Analysis of Cross Cultural Workplaces: New Zealand and China Essay


A book written by Melling and Booth ( 2008, p.1 ) states that “ The first concerns the influence of cultural values over the behaviour of employers, directors, and employees as they formed relationships, engaged in production, and bargaining over the fruits of end product. ” The writer writes that the workplace plays an of import function in the civilization. If you are anticipating to cognize the civilization of one state, a workplace is decidedly a good manner.

In order to understand the civilization of New Zealand and the differences between New Zealand and China in a clear manner, the writer has worked in a day care in NZ for more than 40 hours. Meantime, the writer has besides had work experience in China. That was in a vesture company called Cangshan Xinran Fashion Co., Ltd. The essay will analyze the workplace from four issues. They are organisational civilization, human resource policies, gender policies and wellness and safety severally. By comparing the different workplaces in the different states, we can larn about the different civilization.

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Analysis of Cross Cultural Workplaces: New Zealand and China Essay
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Organizational Culture

Jump Start Kids Daycare in New Zealand

“ This workplace is a full twenty-four hours child care centre for the attention and instruction of preschool kids. ” ( G. M. Carter, personal communicating, September 23. 2010 ). The day care puts accent on the growing and instruction of childs with their whole bosom. The period of preschool dramas an of import function in a kid ‘s whole life which can develop intelligence, cultivate involvement and derive assurance.

In the day care, the direction construction is rather level. The employees are qualified and registered instructors. To progress the company, they are happy to supply preparation chances for those people who are interested in going qualified preschool instructor. However, in footings of the people who are registered instructors, there is n’t much infinite to use new 1s. This is because the staff Numberss in the day care include untrained instructors, trained instructors, a squad leader and a director. If the director is off on official concern, the squad leader or other employees are welcome to use for this occupation. The writer is to the full cognizant of the level direction construction in the workplace.

Mentioning to employee ‘s achievement, the standards of raising the wage is based more on how good people do the occupation instead than how long they have been here. That is to state, even if you are a expansive old adult male, this is non ground to raise the salary. There are several ways to mensurate the achievements, like the populace ‘s ratings, how are the ends traveling and how about your ain judgement of yourself.

In respect to the betterment of the day care, they are still working on how to entree kids ‘s larning efficaciously and how to better the environment. Furthermore, they expect to acquire more experient instructors with a high degree making to work at that place.

Cangshan Xinran Fashion Co., Ltd. in China

Cangshan Xinran Fashion Co., Ltd is OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer ) that manufactures and exports garment for foreign clients. They are shirts, neckwears, pants and baccalaureate gowns. They export to America, Canada, European Union and South East Asia. North America is the chief market.

In respect to advancement and betterment, the company does n’t hold any chances to develop new staff. Taking net income into consideration, the company merely hires experienced people. The production theoretical account is assembly line so that every employee has his ain public presentation step. The criterion of publicity is how about the proficiency, the measure and quality.

On the other manus, there are some facets that need to be improved. The most of import 1 is to better the work environment. As an endeavor, there are many employees working at that place. If the company expect that material can do a good net income, it must be a clean workplace. Second, cut downing the times of overwork is another of import issue. In the extremum season, employees need to work about every dark. Surely, they have premium wage, but the wellness of staff is besides of import.

Human Resource Policies

Jump Start Kids Daycare in New Zealand

“ A human resource policy has comparatively a long life in an organisation. Since it is the footing of managerial decision-making hence it must be formulated non merely proactively, but besides highly carefully. “ ( Deb, 2006, p.71 ). Employees are the nucleus of a company. How to allow them work with inaugural is rather important. A human resource policy is a really of import issue.

In the day care, discoursing the distribution of work, all employees portion and go around the undertakings except for the dietitian, like learning vocal, forming activities outside and altering diapers.

As we know, enthusiasm is a immense motive to larn how to work efficaciously. In this day care, director would wish to increase employees ‘ enthusiasm and enable them to interact with childs positively. On one manus, professional development is an of import portion. On Monday per hebdomad, all employees need to go to a meeting in the office. The meeting aims to allow them pass on with each other and cognize how they are traveling. Meantime, they can portion the new cognition and thoughts. On the other manus, during the work, the director challenges them to make what they have ne’er done. “ I ‘m ever forcing them anticipating to stand to be higher. ” ( G. M. Carter, Personal communicating, September 23. 2010 ). Furthermore, the director ever celebrates the advancement they have made.

As qualified instructors, they need to hold a three old ages degree. In the yesteryear, there used to be universities to supply the instructor preparation. But now, there are some third colleges to offer it, like UNITEC. When the director selects employees, what she thinks extremely of is personality. Meantime, solidarity is rather important in teamwork.

In relation to compensation and benefits, on one manus, staff will acquire nowadayss from the foreman on large festivals, like Charismas twenty-four hours. The day care provides the forenoon tea and dinner if they need to work overtime. Furthermore, it will supply the staff for some classs to analyze.

Cangshan Xinran Fashion Co., Ltd. in China

Mentioning to the distribution of work, the supervisor needs to prove employees ‘ accomplishments during the interview and make up one’s mind which occupation they will make. Surely, the supervisor ever gives them new occupation to dispute them.

In order to better the staff ‘s enthusiasm, the company will present those people who are higher in senior status or have done a good occupation with 1000RMB per month. The director ever goes to the production section to look around and promote them. Meantime, the staff can bask the free nutrient and the free residence halls.

With regard to the compensation and benefits, the company has taken good steps, the writer thinks. Every year-end, the wage will increase by 10 % and they will acquire some life things to observe the Spring Festival. Furthermore, the company will form all employees to go one clip per twelvemonth.

If there are some jobs or struggles between employees or employees and the company, the director is responsible to intercede and work out them. If he ca n’t, the other manner is to fall back to the jurisprudence.

Gender Policies

Jump Start Kids Daycare in New Zealand

In the field of childhood instruction, the occupation of a male instructor is resource-hungry. In day care, they encourage work forces to make this occupation. One chief ground is that some childs come from a single-parent household without a dada. It is non rather good that merely female instructors work in the day care because those childs do n’t hold a male theoretical account to look after them. Harmonizing to the study by the writer, there is no male qualified teacher in this day care. However, there is no difference between a female and male instructor in every facet, like compensation and benefits, public assistance and publicity. They are perfectly equal.

Cangshan Xinran Fashion Co., Ltd. — -China

In the company, the figure of males and females is about equal, but the types of work in the production line are different. Most females are making orienting and packing in the production line. The chief work of work forces is pressing and transporting. Making different types of work has a different wage because some work is complicated and more skilled. However, the intervention is about equal on the whole.

Health and Safety

Jump Start Kids Daycare in New Zealand

“ The jurisprudence on wellness and safety at work has, like much protective statute law, developed in a disconnected manner over the last two centuries. ” ( Stranks,2006, p.3 ). In order to vouch the wellness and safety of kids, there are surely some contracts to subscribe, like Health and Safety, Sleep Policy, Sun Protection and Playground Safety. The contract between the day care and employees is the Employment Agreement. However, the staff ca n’t bask the insurance for the Health and Safety. In this workplace, there are some steps to guarantee safety which are water faucets, foremost child assistance, sun hair and Sun barricading pick.

As a regulation, employees stressed are large issues in a workplace. In the day care, the chief emphasis comes from place. The step the director is ever taking is allowing instructors get together and speak about how they are traveling. It enables people to experience to be cared for and supported.

Cangshan Xinran Fashion Co., Ltd. in China

In this company, the contract between the employer and employee is an Employment Agreement. The company has to pay the gift insurance for the staff. However, they do n’t hold the insurance for Health and Safety. The company will pay nil about your wellness besides for industrial hurts.

Making mention to emphasize, it ‘s a slippery job in the company. There are a big figure of employees so that it is difficult to pull off them. It is difficult to speak with everyone to cognize the state of affairs. Everyone has his ain emphasis because the competition in society is rather competitory. Some grounds come from their ain households and other grounds are about overwork, low wage and no insurance for the Health and Safety. To guarantee safety of staff, there are water faucets, foremost aid kit and ATS ( Anti-thief system ). Meantime, every employee has to have on gauze mask to forestall from the respiring pulverization from the apparels.


Jump Start Kids Daycare in New Zealand

After the work experience of being a preschool instructor, the writer knows the educational system of NZ in a clear manner. For following information, she can acquire more information by pass oning with the director of the day care Centre.

First, the writer thinks that a level direction construction is good for employees because they can experience equality between the director and themselves. However, it is non a good point that there is non much infinite to increase the figure of registered instructors. They should supply more opportunities to allow employees be uplifted all the clip.

Next, it will let down the staff if they ca n’t bask paid insurance by the proprietor of the company. However, the writer has found the employees do n’t ever necessitate to work overtime. Even if there is, the company will supply the dinner and overtime wage.

Finally, work forces should alter the construct that as a preschool instructor, adult females are better than work forces. To some extent, kids need male instructors, like those childs in single-parent households.

Cangshan Xinran Fashion Co., Ltd. in China

In relation to bettering the company, it should n’t merely emphasize the net income but besides the preparation. The employees need to better themselves from clip to clip to maintain them more positive. What ‘s worse, the frequence of overwork is rather high which is so bad for their wellness. However, they can bask to the full paid gift insurance.

Equally far as the compensation and human resource policies are concerned, the writer thinks the system of this company is good. It can actuate the staff to work more efficaciously with enthusiasm. They have free nutrient to eat, a free residence hall to populate in and free entree to go. However, there are a big figure of staff, so it is difficult to take everyone happy.


The writer has found that there are many differences and similarities between the two companies after sing those occupations personally. However, they are more differences than similarities.

First of wholly, the direction construction is rather different. In NZ, it is rather insouciant which enables the staff to experience comfy and relaxed. On the contrary, the Chinese organisational construction is so rigorous that every employee has to obey the direction.

Second, “ sharing ” is a rather representative word in the workplaces of NZ. What they are ever prosecuting is sharing with people. Teamwork is good regarded by them. However, in Chinese companies, the achievements are evaluated by personal measure and quality. This is the biggest difference in the work environment between NZ and China.

Third, the wages and benefits are rather distinguishable. In NZ, the director will give the staff little nowadayss when the festival is close. In China, the foreman will increase their salary and distribute life goods to observe the large festival, like the National Day and the Spring Festival.

Following, they have different ways of measuring and running the educational system. In NZ, there are many topographic points to analyze, like universities and third schools. Wherever you get the grade, every bit long as you have the accomplishment of what the company needs, you will be admitted and accepted. By contrast, in China, the university with a good trade name is the cardinal standards. They wo n’t set accent on the degree of accomplishments. So many people who study from proficient schools ca n’t happen a good occupation. That ‘s a rather bad state of affairs.

Of class, there are some similarities between the two states. The ways of running overtime is similar. The staff will acquire free nutrient and overtime wage. The two companies do n’t hold any insurance for Health and Safety, but the Chinese 1 has an gift insurance for each staff member.


By working in different states, the writer can experience some civilization daze. “ The pupil of civilization surveies non human persons but the interrelatednesss of civilization signifiers like engineerings, establishments, thought and belief systems. ” ( Oberg, n.d. ). The workplace is a perfect topographic point to experience the different civilization by interacting with people, detecting the organisational construction and larning the manner of work outing jobs.

By analyzing two different workplaces, the writer can see the different social constructs in different states. There are alone in every state. Let ‘s take an illustration: in NZ, the foreman likes giving nowadayss to employees to observe the large twenty-four hours. Compared with this, Chinese directors prefer to increase the salary. The writer ca n’t state which 1 is better because every manner has its ain significance and everyone has his ain criterion. Foreign people would wish to show their feelings by some delicate goods, like artware, keepsakes and recognizing cards. However, Chinese people like presenting staff by utilizing money and some practical things. Judging from these, the writer can see the immense differences in civilization between these states.

In decision, one state is like a large establishment. Equally long as you join and see it, you will incorporate in the society and experience the cultural diverseness. Workplaces play an of import function in this large establishment. It is an indispensable portion of the civilization in any one state.


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