Analysis of Irctc Essay

MARKETING OF SERVICES INDIAN RAILWAY CATERING AND TOURISM CORPORATION INTRODUCTION PEOPLE • Not involved in online services • Catering Services : Attendants and Platform outlet personnel • Interaction through IVR Systems and call Centres • Ticket Booking Centres : Attending Personnel PROCESS • Ticket Booking : Go to enquiry -> Fill Reservation Form -> Stand in Queue -> Hand over form to booking counter -> If Available, Ticket booked -> Make Payment -> Exit • Online Ticket Booking : Go to irctc. co. n -> Log in to account -> Fill online form -> Check Availability -> Make Payment -> Ticket Booked -> Take printout -> Log out Enquiry and Catering Service are direct “ask and get” services. IRCTC also provides Self service kiosks for enquiry and ticket booking. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE : • Railway Reservation centres • Outlets on Platforms • The food offered and packaging CLASSIFICATION OF SERVICES : • Ticket booking : Online : Customer – Mobile , Service – Mobile (Same for tourist/hotel booking service) Reservation Centres : Customer – Mobile,

Service – Static • Catering: In train catering service : Customer – Static, Service – Static On Platform Outlets : Customer – Mobile, Service – Static FLOWER OF THE SERVICE PROVIDED SERVICE LINES AND DEPTHS LINES DEPTHS [pic] CHANNELS USED: • People • Mobile or remote • Self Service Technology • E-channels CURRENTLY: • Food Plazas/Fast Food Units – 53 • Automated Vending Machine – 750 • Stalls – 2950 • Trolleys & Khomchas – 3291 • Book Stalls – 698 • Milk Stall – 249 7918 Static units spread over 1008 number of Special A, A, B & C Category of stations over Indian Railways network. CATERING SERVICE: IRCTC primarily has three catering establishments namely: • The stationary passenger stalls, • Mobile units, which are the pantry cars attached to the trains  • Base kitchens, which supply food to trains 50 Food Plazas set up at various railway stations • Offering both self-service and sit-down meal options • Sub-contracted to various private players, offering branded foods as well Trained manpower serves around 10 mn customers per day by: Food production ? On-board service On-board customer satisfaction survey is being conducted through IMRB • Broad aspects covered in the survey for on-board experience: [pic] • Steps taken: Pasting of Standard Menu Sticker, Toll Free Complaint Service Challenges facing catering service: • Training of Food handlers on Good Catering Practices • Effective Pest control • Separate storage of veg and non-veg raw materials • Storage of water in steel tanks • Catering service during late running of trains • Upgradation of base kitchen infrastructure

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