Analysis of Vegetables Essay

ANALYSIS OF VEGETABLES AND FRUITS INTRODUCTION Human body is like an engine. To keep it going we must provide it with the right kind of fuel. This is balanced food. A balanced diet is one which consists of the correct proportions of the five basic ingredients of good nutrition that is carbohydrates, fats, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins. The knowledge of various essential constituents of food and the food materials in which these ingredients are available is must. Deficiency of any of these essential ingredients leads to many diseases.

For example, calcium and phosphorus are required for the formation of bones and teeth deficiency of these causes the decay of teeth and bones. Deficiency of iron causes anemia. Lack of iodine causes goiter. So it is necessary that the food we eat be selected carefully. Besides wheat, rice and milk, fruits and vegetables form an important part of balanced diet. They contain minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins. We are advised by doctors to include more vegetables and fruits in our diets, Therefore, study could be undertaken to investigate the constituents of various fruits and vegetables.

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Analysis of Vegetables Essay
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OBJECTIVE OF PROJECT To plan for the balanced diet, knowledge of various ingredients of fruits and vegetables is necessary. In this project, we aim to have knowledge about the contents of different fruits. REQUIREMENTS Test-Tubes, burner litmus paper laboratory reagents juices of various fruits and vegetables. PROCEDURE 1. TEST OF ACIDITY Take 5ml each of various fruit and vegetable juices in different test-tubes and dip ph paper in them. If ph is less than 7 juice is acidic and if ph is more than juice is basic. . TEST FOR PROTEIN Take 2ml of juice in a test-tube add 2ml of ninhydrin solution and heat. Blue color confirms the presence of protein. 3. TEST FOR STARCH Take 2ml of juice in a test-tube and add few drops of iodine solution. Blue color shows presence of starch. 4. TEST FOR CARBOHYDRATES FEHLINGS LAW To 2ml of juice add 1ml of fehling solution a and 1ml of fehling solution b and boil. Red ppt. indicates the presence of reducing sugars like maltose, glucose, fructose and lactose.


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