Analysis Of Four Function At Li Ning China Commerce Essay

Management is in peculiar state of affairss. The organisation have resources for effectual planning, forming, taking and commanding. So as to accomplish the constituted organisation procedure of mark. With the deepening of endeavor reform, people will progressively acknowledge the necessity and urgency of beef uping direction, So, Any organisation, whether little or large, and whether new or old, They all have their ain direction undertakings and rules. The significance of four maps arei?s1. Management is in order to accomplish the organisation ‘s future mark activities ; 2. the kernel of direction is to coordinate ; 3. Management exist in organisations ; 4. Management of the cardinal point is to people to transport on the direction. Therefore, the basic maps of direction is divided into four different countries.

2: The four maps of direction:

2.1: Planning

Planning is the chief nucleus country of all the maps of direction. It is the foundation of the direction of the pillar, the program is to do certain that the organisation ‘s hereafter development ends and achieve the end of the manner. This is called scheme planning. So this maps is really of import for a company.

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Analysis Of Four Function At Li Ning China Commerce Essay
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2.2: Organizing

The 2nd map of the direction is forming. It chief is apportioning and configuring resources to carry through the preferable ends and aims set uping during the planning processes, merely put, doing optimal usage of the resources required to enable the successful transporting out of programs.

2.3: Leading

Leading is the 3rd map of direction. In a leading function, must be able to actuate employees to lift in the mark, and steer their responsibilities or duties assigned in the planning procedure. Simply put, taking is set uping way and act uponing people to follow that way. So, a good leader can is necessitate for capacity.

2.4: Controlling

Controling is the four map of direction. It involves rating and coverage of existent occupation public presentation, includes set uping public presentation criterions based on the company ‘s aims. Actually, commanding is supervising and adjusting resources and procedures to accomplish ends and aims in a extremely effectual and efficient manner.

3: Background of Li Ning company Ltd China

For Li Ning, the Chinese people should hold been cognizant of this trade name and it is our ain trade name of athleticss. Li Ning Company Limited is one of the taking athleticss trade name companies in China. It ‘s headquartered in Beijing. In 1989, the Li Ning hallmark was registered by Li Ning who was a universe celebrated gymnast.Originally, Li Ning merely focused on athletic wear. By 1993, Li Ning took the lead in set uping countrywide franchise system, which boosted its turnover in the undermentioned old ages. For illustration, the one-year growing rate of turnover was 100 % from 1993 to 1996. Li Ning was quickly developed after 2000. For case, this company started to construct trade name placement and launched the motto “ Anything is possible ” in 2002. By 2004, Li Ning was officially listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became the first Chinese mainland featuring goods company listing in Hong Kong. In 2007, Li Ning Became the official spouse of the Swedish Olympic Committee and the official athletic wear patron of the Swedish Olympic Delegation. In 2008, Mr. Li Ning lighted the concluding torch for Beijing Olympic Games, which promoted the trade name image of Li Ning. ( Li Ning 2011 ) Li ning company from the first individual athletic wear development to hold athleticss vesture, athleticss places, athleticss equipment, and other merchandises series of professional athleticss goods company, Currently, Li Ning merchandise construction maturating in the clean goods industry and I believe that Li Ning will go progressively strong.

4: Analysis of the four map at Li Ning China:

4.1: Planning

Recent old ages, Li Ning decelerate development and internal direction convulsion and many other issues. In 2011, Li Ning stock list rose 40 % . But net income dropped 65 % . In 2012, Li Ning Company Limited sum of orders dropped significantly, apparel merchandises year-on-year diminutions of more than 20 % ( China fiscal portions 2012 ) . In the instance of hapless public presentation. Recently, Li Ning announced the three phases of the hereafter development of the direction program. The hope can better channel stock list, construct a sensible cost construction, beef up the organisational ability to put to death the building of the nucleus trade name, in order to better profitableness.

The first stage of steps: focal point concerned about the the retail terminus gross revenues and clearance channels stock lists, better the cost construction of merchandises and operations, and to beef up the organisation and executing capablenesss, better channel efficiency, profitableness and public presentation, and to concentrate on nucleus merchandises and the domestic market, every bit good as to beef up the trade name into and better selling efficiency. ( Chinese wireless web 2012 )

The 2nd stage is scheduled to be introduced in 2013 to 2014, and now in the pilot stage of more first-class merchandises and client experience, including bettering supply concatenation direction, selling and merchandise planning manner. ( Chinese wireless web 2012 )

The 3rd phase is scheduled for the following 2-4 old ages, and has been in the planning, the program will concentrate on the transmutation concern theoretical account in order to better the company ‘s net income construction and channels, better run into the market demand for the merchandises and consumer trade name experience. ( Chinese wireless web 2012 )

4.2: Organizing

Forging market-sensitive supply concatenation, the nucleus factors in its reaction velocity of the supply concatenation, which has been pursued by the Li Ning Company. And Li Ning bing reaction rate in the industry is considered to be quicker, the Li Ning company logistics system has a really clear reflect. Li Ning has three production bases in the state, which are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and three distribution centres located in three parts of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and around Beijing. Production comes out, Li ning logistics section 2 hours can will merchandises in the distribution centre, the distribution centre for goods with the review, and so harmonizing to the demands of traders, the regional logistics company for distribution. The centralisation of the supply concatenation and shorten the Li Ning ‘s mean stock list yearss, the use of the financess has been efficaciously improved. After the transmutation of the Li Ning supply concatenation, the supply concatenation efficiency improved well, This has been the Li Ning company ‘s high gross net income border a powerful encouraging factors.

4.3: Leading

Mr. Li Ning is the laminitis of the LI-NING trade name and the Group ‘s Chairman and an executive Director. He is chief responsible for explicating the Group ‘s overall corporate schemes and planning. For the Li Ning company limited, 2012 was a hard twelvemonth marked by slower industry growing, intensified competition, elevated costs and the impact of insouciant wear trade names. Mr. Li Ning has chosen to heighten their fight through proactive reforms, foremost: delivery trade name strengths into full drama ; 2nd: heightening merchandise capablenesss ; 3rd: driving reform of distribution channels, 4th: up organisation construction. Their have ne’er underestimated the challenges and possible troubles that come with reform. I believe Li Ning Company Limited under the right leading and way of Mr. Li Ning and will be toward a bright and successful hereafter.

4.4: Controlling

Li Ning company limited senior direction has the duty to guarantee that the Group ‘s control is sound and effectual. in 2012, the group further strengthened its internal in assorted conformity, operational and fiscal facets, the group has put in topographic point an incorporate system of internal control. The system is designed to accomplish ( I ) effectivity and efficiency of operations ; ( two ) sweetening of dependability of internal and external fiscal coverage ; and ( three ) conformity with applicable Torahs and ordinances. ( Li Ning one-year study 2011 ) In order to clearly specify duties and internal control. The group has set up a top-down organisation and direction system and incorporating three degrees which are responsible for ultimate answerability, supervising and execution. ( refer to Appendix A ) Currently, Li Ning Company Limited implementing the internal control manual, which represents the Group ‘s bing internal control policies and operating processs to beef up its internal control system of codification. The Internal control manual “ countries of coverage includes gross revenues and histories receivable, procurance and trade payables, stock lists, capital, revenue enhancement, fiscal coverage, direction maps of the group, disposal and human resources, rational belongings rights, export and fixed assets. I think, Li Ning Company Limited in the operation control is really experience. This is based on their old ages of difficult work and attending and support of senior direction. So Fifty-one Ning Company Limited will hold a good system of controls.

5: Decision

To sum up. foremost, This paper introduces the direction in each of the importance of the organisation and rules and the significance and function of each map. Then, I select Li Ning company limited to analysis. I introduce the background of the Li Ning company limited, it is one of the taking athleticss trade name companies in China. Headquartered in Beijing. Currently, The company is besides confronting a series of troubles and challenges. In 2012, Li Ning Company Limited sum of orders dropped significantly. However, Mr. Li Ning has chosen through positive reform to advance the distribution channel and increase their fight. Recently, Li Ning besides announced the three phases of the hereafter development of the direction program and they hope to better gross revenues in the following few old ages. But harmonizing to my analysis. Li Ning ‘s success is that it has a complete supply concatenation, the market-sensitive supply concatenation has become the nucleus of Li Ning. A good supply concatenation direction has become the endeavor direction an of import nexus, Currently, Li Ning in the athleticss industry has made some initial success, but besides necessitate to foster construct fast supply concatenation system and to heighten the endeavor ‘s operation efficiency. Through the analysis of the four direction maps for Li Ning Company Limited. I have been to the full cognizant of the company and hope that the Li Ning will be better development.

6: Recommendation

From Li Ning endeavor direction and see. Li Ning Company has been able to accomplish such success, its first-class logistics direction capablenesss is one of the of import factors. But I think Li Ning can besides better the logistics direction. When taking a logistics company, many domestic endeavors have ever believed a big logistics company. However Li Ning is non looking for the largest logistics company and merely to happen the most suited. So Fifty-one Ning pick of logistics services is some average graduated table of logistics and transit company. Although Li Ning has medium of the supply concatenation, they have three distribution centres located in three parts of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and around Beijing. But in cost, bringing velocity, cargo security and efficiency still necessitate bettering. Therefore, I suggest that Li Ning can take high quality professional 3rd party logistics companies and professional logistics direction squad. Finally, I hope my advice will be utile for Li Ning.

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