Analysis of the extract from “The Fun They Had” Essay

The narrative under the rubric “The Fun They Had” was written by a extremely fecund American author. one of the three expansive Masterss of scientific discipline fiction – Isaac Asimov. The key in this text is lyrical. The subject is likely “the influence of engineering on the procedure of learning. ” In this narrative the writer uses conversational address and jargonized words. such as “gee. I guess. I betcha“ here. to demo us that these kids are instead ordinary. and looks similar as the kids of our age. The events of the narrative take topographic point in hereafter in 2157 twelvemonth. The narrative starts with two kids. Margie and Tommy by name. happening a “real” book. It seems really unusual for them to hold such book because they have merely screen books. The kids read about a type of a school which people had centuries ago where merely work forces were instructors. They have ne’er thought that a simple adult male could learn. Though so they understand it to be better and much cheerful to analyze in old types of schools where all kids sit together and make the same undertakings. But it is high clip for the kids to analyze and Margie goes to a schoolroom where a machine instructor is waiting for her. The narrative ends with Margie adding the fractions and believing about “those amusing schools” .

The chief characters of the narrative are 11 old ages old Margie and Tommy. who is 13 old ages old. The writer doesn’t depict them straight. but it doesn’t do us any difficult to understand what sort of people they are. Isaac Asimov shows us the character’s personalities through the actions. duologues and ideas. I see Tommy as a really serious male child who is fond of reading. In my position point Tommy is a funny male child because he has managed to happen a really old book in the Attic. He behaves with his immature sister small spot arrogantly. He considers him to be much cleverer and cognize more than she does. That is why he laughs at her incorrect suggestions. As for Margie. I sympathize with her. She seems to be a cagey miss no affair what points she has in geographics because it is her mechanical teacher’s mistake. She goes to analyze cognizing about old types of schools which seem to be decidedly better for. I think Margie feels a small covetous of the kids who study at that place. She is fed up with analyzing at place with a hardhearted mechanical instructor. She even wishes the instructor non to be put together after being taken apart by the County Inspector.

I think this fact proves her bad attitude to modern school. The narrative is written in simple linguistic communication. that’s why it’s rather easy to read it. The writer uses many names while depicting the children’s procedure of reading the book. Margie writes in her diary about a “real book” with “yellow and crinkled pages” . This epithets show us that the kids truly have ne’er seen such books with pages earlier. To depict Tommy’s attitude to Margie the writer uses names. Tommy looks at Margie with “superior eyes” . Using this stylistic device the writer shows us that Tommy thinks him to be cleverer than Margie. The narrative besides contains many exaggerations and similars. Tommy says that “their male parent knows every bit much as his teacher” .

But Margie doesn’t believe him. she can’t even conceive of that person can be every bit cagey as a mechanical instructor. The step “large and black and ugly” is used to stress that a mechanical instructor is merely a automaton non a existent adult male. This narrative. written by I. Asimov makes the reader to believe about the instruction procedure today. If we remember that it was written in the center of the twentieth century. we can state that the inside informations in this narrative are good chosen. I think that it has a certain purpose – to warn the reader about the possible hereafter jobs. because the epoch of Internet and broad spread of the computing machines has certain impact on our coevals. So. it is for us to make up one’s mind. which manner of instruction is better.


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