Analysis Of Various Dance Styles Drama Essay

Rumba is the most animal and most romantic of all Latin dances. It ‘s a dance that tells a narrative about love and fondness between a male lover and a bashful badgering adult female. The Rumba is a slow dance that is said to be the “ Grandfather “ of the Latin dances and the dance of love. To draw off a great rhumba terpsichoreans must demo a really soft hip. When dancing this dance terpsichoreans must ne’er make heels take all stairss are taken utilizing the balls of the pess and the walks should be strong and consecutive. The original Rumba originated from African slaves during the sixteenth century but during WW2 another dance known as “ The Son ” became popular in Cuba it was still the Rumba but slower.

Paso Doble

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Analysis Of Various Dance Styles Drama Essay
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“ Paso Doble ” significance dual measure in Spanish is the most masculine and dramatic dance of all Latin dances. Traditionally the Paso Doble is about the matador killing the bull in which the adult male is the matador and the adult females is either the ness or the bull. This dance is different from other Latin dances because it did n’t come from Latin America it originated from southern France but it is modeled after the play, motion and sound of the Spanish corrida, because the dance came from France the stairss are in French. In Paso Doble at that place has to be tenseness between the terpsichoreans and terpsichoreans take strong stairss frontward and include artistic manus motions.

Samba is a merriment, fast and energetic party dance from Brazil ‘s Rio Carnaval. This dance non like the other 1s is made up of different South American dances incorporated into one. It requires a batch of hip action and is meant to look bouncy and effortless. It is the hardest dance of all Latin dances. Samba begun in Brazil in the nineteenth century and it is performed as a street dance at Brazil ‘s carnaval. Samba is really popular in Rio and in the United States. It was foremost introduced in the U.S in 1933. Samba is danced by utilizing the balls of the pess. Many samba dances include a move called Botafogo. The basic measure is called a Volta.


Sensual, Passionate, fast and all about the hips the Mambo is a merriment dance that has Cuban and African beat. It originated from the Haitians life in Cuba. Mambo is popular around the universe as both a competitory and societal dance.




The Waltz is danced all over the universe whether in nuptialss, parties or competitions. It is a really elegant dance that is meant to look effortless and graceful. In Waltz your position, frame, and pes work have to be first-class to do it look pleasant. Throughout the dance twosomes must lift, autumn, and turn while maintaining a closed clasp. The character for this dance should be romantic, smooth, and gentle. The word Waltz comes from the German word “ Waltzen ” which means to turn. The Waltz originated in the seventeenth century in southern Germany and so became popular in France and England.


Tango is one of the most challenging Ballroom dances. It ‘s a really passionate and really seductive dance. Tango is one of the most common and authoritative dance hall dances worldwide. Most people that watch the tango get easy confused with the argentine tango. Even though the tango is inspired by the argentine tango they are both wholly different dances in which the argentine tango is more passionate and fiery while the tango is a more progressive dance. The Tango originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the late nineteenth Century. The narrative behind the tango is that the Gauchos would sit their Equus caballuss all twenty-four hours and subsequently would travel to the saloon and dance with the ladies and since they had n’t showered they would normally dance with their faces off from each other.


The Foxtrot is a really posh and really elegant dance. It is similar to the quickstep but slower. It is one of the most popular dance hall dances in history. It ‘s known for its smooth manner. The fox-trot was developed in the 1920s in the United States. It was invented by American vaudeville histrion Harry Fox who performed it with his married woman on a regular basis at shows in New York. As a consequence People fell in love with its smooth motions. In Foxtrot the slow stairss are performed with the heel while the speedy stairss are performed with the toe. The timing in fox-trot is really of import.



The Quickstep is a fast and happy dance with hard footwork. It is the fastest dance hall dance but merriment and easy to larn. This dance originated in a topographic point that does n’t be now-a-days, called Black Bottom in Detroit. During the 1920 ‘s while people danced the fox-trot many sets would play the music excessively fast for them to maintain up and so finally over clip a fast version was formed. Like the Foxtrot Quickstep is elegant. In Quickstep in must include fast boots, and smooth gliding action. The basic feel of the Quickstep is Slow-Quick-Quick-Slow where the “ Quick ” is performed on the balls of the pess and the ‘Slow ” on the heel. To do this dance expression effortless terpsichoreans must be light on their pess.


The costumes in dancing are every bit of import as the dance. And like the dance the costumes are complex.

If you have the right music and the right stage dancing but the incorrect costume the whole dance is traveling to look wholly off. The costumes should assist state the narrative of the dance.

Dance costumes have changed so much since the nineteenth century adult females ‘s frocks have gotten shorter, more telling and are showier. And work forces ‘s pants were more fitted.

The costumes in dancing take a piece to plan and do as they are so hard and frequently have a batch of forms and sequences. So shows like Dancing with the stars, purely come dance and many more normally design their costumes at least 6 months in advanced. Latin and dance hall dance costumes are wholly different from each other. Ballroom dance costumes work forces were tuxedos sometimes with dress suits and adult females wear long-mid half frocks because dance hall costumes ca n’t be brassy but have to be light, long, and non glitzy so it can foreground the narrative and manner of dance. While the Latin dances have to be short, alien, and glitzy to demo how spicy the dance is. For this type of dance adult females wear short colorful frocks with a batch of sequences and rhinestones while the work forces wear shirts and pants.

The makeup is besides of import. In dance hall is soft but in Latin it ‘s more dramatic





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