Analysis of Maintenance of Bus Terminal Buildings Essay

Chapter 1


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Analysis of Maintenance of Bus Terminal Buildings Essay
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Malaysia is a state that is develops in line with economic development in the twenty-first century. In the development procedure of a state ‘s transit sector is one of the of import countries to be taken earnestly. The transit sector is really of import in the economic development in Malaysia and around the universe.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia is a quickly developing. The addition of population migrated to Kuala Lumpur cause extra jobs in the vehicles on the route and cause serious traffic jams. Thus public conveyance available is one manner to cut down the job of traffic jammed.

In Malaysia, the new bus terminal development plan and upgrade the bing coach terminus was carried out in order to suit the demands of usage. The demands of low-and in-between income people to utilize public conveyance like a coach for day-to-day usage and do the building of the coach terminus there is developed in certain countries.

The development has been made will be triggered needed the care to edifices. Skills in footings of cognition and experience are needed in care. This is because each occupation or merchandise is established people are non free from harm or defects. The care is needed from clip to clip. It because every development, there must be a care to keep the map of the edifice.

BS 3811 ( 1984 ) , define ‘maintenance’ as “The combination of all proficient and associated administrative actions intended to retain an point in, or reconstruct it to, a province in which it can execute its required function.”

The care is necessary for keeping the construction and map of his deep it is an of import instance in the values aˆ‹aˆ‹for the resurfacing and takes the guess factor of safety and amenitiess of users every bit good as the lastingness of the edifice. Management feeling of the execution of the edifice is an of import factor for human existences to the involvements and amenitiess.

1.2Purposes and aims

The purpose of this research is to analyze the factors amendss and defects on bus terminal edifice to increase consciousness to demo of import the edifice care.

  1. To find types of defects normally occur on coach terminus edifice.
  1. To place the jobs encountered in care by the coach terminal direction.
  1. To place the factor impacting the cost on care of bus terminus.

1.1Problem statement

The building of public transit terminus is increase to afford the demands of all degrees including the low, medium and high income. This installation non merely provided by the authorities but by the private sector. These installations had to keep for the uninterrupted operation. To keep the installations on bus terminal edifice, many job faced by care direction in the coach terminus.

The job is many type of defect has occurred in coach terminus edifice. Crack on the wall and the flooring is black due to drosss ( Harian Kosmo, 2011 ) . Bus terminal care is of import to guarantee smoothness the drive in the coach terminus to forestall any unwanted jobs. The duty and duty is going for any development there must be periodic execution. Many of the larger organisations will hold a care director, though their occupation rubric constructing officer, belongings director, installations directors or similar. The section will affect in commissioning and possibly transporting care work ( Wood, 2009 ) .

Lack of care direction has made the care non transport out decently. Toilet allegedly responsible for the fix Rantau Panjang Bus Station non to the full repaired yet, and still necessitate the attending of the responsible ( Sinar Harian, 2013 ) . Maintenance bus terminus is indispensable to guarantee the comfort of the user in the terminus to forestall any unwanted jobs. This is to promote people to utilize public from utilizing their ain vehicles to avoid traffic congestion worse in Kuala Lumpur.

Cost is ever the job in care direction. The unplanned budget for care ever impacting the cost on care. ( )

This survey is hoped to help direction in the coach terminus to place the jobs that frequently occur and can take action to cut down the lifting costs of care and supply comfy service to consumers.


This survey is of import because the consequences of this survey are expected to give illustration about consciousness of the coach terminal care edifice for residents and environing environment. Besides that, able to place jobs that are frequently experienced by the coach terminus edifice in order to minimise care costs faced. With consciousness of the care it can besides supply comfort to the user with carried out care

1.4Research Methodology

The purpose of this research is to analyze the factors amendss and defects on edifice component to increase consciousness to demo how of import the edifice care. To accomplish the purpose of this research, the aim must be carry throughing foremost.

For informations aggregation research worker uses three methods to roll up all information. The information aggregation of this research is as follow:

  1. Literature reappraisal

The literature reappraisal is as a secondary resource with the purpose to look into and place of the cognition peculiarly on consciousness of edifice care. Harmonizing to Fink ( 2005 ) defines a literature reappraisal as a systematic, expressed and consistent method for placing, measuring, and synthesising the bing organic structure completed and recorded work produced by research worker, bookman and practicians.

  1. Observation

The observation is by sing around all the edifice in the survey country to roll up all informations about care and information about research. The observation method helps to get the better of some of the restrictions of the informations roll uping methods such as interview, questionnaire and concentrate group treatment. This method helps roll up rich and insightful informations in natural scenes with comparatively less cost and less incommodiousness to the research worker, Pawar Ed. ( 2004 ) .

  1. Questionnaire

The questionnaire is as a tool of studies to acquire information faster and accurate. A questionnaire is an internal research tool and is one agency of arousing the feeling, beliefs, experiences and attitudes of a sample group of persons. It is concise, preplanned set of inquiry designed to give specific information about a peculiar subject from one or more groups of people, Malcon ( 2006 ) .

1.5Scope Restriction

The range for this research covers the care direction for coach terminal edifices. The range and restriction of this research are as follow:

For this research, bus terminus in Kuala Lumpur country was chosen as the instance survey to carry through the intent of this research. Bus transit is the most popular public transit because it is one of the centres in the public transit at Kuala Lumpur. It will look into how the direction of care in this edifices. In add-on, the coach terminal consists of a new edifice and old edifice. It makes it easier to compare the degree of care direction and the types of defects that occur in the edifice. Research range of study merely focuses on the staff and user at the coach terminus in Kuala Lumpur


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