Analysis of Secondary Data of Cotton Textiles Essay

Introduction This report explains about various competitive study of various aspects, Sales, expense, import, and export analysis etc. of Cotton Textile Industry. In this Analysis Report, comparative study and analysis is done for whole industry at the end. The tables are formed and values are considered as per availability of data of the years. Methodology Trends for complete textile industry were computed using estimating equations and correlating the appropriate variable (Sales, import, export, raw material, power, advertisement, etc) from year 1994 to 2007. Report

Result preparation according to import of raw material, Finished goods and Sales. Correlations SalesImport_RMImport_FG SalesPearson Correlation10. 7982853980. 254598201 Sig. (2-tailed) 1. 038E-1735. 08316E-13 N781781781 Import_RMPearson Correlation0. 79828539810. 211418987 Sig. (2-tailed)1. 038E-173 2. 42394E-09 N781781781 Import_FGPearson Correlation0. 2545982010. 2114189871 Sig. (2-tailed)5. 08316E-132. 42394E-09 N781781781 **Correlation is significant at the 0. 01 level (2-tailed). Comments As per the correlation result of sales and import it is clear that import of finished goods is very less correlated to sales.

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Analysis of Secondary Data of Cotton Textiles Essay
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So we can say that sales are not that much affected by importing the finished goods. Result preparation according to Advertisement and Sales. Correlations SalesAdv SalesPearson Correlation10. 63976798 Sig. (2-tailed) 3. 94246E-91 N781781 AdvPearson Correlation0. 6397681 Sig. (2-tailed)3. 942E-91 N781781 **Correlation is significant at the 0. 01 level (2-tailed). Comments As given in table above it is clear that sales are not much correlated with Advertisement. So regarding the results, it can be interpreted that advertisement are not going affect the sales much. Result preparation according to Sales and Marketing expense.

Correlations SalesMarketing expenses SalesPearson Correlation10. 898442773 Sig. (2-tailed) 1. 1275E-280 N781781 Marketing_expensesPearson Correlation0. 89844281 Sig. (2-tailed)1. 13E-280 N781781 **Correlation is significant at the 0. 01 level (2-tailed). Comments As given in table above it can be seen that the sales are correlated with marketing expense. So regarding the results, it can be interpreted that the sales can be improved if expense on marketing is increased. . Result preparation according to the expenses. Correlations ExpensesRM_expensesPowerAdvMarketing_expRnD_exp ExpensesPearson Correlation10. 9850577960. 674080. 636930. 8976056740. 7962161 Sig. (2-tailed) 004. 29E-902. 3254E-2793. 54E-172 N781781781781781781 RM_expensesPearson Correlation0. 985057810. 9625310. 5780110. 8780196760. 7988712 Sig. (2-tailed)0 08. 16E-711. 6921E-2513. 79E-174 N781781781781781781 PowerPearson Correlation0. 96740770. 96253072210. 5667750. 8626660120. 825219 Sig. (2-tailed)00 1. 43E-677. 9822E-2331. 87E-195 N781781781781781781 AdvPearson Correlation0. 63692970. 5780107820. 56677510. 5637946220. 4392384 Sig. (2-tailed)4. 288E-908. 16026E-711. 43E-67 9. 91689E-673. 572E-38 N781781781781781781 Marketing_expPearson Correlation0. 9760570. 8780196760. 8626660. 56379510. 6836317 Sig. (2-tailed)2. 33E-2791. 6921E-2518E-2339. 92E-67 1. 17E-108 N781781781781781781 RnD_expPearson Correlation0. 79621610. 7988712030. 8252190. 4392380. 6836316811 Sig. (2-tailed)3. 54E-1723. 7931E-1741. 9E-1953. 57E-381. 1722E-108 N781781781781781781 **Correlation is significant at the 0. 01 level (2-tailed). Comments As given in table above it can be seen that the overall expense is highly correlated with raw material expense, power and marketing expense. And it is quite less correlated with advertisement and R&D expense as compared to raw material and power.

So it can be stated that the companies in cotton textile industry more focus on raw material, power and marketing. And they expend very less on advertisement and R&D. Growth table for the industry from 1994 to 2007 YearSum of Sales 19941871. 46 19952645. 16 19963155. 41 19973212. 5 19983374. 89 19993550. 68 20004089. 23 20014095. 72 20024200. 49 20034702. 51 20044250. 59 20055169. 8 20065432. 45 20076206. 33 Cotton textile industry is growing consistently in India from 1994. And as per the available data we can say that Vardhman Textiles Ltd. Is the company with maximum market share in India.


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