Analysis of human activity Essay

Layer 1:

Analysis of Human Activity: This bed is based on the analysis of the human activities in the development of information systems. The assorted activities that are carried out by the developer at this phase are:

  1. Finding and understanding the job country: The analyst with the aid of the job proprietor draws the rich image of the job country which helps in the better apprehension of the state of affairs. Basically this procedure is all about assemblage and construing the information. In Clean Brite instance study the analyst was asked to present the SSM and usage rich image technique for the job country.
  2. Extracting job subjects and organizing the root definition: After pulling the rich image, the analyst extracts the job subjects. It can be conflict among the sections, deficits of the supply etc. Taking these job subjects, analyst thinks of assorted relevant systems that can be developed to work out the job. Depending upon the root definition, a peculiar system can be developed and refined which continues in the following activities.
  3. Development of conceptual theoretical account: Once root definition is good formed and both analyst and job proprietor are happy with it, the conceptual theoretical account of the system is developed. This phase merely describes how the system will look like and the activities that the system will make.
  4. Comparing conceptual theoretical account with existent universe: Once the conceptual theoretical account is completed, it is so compared to the existent universe. Then the differences between the theoretical account and the existent universe are noticed and discussed among the analyst and the job proprietor. The possible alterations are debated and are implemented to better the state of affairs.

Layer 2:

Analysis of the information: This phase is besides known as information modeling. In this phase the entities and the maps those were found in the conceptual theoretical account in the old phase are analysed. The activities of this phase are used in Clean Brite instance survey to pull the usage instance diagram. Two stages that are involved at this phase are:

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  1. Development of the functional theoretical account
  2. Development of the entity theoretical account

1. Development of the functional theoretical account: As from the name one can think that the functional theoretical account is developed by placing the maps of the system. The first measure is to place the chief map from the root definition or conceptual theoretical account formed from the early phase. The chief map is so decomposed into the sub maps until the analyst realise that the chief map can non be broken farther. This depends upon the complexness of the state of affairs. Series of informations flow diagrams are developed from this hierarchal theoretical account that acts as the input to the following phase.

2. Development of the entity theoretical account: In this measure entity relationship theoretical account is developedby pull outing the entities from the job country and the relationship between these entities is established. After understanding the entities and the relationship between them, entity theoretical account is constructed which can polish by farther treatment. The end product from this phase is goes as input in the farther phases.

Layer 3:

Analysis and design of socio-technical facets: The chief undertaking of the analyst in this bed is to bring forth a statement of the alternate system and to happen ‘best tantrum ‘ design taking both people and there demands and organizational construction and the computing machine system into consideration i.e. giving societal and proficient consideration equal importance. The manner this phase is used in the instance survey is in the development of the Home sector order processing system.

The assorted activities carried out in this phase are:

  1. Set societal and proficient aims: First societal and proficient aims are set by the analyst and the job proprietor.
  2. Identifying and fiting the options to run into the set aims: After puting the societal and proficient aims, the analyst starts placing the options to run into these set aims. Then these options are combined together to bring forth socio-technical options.
  3. Choosing the best solution: The above identified options are so ranked consequently on the footing of the set aims, costs, resources and restraints associated with each aim which helps analyst to place the best solution and matching computing machine undertakings, role-sets and people undertakings.

Layer 4:

Design of human-computer interface: This phase emphasis upon the proficient design of the human-computer interface and the design options. This phase of Multiview model will be extremely of import in this instance survey as from the analyst study in the organizational reappraisal ; he came to cognize that the workers were non happy. There was batch of dissatisfaction in their behavior. They were non happy with the information system they were working with as it was n’t run intoing their demands. The activities carried out at this bed are –

  1. Introduction of the design to the appropriate user: Inputs and the end products of the batch and online system are passed to the appropriate user.
  2. Conversation on the suggested design: Discussion is made with the users sing their interaction with the system and the issues sing it are discussed.
  3. Specifying human-computer interfaces: Depending upon these treatment human-computer interfaces is defined.

Layer 5:

Design of proficient Aspects: The assorted activities carried out at this phase are:

  1. Package choice
  2. Prototyping
  3. Creation of the elaborate design
  4. End user development

Section Bacilluss:

The demand of the CBC is to develop the order processing system for the place subdivision. The company wants an online system for this intent. The client needs to acquire registered foremost with the company, and so he can order the merchandises. The order will merely be confirmed once the user has paid the outstanding sum on the order. The user should be able to transport same procedure on the phone every bit good.

The system should hold the installation to track or question the order. The client should be able to log in with their user Idaho on the web site. They should be able to look into all the outstanding orders, find out their transportation agent and the type of bringing. Customer should be able to call off their orders if they have non being dispatched. They system should be clever plenty to advise the transportation agent one time the order is ready to despatch. The system should reorder the merchandises one time they reach their reorder degree.

In order to accomplish our mark we need to understand the job country every bit profoundly as possible. For this intent we need to pull a rich image to acquire a universe position of the job country. With the aid of the rich image analyst can calculate out where the job lies or can happen. Looking at these job countries, analyst can make up one’s mind what possible systems can be developed to work out the issues.

For illustration in our instance analyze the Clean Brite Company wants clients to order online. The demand here is to develop an on-line application i.e. a web site. In order for client to shop the merchandises, company needs to hold a database to hive away all the merchandises information. This database will besides hive away the client inside informations like reference and user Idaho. The user Idaho will be alone to distinguish between the client and their reference inside informations to present the merchandises at their references. As the client pays online the payment method should be secure.

Same manner for the client who wants to order via telephone, the company needs a desktop application for the telesales staff in order to treat the client inside informations.

In order for clients to track their order, the system needs to update the database often, the bringing agents can hold PDA ‘s to update the position of the bringing one time the order is been dispatched.

Same happen in the instance of the telesales order. Customer will name telesales staff and give their client Idaho and telesales staff can acquire path of all the outstanding orders.

For reordering the procedure should be automated the stock degree for each merchandises should be set and the machine-controlled electronic mail should be generated to the maker once the stock reaches the degree.

For the development of the system analyst needs to place the job countries. This is done by pulling the rich image. The rich image for the clean brite instance survey can look something like the followers.

From this rich image a conceptual theoretical account is developed which is compared to the existent universe. This conceptual theoretical account is used to develop the functional theoretical account where entities are picked with the relation between them. These entities form the entity theoretical account i.e. the usecase diagram. The usage instance diagram will help the analyst in placing all the histrions that will take portion in the system one time the system is developed. How will the working lives of the people get affected if the system is introduced? From the usage instance diagram, usage instance scenarios are developed. These scenarios helps analyst to believe of the alternate systems that can be developed. The alternate systems are discussed with the user. This interaction with the users helps analyst make up one’s mind what system to take and the demands for that system.

Use Case Diagram:

After pulling the usecase diagram, the scenarios are developed to reexamine, how the system will move and what options can be developed in instance of any job.

Following is the primary scenario of the order processing of the place sector country.

Use instance scenarios:

Use Case – Puting an order via web or phone

Goal – To put order for cleansing merchandises by client

Actors – Customer, telesales staff

Main class description

Primary scenario:

Using the web

  1. Starts when the client visits the web site to put the order.
  2. Customer enters his/her client Idaho.
  3. System specifies the client Idaho

System event: Stipulate client ( Customer Idaho )

  1. Customer browses the on-line catalogue and selects the merchandises and measures.
  2. System advises the concluding cost of the order and any inaccessible merchandises to the client.
  3. Customer is asked to choose the bringing method ( following twenty-four hours, three yearss or 1 hebdomad ) .
  4. Customer selects the bringing method and system displays the concluding cost for the order.

System event: Displays the concluding cost.

  1. 8. Customer agrees, the order is confirmed and an order figure is given.

Section C:

Discussion of the demand analysis Tools:

The assorted demand analysis tools that are used in the multiview model are

  1. Rich Picture
  2. Use instances

Rich Pictures: Rich image is the demand analysis tool in the soft system methodological analysis. It gives analyst the better position of the complex state of affairs. It is easy to understand as it is a free manus pulling as there are no specific regulations to pull it. Rich image covers all the facets of the job country. It has so many advantages like it is linguistic communication independent. It is modifiable. It show struggles and other issues which other analysis tools do non demo.

Use instances: Use instance defines the interaction between the histrions and the system that is supposed to be developed and the histrions itself. The usage instances have scenarios that describe the cases of the procedure i.e. how the system will respond.

Importance of Multiview model:

The Multiview model is a great technique towards the system design and analysis for the system analyst. It helps analyst to see the job country from different positions which helps analyst to bring forth better system design. It is like a hierarchal procedure i.e. the end product of one phase go the input of the other. The best portion of this model is that in this model analyst design the system maintaining the users in head.

The multiview position model, from its name means has different positions i.e. it takes into history different views the people involved in the development of the new system.

There are five phases of this model. These are

1. Analysis of human activity:

AA At this phase the job country is analysed by pulling the rich image of the job country. This rich image helps pull out the job subjects for the job country. Rich image gives a good apprehension of the complex country as it is the simple drawing so it is easy to understand the undertakings performed by the histrions.

Looking at these job subjects, analyst draws the conceptual theoretical account of the system which is the root definition of the system. This conceptual theoretical account is so compared to the existent life. The advantage of making this is that analyst can come up with different other thoughts and can happen the best fit design.

So, one of the advantages of multiview frame work is that it helps analyst to take the best solution for the state of affairs.

2. Analysis of the information:

AA At this phase the analyst form the functional theoretical account from the root definition that is formed at the first degree. This functional theoretical account is so transformed into the entity theoretical account by pull outing the histrions from the root definition. This entity theoretical account is use instance diagram. It shows the histrions involved in the system. It shows analyst how the actors/people act to the system, the relationship among them.

3. Analysis and design of socio-technical facets:

At this phase analyst with the informations received from the old phase make a statement of the alternate systems that could be developed. The advantage of this phase is as the analyst has more options to the system and he can suggest the best design that fists the job state of affairs.

At following phase the proposed design is discussed with the users and the approve design is so sent for the development.

In respects to clean Brite instance survey, Multiview model will be the best attack as from the instance survey reexamine their information systems bit by bit fail and the ground behind it was the terminal user demands was non met. The section caputs have small religion on the staff. No attending is paid to the chief job country before the treatment of the proficient demands of the system. That means the analyst in CBC leap directly into layer 5 of the multiview model. That was chief ground for their systems to neglect. The most of the systems developed was merely to run into the demands of the administration and non the users.


At last traveling through each stage of the study from subdivision A to subdivision B, we conclude that Multiview model is the mixture of batch of methodological analysis as it includes many techniques used in the other methodological analysis. But this does n’t intend that it is the odds and ends of the assorted tools and the techniques available. This methodological analysis works all right in so many administration and hopefully be great for the Clean Brite company excessively.


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