Analysis Of Organizational Behavior Essay


The company chosen for this research is Telenor and the paper that follows will give a elaborate analysis of its internal organisational public presentation, civilization, construction, communicating and general behaviour of employees within the organisation. The company has been executing good and is specifically known for its ability to retain employees, maintain them satisfied and happy every bit good as supply them benefits of all sort. The company is a really successful 1 that operates in Europe every bit good as Asia ( Birchall & A ; Tovstiga, 2005 ).

Type of civilization, ( Pluralism, Dualism or Salad bowl )

Telenor is a Norse Telecom company that has its operations in Norse states, Asia every bit good as in Europe. It is one of the most popular Telecommunication and Networks Company in the universe, and is known popular for its rich company civilization. Telenor is seen as a company that is an ideal employer in footings of satisfied employees who are loyal towards the company. The organisation operates as a ‘salad bowl ‘, which means it believes strongly in variegation of civilizations and equality amongst people of different civilizations and states ( Kautz & A ; Heje, 1996 ). Telenor treats all its employees every bit in footings of benefits and fringe benefits given to employees. The environment is really friendly and informal. Office infinite is non allocated harmonizing to rank. Everyone has equal chances to stand out and similar installations to profit from. Furthermore, the level hierarchy of the company allows easier communicating and treatment, and therefore involves all employees in determination doing one manner or the other.

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Analysis Of Organizational Behavior Essay
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It has been found that employees working in Telenor are satisfied with their occupations and the employee turnover rate is really low. Even though it is hard to keep a salad bowl civilization in a company and to maintain everyone satisfied, Telenor has successfully been making this and has been doing net incomes for the company. The company is working really good and it is claimed that the recognition for its success goes to the employees and indirectly to the company civilization with strong values embedded in it. These values get inculcated in the employees who work at that place whose trueness, difficult work and finding leads to the success of the company ( Ward, 2008 ). Team work is peculiarly evident amongst the employees. Alternatively of negative competition, everyone works together as a squad toward specific ends of the organisation and internal synergism reflects really good in the manner people work together, assist each other, suggest betterments and give their best. For case, there is a specified quota in Telenor for engaging people who belong to different backgrounds and they besides have a minimal quota for engaging females.

Manners of communicating ( Describe the dominant communicating signifier used. e.g.written or verbal )

Communication at Telenor is considered to be ideal in footings of its effectivity and benefits. There are no barriers to communicating because the offices of Telenor are a individual unit with no allocated infinite, no closed doors and no hurdlings to hold communicating. The environment is by and large informal and there is no limitation on employees sing any sort of communicating for work intents or even for leisure ( Reuvid, 2011 ). The best thing is that this power is non misused and everybody is comfy with each other. Verbal communicating is the chief signifier of communicating but written communicating is about every bit of import excessively because all the company ‘s information is shared through intranet that works within the organisation. Both signifiers of communicating are used depending on the state of affairs and are efficaciously working for the organisation owing to the shorter concatenation of bid and a strong two manner communicating with both, bottom-up and top-down communicating is done harmonizing to the demand and demand of the state of affairs.

Differences in ranks do non make an component of vacillation amongst the employees, because the CEO and an intern might be seated together and may every bit good be working together. This allows for a higher learning quotient of larning within the organisation, every bit good as flotation of new thoughts and programs that could be used by the company. Informal meetings amongst employees, internal events and maps every bit good as regular squad meetings are a norm in the company every bit good as a tool to mensurate public presentation of the company. Employees are non blamed for bad public presentation but are provided with possible ways to better, and are appreciated for good public presentation which helps increase their morale. For the intent of verbal communicating, any employee can walk to the other ‘s cabin any clip to inquire anything related to work, or they can besides utilize the inline telephone web for contact. For formal certification or for supplying documented information, electronic mail can be used along with the internal online confab system for any questions.

Nature of authorization ( recognized societal rank )

Owing to the fact that the company has a level organisational construction, the nature of authorization within the company is besides aligned with that of a level organisation ( Kyng & A ; Mathiassen, 1997 ). Employees are extremely empowered and have existent authorization of making work the manner they want to. They are given duty every bit good as made accountable for their work. They are allowed to do determinations and take up challenges so that work does non acquire humdrum for them and becomes honoring if they perform good. This manner they are able to research new skylines to knowledge and wisdom to smooth their accomplishments. The nature of authorization at Telenor illustrates that the company wants to construct a sense of trust within its employees and do them confident approximately themselves every bit good as create a feeling of worth and value for the employee. When employees are made to experience that they are an of import portion of the organisation, they automatically feel motivated to work and find to accomplish the aims of the company. Employees of Telenor are therefore progressively confident, decisive and ready to accept challenges.

They have an attitude of humbleness and trueness towards the organisation and the authorization given to them assist them recognize their significance for the organisation. To add to the above, it besides inculcates a sense of leading amongst the employees who know how to cover with hardships in the most efficient mode, and make value for the company. This is besides one of the grounds for stronger communicating amongst employees. They are taught to work both, in squads every bit good as individually- towards the improvement of the company. For case, people from different sections are assigned to work on a particular undertaking intentionally so that they can pass on with each other and portion their expertness amongst themselves to make better end products.

Motivational techniques ( Describe the motivational drive forces e.g. Intrinsic or extrinsic used to act upon productiveness and public presentation? )

One thing that this company is truly admired for is its employees who are motivated and loyal. They do non desire to go forth the company and are happy working for it. The company is surely to be appreciated for making an environment suitable for its employees who belong to different backgrounds and parts yet are satisfied with their work. The company uses several motivational techniques that are embedded within its system. Extrinsic motive involves the touchable installations and pecuniary points involved which provide physical benefit to the employees ( Birchall & A ; Tovstiga, 2005 ).

This system is a really strong constituent of the company because employees are given legion benefits by the house. However, the fact is that merely extrinsic motive is non plenty. It is every bit of import to supply intrinsic drive forces which finally become the existent ground for the company ‘s success and good public presentation of the employees. The ways that the company uses to actuate the employees internally include the 1s mentioned above besides such as giving challenges to employees, deputation of work, giving them duty every bit good as acknowledgment for their work. This is precisely linked to Telenor being a level and horizontal organisation where employees are empowered adequate to take determination themselves.

Areas of EQ incorporated ( Describe how the organisation embraces the theory of emotional intelligence )

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to experience, justice and manage emotions of others efficaciously. This is a manner to sympathize with others and it helps make bonding amongst people. Within an organisation there are certain ways to pull off emotions of others. For case this trait is of import when a struggle arises and emotions need to be controlled. Harmonizing to the overall mentality of this house, EQ is really of import for this house because its employees are really of import for it. It is hence really of import for the company to maintain employees satisfied.

How are the constituents of a practical organisation embraced? ( Explain how the organisation embraces new paradigms such as telecommuting and practical offices? )

The organisation is a extremely technically advanced one as it works n developing webs and communicating. Furthermore, it has worked to ease employees to work from place virtually. It has created webs and waiters for employees in this planetary state of affairs to do it easy for employees to work expeditiously, rapidly and from anyplace in the universe. The company has its ain package and all employees know how to work on it. Other than that the company makes practical squads so that employees coordinate each other to finish undertakings that are their duty


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