stay unagitated all the clip. “ Branson believe that his employees should be give top precedence ” , hence he spends most of this clip actuating people ( Morgan 2009 ) .

In Branson ‘s memoir, he wrote “ holding a personality of caring about people is of import. You ca n’t be a good planetary leader unless you by and large like people, that is how you bring out the best in them ” ( Branson 2008 ) , such an indispensable planetary leading quality – possessing societal accomplishments, is non a common trait in planetary leaders. As the CEO, he would near riders in the economic category of Virgin Airlines, sit beside them, play with their kid and cod feedbacks.

Branson embodies the definition of being drive and achievement motivated, he possesses a strong demand to carry through ends he has set for himself and is willing to take hazards, because he feels a sense of joy upon its completion. Branson said, “ I ever pick myself up and seek once more. I prepare myself to hold another pang at things with the cognition I ‘ve gained from the old failure ” ( Dearlove 2007 ) . He strongly believes that a reverse is ne’er a bad experience ; it is merely a learning curve. This ability to take hazards and holding an timeserving outlook gives him a strategic orientation and makes him proactive in his strong desire to accomplish ( Henry 2001 ) .

Transformational Global leading

Transformational planetary leaders focus on the benefits for their followings, the administration and the society. Successful transformational planetary leaders can organize and implement vision to convey about important alteration to the administration ( Bass 2006 ) .

Transformational Global leading: Donald Trump

Trump can be characterised as a transformational planetary leader, there are four key qualities which are indispensable to convey about transmutation. He has charisma, patterns inspirational planetary leading, rational stimulation and individualized consideration ( Dubrin, Dalglish & A ; Miller 2006 ) .

Charismatic & A ; Inspirational

Transformational planetary leaders are magnetic and inspirational. Such planetary leaders have a high grade of assurance, are enthusiastic and are able to win regard and support from followings for their vision ( George & A ; Jones 2008 ) . Trump divine people when he managed to turn his greatest challenges into success by gaining one million millions of dollars all over once more as he believes that failure is non lasting ( Trump 2008 ) .

In 2005, Trump proclaimed a vision to animate the twin towers at Ground Zero. He made clear purposes to establish a promotional push to garner support for his thought of reconstructing the World Trade Centre ( Herald 2005 ) .

Individualised consideration

Trump loves to be profoundly involved in the administration. For case, he calls employees to look into out on the concern. In the casinos, he would walk the floor, inquiring all degrees of employees from the doorkeepers to postpone operators to executives on the position of operations. An executive frailty president at Trump-Trumping casino stated that Trump can be supportive and encouraging, because he wants to prevail ( Kim & A ; Mero 2005 ) .

In add-on, Trump commented, “ Never blow up in forepart of your employees, when you ‘re displeased with a worker, discourse your feelings with him or her in private, non in a public country where other employees might watch or catch ” ( Trump 2009 ) .

Transformational planetary leaders wholeheartedly trust their employees. Donald Trump likes to advance staff internally. One illustration is, the executive frailty president of operations, Matthew Calamari. He started as a security guard with the Trump administration. Trump saw him as capable, dedicated and trusty individual and gave him a publicity. Trump provinces that people are multifaceted and it is critical to let them to work in a manner that helps them to reflect ( Trump 2004 ) .

Intellectual Stimulation

Trump ( 2008 p166 ) states “ Ask yourself: What am I feigning non to see? There may be some great chances right around you, even if things are n’t looking so great. Great hardship can turn into great triumph ” . This quotation mark had a powerful influence on his followings animating them to ne’er give up, being passionate, and maintaining focal point, to hold religion and to maintain impulse. He besides encourages positive and originative thought to obtain success ( Trump 2008 ) .

Transformational Global leading: Richard Branson
Richard Branson symbolises a transformational planetary leader, possessing rational stimulation, personal appeal and besides patterns individualised consideration.

Intellectual Stimulation

Richard Branson provides rational stimulation by making an environment that has liberty and encourages originative. He enters into new markets through organic growing instead than acquisition. This method of turning and get downing of companies allows him to stretch his people, therefore enables them to be advanced and examine methods or jobs in new ways ( Manfred & A ; Kets 1999 ) . Branson encourages authorization ; he delegates decision-making authorization to employees lower down the administration. From the beginning, he surrounded himself with talented persons and gave them freedom to be originative and they have rewarded them with amazing consequences ( Dearlove 2007 ) .

Charismatic and Inspirational

Richard Branson is magnetic and this is one of the cardinal qualities in transformational planetary leaders. “ His personal appeal comes from personal heat and obvious liking for people ” ( Manfred & A ; Kets 1999 ) . Many would look up to his bravery in hazard taking therefore increases his personal appeal. Apart from his personal appeal, he is considered an inspirational planetary leader. His ability to pass on his vision of “ Pick person bigger than you ” have been cultivated into his people therefore leting them to accomplish what they thought was impossible.

Individualised Consideration

Richard Branson demonstrates individualised consideration by giving personal attending to his staff and develops on their demands. He gave his staff chances even if they lacked experience and preparation as a consequence created the feeling that people worked in Virgin for the merriment and exhilaration. For illustration, when Virgin Airlines made a pit halt at Sydney, he would remain at the hotel with his 200 cabin crew, and communicate with them and happen out about their sentiments and concerns about their work ( Branson 2008 ) .

Branson would besides walk the floor ; write letters bespeaking his place reference and place telephone figure to every employee leting them to voice out jobs, suggestions and thoughts ( Manfred & A ; Kets de Vries 1996 ) . He besides reads mail from employees every forenoon before he does anything else. This wont, which he started in Virgin ‘s early yearss, changes the company-employee kineticss dramatically. Employees do non waver to aerate their grudges straight to him, promoting unfastened communicating ( Rifkin 2009 ) .

Entrepreneurial Global leading:

Entrepreneurs must hold a vision of where the company will be in the future.A In add-on, “ you must be able to pass on your vision so as to actuate employees, investors, and spouses to assist you achieve that vision ” ( Landrum 2004 ) .

Entrepreneurial Global leading: Donald Trump
Donald Trump is a great enterpriser with a strong accomplishment thrust, reasonable hazard taker, has high degree of enthusiasm, and has a inclination to move rapidly when chance arises and airy position. Donald Trump is able to run the Trump administration, take attention of existent estate belongingss, casinos, golf classs, instruction and services, along with amusement productions such as Miss Universe and The Apprentice ( Trump 2009 ) .

Enthusiasm is contagious and it will animate others. Trump ‘s enthusiasm convinced his subsidiaries to work for him. He genuinely believed that everyone would profit from working for him. “ If Donald Trump had non been enthusiastic about his programs for Commodore Hotel, He would non hold convinced me to work for him ” , said one of Trump ‘s employees ( Ross 2006 ) .

Trump ne’er sits back and allow person else develop the following great thing. For case, if there is a existent estate industry chances, Trump may be the cat who brings it into executing ( Donald Trump Casino 2008 ) . In 1980, The New York City Government had estimated the redevelopment of the Wolman skating rink would take three old ages and cost $ 12 million. However Trump did non believe that manner, as a existent estate professional, he was confident that he would take a lesser clip and budget to complete the undertaking. The authorities tried to deny him until the local media attending begin to flame up up and eventually he got the undertaking. He had succeeded finishing the undertaking with merely six months at $ 750,000 under budget ( FOXNews 2009 ) .

When Trump was 25 old ages old, he saw a immense, rundown old edifice next to Grand Central Station and he instantly envisioned a trade name new first category hotel to be built at that place. Despite confronting some hazards, at the same clip New York City was confronting bankruptcy and the province had no money to lend to the venture. Another uncertainness was that the rate of touristry was besides worsening and tenancy rates all over the metropolis were blue ( Perdew 2006 ) .

Entrepreneurial Global leading: Richard Branson

This is the narrative of a adult male with a vision that has crafted his entrepreneurial feats. Branson vision for Virgin was to make a merriment working atmosphere that people would bask being a portion of instead than merely a topographic point to gain a wage cheque. “ Branson has been called a visionary, a sage, a guru even ” ( Dearlove 2007 ) . Branson has become a airy whose direction manner and doctrine offers important lessons for his followings.

He is a steadfast truster in unfastened communicating being the key to a stronger substructure where everyone is devoted to the overall excellence of the company ( Bower 2000 ) . This is evidenced by a monthly missive to employees in which he provides much of the inside informations of Virgin ‘s future programs, along with his place reference and telephone figure for any thoughts, suggestions or jobs that might originate.

Branson besides prefers to do his directors minority shareholders in Virgin ‘s new ventures as they unfold, swearing them with full authorization, and is proud to hold created new multimillionaires from within his ain administration.

Entrepreneurs are known for their bold attitude, towards taking hazards. Branson has proven clip in clip, that he is so one bold hazard taker his actions have demonstrated that he is non afraid to dispute the position quo to accomplish his concern and personal aims ( Rifkin 2009 ) . For illustration, when Branson was exited and enthusiastic about the chance of running a Trans-Atlantic air hose, the remainder of the Virgin Group managers were non tried to deter him. However, being a risk-taking enterpriser with an oculus to a good selling chance, Richard Branson went in front ( Lancaster & A ; Reynolds 2002 ) .

Traits, features and motivations

In footings of features and traits, both Trump and Branson are similar in footings of their high degree of continuity. When Trump was near to being belly-up during the early 90s ‘ , he did non give up. Alternatively, he thought of how he could clinch other concern trades. Peoples were willing to pay him 1000000s to look on advertizements and talk shows. From the money he earned, he was able to acquire back on path.

Similarly for Branson, the loss of immense sums of money and the shutting down and merchandising of several concerns did non halt him from traveling on to other countries of concern. He was motivated to larn from his yesteryear and challenge himself to accomplish more.

Another similarity is their motor, they are both thrust and achievement motivation driven persons. Trump and Branson are motivated to accomplish the ends they have set for themselves, taking each reverse as a learning experience and move on to acquiring things done better. Each obstruction is seen as a challenge to get the better of. When both were faced with fiscal losingss at a point of their concern ventures, they were driven to accomplish better by clinching new trades and diversifying their concern.

The difference between Donald Trump and Richard Branson would be that they are utilizing different planetary leading manners. Donald Trump is an bossy planetary leader which means he tells people what to make, issues orders and expects it to be done consequently which is called the top-down attack. Employees are non given a opportunity to supply any input or suggestions and there will be no treatments as they do non transport any weight in job resolution and determination devising facets of the administration. An bossy planetary leader like Donald Trump besides tends to be task orientated and braggart and he is the force behind his employees, without him the administration will non be able to work.

Whereas, Richard Branson is a participative planetary leader whereby he includes all the cardinal employees involved in every measure of the determination devising and job work outing procedure. Employees are allowed to voice out and do suggestions which will be taken into serious status by the planetary leader himself. He besides influences the people working under him which empower them to accomplish the ends that he has set for the company. Richard Branson is besides a people oriented and low planetary leader therefore employees are non afraid to voice their sentiments. From here we can see that the chief difference between the two planetary leaders would be that one is a task-oriented planetary leader and another is a people-oriented planetary leader.

Transformational Global leading

Both planetary leaders had same ways of transforming and act uponing the people around them, Donald Trump and Richard Branson transformed followings through their vision and ends. Besides, both planetary leaders are magnetic and are able to excite their follower ‘s thought through encouraging creativeness thought. Like Richard Branson, Donald Trump is a adult male filled with echt compassion and sort towards his employees. Donald Trump and Richard Branson to the full embody the liquors of the transformational planetary leader, transforming their administration into the successful concerns in today.

Entrepreneurial Global leading

One similarity found in these planetary leaders is hazard taking. Richard Branson, a hazard taker by nature would excite himself by taking hazard in his personal life whereby some had about costs his life. In concern, he would venture into concern such as be air hose, sodium carbonate drink and fiscal industries where monopolies exist while others were bailing out. As mentioned earlier, Donald Trump saw the future chance of constructing a first category hotel next to Grand Central Station. Knowing that New York City was in a fiscal crisis and touristry rate had diminution at that clip, he continued to set up this vision.

Another similarity identified is the high degree of enthusiasm in both planetary leaders. Global leaders would non be able to make their end by taking hazard entirely. They must hold the support from their subsidiaries. Due to their enthusiasm, they are able to acquire people fired up about a new concern thought. After that, they would step back and allow others run with it. In other words, they spur people on ; to accomplish what they thought were impossible to.


The success of a planetary leader depends on some of the traits he or she possesses. Theoretically there are several traits for an effectual planetary leader but in the existent universe, planetary leaders do non hold to possess all of it to be successful. Different planetary leaders would hold different sort of traits attack and depending on their manner of planetary planetary leadings, when it is applied consequently that will do them an effectual planetary leader.

Trump adopts a more self-asserting attack in his working manner and is less people-orientated compared to Branson. Despite possessing different planetary leading traits, these two planetary leaders have been really successful in their several Fieldss. Though they may possess different traits, but there are besides some traits are in common among planetary leaders and one of it would be bravery. Bing a planetary leader, they frequently have to do determination and some of it may take bravery because if they make the incorrect determination, this may be them.

Global leaders are besides distinguished by their motivations and demand. There are four types planetary leadings motive ; doggedness, power motivation, thrust and achievement motivation and strong work moralss. Depending on the features of the planetary leaders, they will hold their different motivations to take their administration. For Donald Trump and Richard Benson, they both possess the thrust and achievement motivation. They are motivated and driven with high energy into accomplishing ends and after which they find joy in carry throughing it.

Not every planetary leader is capable of animating their followings, which makes transformational planetary leaders stand out. Such planetary leaders possess certain qualities such as personal appeal, which is being able to act upon their followings to work towards their end, as a squad. One such scenario is Branson ‘s trust in his employees, despite their rawness and deficiency of qualities ; he presented chances for them to showcase their possible. This raised the consciousness of the importance of their undertakings and their personal growing in the administration. This besides acts as a motivational factor for Branson ‘s employees to endeavor for success for the administration instead than for their ain personal additions.

One of import quality of transformational planetary leaders is the ability to convey alteration, holding a bold mentality, of being able to take reasonable hazards in order to venture out of their comfort zone. They besides are able to alter employees ‘ mentality, to enable them to see things otherwise from what was ab initio perceived.

Transformational planetary leaders are really concerned about their employees ‘ wellbeing ; they are besides able to place their employees ‘ possible ability and will seek to maximize their capablenesss every bit good as give them the chance to develop. For illustration, Trump saw that one of his floor employees, Matthew Calamari, who started as a security guard had the ability to carry through more than what his so current occupation range entailed. Trump saw his possible and promoted Calamari to the executive vice-president of operations.

The most apparent quality of planetary leaders, who possess an entrepreneurial spirit, is their bold hazard taking attitude. Global leaders like Donald Trump and Richard Branson believe that they can work these hazards to advantage and bring forth value. It is true that hazard exposes them to possible losingss but hazard besides provides them with chances. For illustration, when Virgin ‘s stakeholders were against the puting up Virgin Airlines ( Transatlantic ) , Branson went in front. Alternatively of acquiring caught in the downward spiral of chopping menus and cutting service, he ‘s taken a base of sensible menus on transatlantic flights with comfortss like in-flight massages, ice pick with films and shortly, private sleeping rooms, showers and exercising installations. Far from neglecting, Virgin Airlines is a large money shaper.

The ability to catch chances once it arises is of import because in the concern industry, there ‘s a high degree of fight, if a planetary leader were to supervise such a opportunity ; they face the potency of losing 1000000s.

Enthusiasm, being another indispensable idiosyncrasy, contributes to the planetary leader ‘s thrust to accomplish and win. This in bend, influences and motivates their followings to desire to stand out in their Fieldss as good. Such planetary leaders see the bigger image and are frequently really ambitious. Entrepreneurs set monolithic ends for themselves and remain committed to accomplishing them irrespective of the obstructions that get in the manner.

In decision, it is apparent that Donald Trump and Richard Branson do possess similar qualities but do differ to a certain extent. They have proven through clip that their effectual planetary leading accomplishments have allowed them to win and besides pick themselves up after failures. We have learnt that a planetary leader should non merely depend on proficient accomplishments but besides be flexible and be adaptable to today ‘s dynamic universe which is of all time altering.


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