Analysis Project On General Electric International Accounting Essay

The subject I have chosen for my Research and Analysis Project is Topic 17 – The Quality of Corporate Governance within an organisation and the impact on an organisation ‘s cardinal stakeholders ” . The recent Corporate Scandals and evident addition in Corporate Fraud, specifically Enron, Arthur Anderson and Barings bank, ( LSBF 2009, p.12 ) have led to an increased duty of companies to adhere with corporate administration rules. It aims to foreground the consequence I can perchance hold on a company ‘s cardinal stakeholders.

Corporate Administration can comprehensively be defined as the ”System by which companies are directed and controlled ” ( Cadbury Report s2.5, 1992 ) . Harmonizing to Organization of Economic and Corporate Development ( OECD ) ,

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Analysis Project On General Electric International Accounting Essay
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” Corporate Governance involves a set of relationships with company ‘s direction, its board, stockholders and other stakeholders. Corporate Governance provides the construction through which aims of the company are set and the agencies of achieving those aims and monitoring public presentation are determined ” ( OECD Principles of Corporate Governance, Preamble 2004 )

The Company chosen for the analysis is GENERAL ELECTRIC INTERNATIONAL ( hereon referred to as GE Intl. ) . It is an American based Company which focuses towards the substructure and finance to run into today ‘s demands and turning demands in health care, information engineering etc. Its operations are widespread and the company offers concerns in Lighting, transit, industrial merchandises, power transmittal and medical equipment. GE started off with an invention of Electric Light Bulb by Thomas A. Edison and his company in 1878 which subsequently merged into General Electric Company subsequently in 1892. It has a huge Global concern and has been in operation for over 125 old ages! GE employs more than 300,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 100 states across the Globe. ( Dave Mote, n.d ) .

Reasons for taking the subject:

Prior Knowledge

The ground I chose this subject was chiefly due to my old cognition in this country. The cognition and construct I acquired sing this subject in my old ACCA documents specifically F8 and P1, motivated me to delve in deep in this concern country. Furthermore due to recent corporate fiscal failures started in 2000, besides urged me to research the relationship between Corporate Governance and the public presentation of the organisation and how it leads to success of the company by adhering to outdo patterns.

Current Issues

Corporate Governance is an of import issue in today ‘s universe and has a huge impact on the operations of different concerns around the universe. It is of import for companies to take its significance into consideration as it may impact company ‘s public presentation and its impact of the stakeholders. This made me recognize its importance and how I might utilize this cognition to heighten my hereafter chances and excel in my calling.

Reasons for taking the organisation

Relevant Information

GE Intl. is a well-known organisation around the universe and has been in operation for many old ages. I was acute you know about the company ‘s historical background and research it futher.


I ‘m besides cognizant of a figure of electronic families that I used in my place are a merchandise of GE, yet another ground for taking and cognizing more about this organisation.

Company Know-how

Furthermore, my male parent is an employee in GE Pakistan so it was yet a once more a good beginning for me to acquire to cognize more about the organisation, its operations and policies, and gather every bit much information as I can to intensify my understanding about its administration construction and direction.

Project Objective and Research Question

Undertaking Aims

Under this subdivision, undertaking aims will be set out taking at the achievement of these aims.

Here under are the aims sing my Research and Analysis Report: –

To transport out an analysis about the extent to which corporate Administration contributes to sound public presentation in GE.

To measure the degree of flexibleness and extent of the control environment in GE to lend to good CG patterns.

To measure the possible impact, of following such patterns, on the stakeholders.

Analyze consequence of Good Governance patterns on company ‘s fiscal public presentation.

To place any non-compliance to the Corporate Governance Code and measure the grounds of non-compliance.

Research Questions

A research inquiry is an of import portion of a research as it guides our statements in a manner to catch the involvement of the referee.

Following could be the possible research inquiries for this Blame: –

Is GE following the Code of Corporate Governance efficaciously?

To what extent does the corporate direction follows its Governance Principles and complies with Codes of Corporate Governance and best pattern?

Is GE efficaciously placing and carry throughing the demands of its stakeholders?

What impact does the Corporate Governance rules might hold on the stakeholders identified?

Overall Research Approach

My research is based on the aggregation of information from different beginnings such as cyberspace, books, diaries, newspapers etc.

A comparing is besides carried out with the Company ‘s conformity with Sarbanes Oxley Act “ the Act ” every bit good as New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) Rules with Company ‘s ain patterns.

The Research is chiefly based on the secondary beginning of information as it was comparatively easier and cheaper to transport out. Other than that, the primary beginning of information was difficult to roll up due to certain restrictions discussed further in the undertaking.

There will be less trust on the Information obtained from General Electric ‘s web site. However, it will merely be used to analyse it ‘s conformity with ‘the Act ‘ and NYSE Rules on corporate Administration.

There is besides some usage of Tables, Pie charts and Smart Art to assist do information more meaningful and let the reader to understand of import countries of research.

Since the subject I chose tends to affect more of non-financial analysis, the research I undertook besides involves a spot of fiscal analysis every bit good. For case, Ratio Analysis was used to compare information between companies as to how the financials are affected because of conformity with the Corporate Governance Principles.

Part 2:

Information Gathering and Accounting/Business Techniques

( 1,518 Wordss )

Beginnings of Information

The two widely known beginnings of garnering information are Primary and Secondary Sources of Information. It all depends on the research worker as to which beginning is appropriate to utilize since there are some restrictions attached to it every bit good. The following are the two chief types:

Primary Information

“ Primary informations or information is the information that is collected for the first clip, used for work outing the peculiar job under probe ” . ( Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2011 )

This information or information can be collected through interviews, intensive observation and studies ( Jennifer Neel, 2011 ) . It focuses on cardinal issues and enables the research worker to show indifferent and original informations. However this type of informations aggregation is clip devouring, dearly-won and may do trouble to measure and analyse since the sum of information is really big ( Blurtit, 2012 ) and due to these ground, primary beginning of information was non used in the research I carried out for this undertaking.

Secondary Information

Secondary informations are the informations gathered and recorded by person else prior to the current research. These normally are historical and are already assembled ( Zikmund and Babin, 2006 ) . For illustration, the information available on the cyberspace is chiefly collected by person else but used by the research worker as secondary information.

In my research, secondary beginnings of information were extensively used to garner information due to restricted clip and committedness with surveies that restricted me to transport out primary research. I focused on the usage of electronic beginnings such every bit cyberspace every bit good as some text books and different articles were besides referred to transport out the research.

Methods used to roll up information


Internet was one of the major beginnings used to garner information for this undertaking and was widely used to back up the aims of this Research. Many well-known web sites and hunt engines were used to get information such as Google, Yahoo etc. Due to clip restrictions and to accelerate the procedure of research, cyberspace every bit good as other e-sources was used to transport out the research.

Furthermore, Information required about the organization- GE, such as history, fiscal statements, one-year studies and Governance Principles etc. were obtained straight from the company ‘s official web site.


Library was besides one of the methods used to roll up limited information. Information associating to the Corporate Governance, in general, was gathered by researching different books, particularly ACCA survey text books. Furthermore, my University ‘s library: Tun Hussein Onn Library, has e-search installation every bit good that allowed me non merely to garner needed information but besides made the undertaking rather easy and speedy. Since the research subject was already covered in my old surveies, I had the cognition about the chapters in text book which save rather a spot of clip.

Proxy Statement

GE ‘s Annual meeting and placeholder statement was easy available from the company ‘s web site and was used to acquire cognize how about the company ‘s corporate Administration Practices.

Restrictions of information assemblage

Since the research was undertaken utilizing chiefly the secondary resources, it had some restrictions every bit good to cover with. Some of them are as follows:

Inaccuracy of Information

As it is known that secondary informations is collected by the individual other than the research worker himself, such information is likely to hold mistakes and might non be accurate. Hence, to avoid any opportunities of inaccurate information, I preferred utilizing information available in GE ‘s Annual Report and the general information from the official web site. To guarantee that the information is precise, GE retained KPMG ( Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler ) to scrutinize their amalgamate fiscal statements for the twelvemonth 2011 ( Proxy Statement, 2012 ) , which besides enhanced the dependability of the information used in this research.

Biasness of Information

It is reasonably much likely that the information gathered from, e.g. secondary beginnings, may good incorporate biasness due to the fact that the writer of the information may take to picture a better image of the topic being researched about. It was of import to for me to take attention of merely the information that was free from biasness and was consistent with my research inquiries so I could utilize it in my research work. Therefore, trust was non placed entirely on GE ‘s official web site.

Obsolete & A ; Outdated information

Information taken from secondary beginnings might hold been collected a long clip back and may take to obsolescence due to the dynamic concern environment. This would possibly do a restriction to my research work in such a manner that the information I used from analyzing class books and other relevant books available in the library may incorporate old and out-of-date information. In today ‘s environment, things are altering quickly and it is reasonably much likely that in these fortunes even the most recent information is a bit difficult to happen.

Ethical Issues during Information Gathering

Oxford Brookes University requires all the pupils working on their Research and Analysis undertaking to follow with the University ‘s Code of Practice ‘Ethical Standards for Research, affecting Human Participants ‘ ( ACCA Global, 2012 ) . Section 3 of ACCA rulebook stresses upon the codification of moralss and behavior and emphasizes all the members to use moralss cardinal rules in pattern. The five rules include unity, objectiveness, professional competency and due attention, confidentiality and professional behaviour ( Code of Ethics, 2011 ) .

Integrity and Plagiarism

Integrity is one and instead of import cause of plagiarism. It requires us to be honest, just and true in all our dealing and concern relationships ( Code of Ethics, 2011 ) .

Literally, Plagiarism can be defined as “ pilfering of a individual ‘s thoughts or words and utilizing that information as your ain ” ( Business Dictionary, 2012 ) . It was deemed necessary for me to fix my research and Analysis undertaking with sufficient information and supply relevant mentions to avoid the menace to plagiarism. The De Montfort University Student Regulations ( DMU Student Regulations 2009, p.03 ) states that “ plagiarism is the important usage of the work and cognition of other persons and subjecting that information as if it was their ain work ” . In order to mention proper mentions, I was required to utilize the Harvard System of References in my undertaking. Referencing is of import for a figure of grounds but basically “ To admit other people ‘s thoughts ” and “ To let the reader to turn up the cited mentions with easiness and assist them to measure the reading of those thoughts ” ( ACCA Global, 2012 ) .


Many organisations are hesitating to supply all the information to the populace and have to maintain some important information confidential. However, being a pupil I did non confront any such ethical issue sing the aggregation of information for GE since the research was inclined more towards secondary information.

Apart from the above issue, it is even more of import to hold a set aim and a proper frame of head to set about any research and analyze information without any hinderance of ethical quandary. Hence, to guarantee that everything corsets on the right way, I based my research on the information collected from reliable and dependable beginnings that helped me measure the relevant information accurately and efficaciously.

Accounting / Business Techniques used and their Restrictions

Following the Code of Best Practice

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 ( SOX )

New York Stock Exchange Listing Requirements ( NYSE Rules ) .

GE ‘s Governance Principles.

Conformity with Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) .

However, there originate a figure of restrictions every bit good as to how the rules were applied and complied with by GE. GE ‘s Board of Directors ”Recognizes that there is an on-going and energetic argument about corporate Administration ” ( GE, 2012 ) . The company has its ain set of Governance Principles and allows an one-year reappraisal of these rules alternatively of holding stiff and unchanging Rules.

Use of Mendelow Matrix

“ Mendelow ( 1991 ) developed a model to assist analyze stakeholder power and involvement ” ( Norton, 2008 ) . “ Mendelow Matrix helps to place the relationships that should be built between different stakeholders ” ( Dalton and Best, 2006 ) . The stakeholders ‘ place can be identified utilizing Mendelow Matrix and it depends on chiefly two factors: Power and influence. For elaborate analysis and right designation of GE ‘s Stakeholder, this technique was brought into usage.

However, there ‘s a possibility that the figure of different stakeholders in a peculiar quarter-circle could be more than one which can ensue in struggles in determination devising procedure and hinder advancement ( Campbell, 2008, p.46 ) . Additionally, it emphasizes more on the 1 ‘s which have high power and involvement and those stakeholders with less influence are merely ignored.

Figure 1 below illustrates the Mendelow Matrix.

Minimal attempt

Keep informed

Keep satisfied

Key participants







Figure 1: Mendelow Framework

( Mendelow Framework cited in Campbell, 2008, p.46 )

Ratio Analysis

Despite the fact that my subject involves qualitative analysis, narrow application of ratio analysis was required to warrant whether good corporate administration contributed to good public presentation of GE, therefore limited figure of ratios were used.

However there are some restrictions attached to ratio analysis. For case, frequent alteration in monetary value degrees may impact the cogency of of ratios for different clip periods. Besides, similar concerns use different accounting processs which can do comparing with other companies hard every bit good as misleading ( Accounting for Management, 2012 ) .

Caroll ‘s Pyramid

Part 3

Consequences, analysis, decisions and recommendations

( 2,645 Wordss )


General Electric International Inc.

General Electric is a listed company in New York Stock Exchange and has its central offices situated in Fairfield, Connecticut USA. Since the organisation is American based, GE int’l is required to follow the US corporate Governance rules. Such regulations and rules have been stated in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 ( SOX ) .

The analysis on this research focuses on the CG rules followed by GE Int’l under SOX and company ‘s conformity with NYSE and SEC severally.

Conformity with Corporate Governance Framework:

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 ( “ the Act ” )

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 ( “ the Act ” ) amends the U.S securities and other Torahs in a important ways. Due to the autumn of Enron, Arthur Anderson and WorldCom etc. there was a demand to go through an Act that could alter and standardise accounting and other abnormalities in response to the public call. The Act changed corporate coverage, ordinances for audit houses, Corporate Governance every bit good as the duties of managers and officers. The act has commissariats that have been enhanced by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ( “ The Exchange Act ” ) , this will be scrutinized subsequently in the analysis ( Lander, 2003 ) .

“ The Act is compulsory and is required to be followed by all US and non-US listed Companies. Conformity with the statute law need non be a dashing undertaking, like every other regulative demand it should be addressed with thorough survey and proper analysis ” ( Sox Law, 2006 ) . The Securities and Exchange Commission ‘s study ( SEC, 2009 ) on SOX states the importance of ‘section 404 ‘ which is viewed to hold a high cost of conformity as compared with other ordinances which tend to hold a more flexible rules based attack.

Keeping everything in position, the Act did convey some advantage to the companies in the U.S as stated in ( Forbes, 2003 ) that SOX developed the Public Company Accounting and Oversight Board ( PCAOB ) “ to guarantee the accounting statements are audited harmonizing to the independent criterions ” . It is certain that conformity costs have increased but the act did hold some positive effects on the administration every bit good. ( Forbes, 2003 )

GE besides stated in their Annual study of 2007 in relation to the acceptance of corporate administration rules that the audit Committee within GE reviews the demands under the subdivision of ‘the act ‘ , as explained supra, every bit good as its conformity with GE ‘s ain policies and other applicable Torahs ( GE Principles, 2007 ) .

Sarbanes Oxley is a regulation based attack and has more rigorous demands as compared to the UK Corporate Governance Code, ground being there is more flexibleness in conformity under UK CGC as it is the rules based attack of Governance.

Chairman and CEO:

Jeffery R. Immelt is the current president and CEO for GE International wining John F. Welch, Jr. in 2001 and has retained the rubric since so ( GE Leadership, 2012 ) . The function of president has been clearly stated in the UK Combined codification ( Financial Reporting Council 2010, p.10 ) as being responsible for sound leading on the board every bit good as guaranting effectivity of the function. Harmonizing to Garten ( 2001, p.5 ) the main executive officers or the “ top executives, lead the organisations with tremendous range ” .

GE tends to lodge with this political orientation of holding individual individual being the Chief executive officer every bit good as the president of the board. Even though many companies in the U.S are dividing the functions of CEO and Chairman, get downing from 27 % in 2004 to 40 % until 2011, and deriving impulse, GE has non yet split the functions and considers double function to be more effectual. As per the demands of U.S Securities Exchange Commission ( SEC ) , rational logical thinking is required to be explained to the investors by all public Companies for leting a individual to manage both the functions.

Despite the fact that proposals were made by the possible stockholders against the double leading function, the board believes, stated in their corporate administration rules, that the combined function provides an effectual construction that ensures effectual inadvertence by the independent board than an independent president ( Proxy Statement, 2004 ) . This, at the same clip, besides ensures the fulfilment of account required by SEC to be provided to the stockholders of the company.

Furthermore, stockholders are of the position that one individual functioning both places might besides impede the board ‘s ability to supervise CEO ‘s public presentation. In response to this, the board believes that the company ‘s overall corporate administration rules and patterns serve to minimise any possible struggles that may originate due to the combine function of president and CEO. They farther believe that one individual can take and talk for the company and the board more efficaciously and expeditiously ( Proxy Statement, 2012 ) .

Therefore, it is of import for companies to demo independency and objectiveness in their organisational construction, hence GE does non look to follow the political orientation of independent functions of CEO and president holding stated legit grounds under the jurisprudence of Compliance.

Directors Independence

Director ‘s independency has grown into importance after the prostration of Enron and other major houses in the U.S. SOX has laid great importance on the manager ‘s independency and enforces them to be separate from the direction to forestall biasness and other direction maltreatments from happening. Harmonizing to Dravis ( 2007 ) , independent managers can supply a better inadvertence to the company and a good chance to get the better of ‘wishful thought and loss antipathy influences ‘ on the determination devising.

The NYSE regulations, subdivision 303A, besides require the listed companies to hold bulk of independent managers to avoid any struggles of involvement on the board. Additionally it requires revelations in the company ‘s signifier 10-K ( to be filed with SEC ) and any non-compliance must be specifically explained ( NYSE, 2003 ) .

GE has a healthy set of Governance Principles that besides cover the independency of managers. The company seeks to hold at least one tierce of its board to be independent. The guidelines established by GE besides assist in finding independency harmonizing to NYSE listing regulations every bit good. In this regard, GE complies with the SOX guidelines on the board independency stated in Section 101 of the Act. Furthermore the company believes in transparence of its policies and operations and demands revelation in its proxy statements upon conformity with NYSE Listing Rules ( GE Governance, 2012 ) .

The figure of Directors on the board of GE ranges between 13 and 17 spread across the bomber board commissions. They are elected yearly through a nomination procedure in the one-year meeting with stockholders. Presently the board consists of 16 Independent Directors of a sum of 18 under GE ‘s independency guidelines and NYSE guidelines except for Mr. Jeffrey Immelt who is the president of the board, CEO every bit good as Public Responsibilities Committee Member ( GE Independence, 2012 ) .

This nevertheless impairs board manager ‘s independency of runing multiple functions, therefore taking to answerability issues. As discussed earlier, GE and Mr. Immelt should see this fact and should move independently in company ‘s operations.

Board Committees, Composition and its patterns:

Since the US Corporate jurisprudence recommends for a individual board construction in the listed companies in U.S, GE adopts the same unitary board construction without any supervisory or direction board. The Co. ‘s board consists of a figure of sub board commissions established to execute specific operations. This is illustrated in the Figure below.

Figure 1: General Electric Sub Board Committees, ( GE Committees, 2012 )

All the commissions are chaired by several individuals and hold meetings in concurrence with the full board ( GE, 2012 ) . Section 4 of GE ‘s Governance Principles states that the Committees are delegated with certain duties to transport out the undertakings efficaciously and “ help the board in supervising reputational hazards ” ( GE Governance s.4, 2012 ) .

The board of GE consists of forces with highest degree of unity, values and unity which is in line with the Section 10 ( vitamin E ) of Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 which states that the board must hold 5 persons who possess a certain degree of unity and demonstrate committedness in the best involvement of investors.

The Following Pie chart shows the board composing of GE.

Figure 2: Board Composition of General Electric

Harmonizing to subdivision 5 of GE ‘s Governance Principles ( 2012 ) , board managers are nominated twelvemonth by twelvemonth by its stockholders. It is of import for the board to name members who have the ability to take GE ‘s Business in the visible radiation of Success and uninterrupted Growth.

It is hence necessary to hold forces that have the right balance and mix of accomplishments, experience and cognition to function and take the board efficaciously and guarantee company ‘s smooth patterned advance in the long tally.

Board Meetings and Attendance:

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Types, composing ( pie charts ) , independency, assignments, consult proxy statement

No. of Meetings ( tabular arraies ) . & A ; attending ( acc to NYSE, sec, sox, FRC study? )

Refer to BY-LAWS file

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Directors in Committees and indep conformity with NYSE, FRC and SOX

Ombudsperson Procedure:

In add-on to and in relation with the Corporate Governance Principles adopted by GE, the company besides lays great accent on the ombudsperson procedure which adds to the unity of the company. The company has the policy to take disciplinary action against the employees who do non describe the suspected or known concern to the board. Such issues are chiefly reported to the Audit Committee ( GE Ombudsperson Process, 2009 ) .

This adds to Corporate Governance in such a manner that it enables an organisation to connote good patterns within the civilization and ensures effectual administration takes topographic point. Likewise, holding this civilization – moralss are given much importance that it allows the employees to move professionally by showing honestness and trust.Moreover ; it enables the company to assist employees raise inquiries with assurance therefore adding to overall unity. This analysis farther relates to the aim ( 2 ) of this undertaking by guaranting accent is laid on the effectivity of company ‘s internal control environment.

The undermentioned chart categorizes the concerns raised twelvemonth by twelvemonth and shows the company ‘s ability to extenuate the figure of misconducts throughout the five twelvemonth period by taking disciplinary actions.







Fair Employment Practices






Conflicts of Interest






International Trade Controls






Security & A ; Crisis Management






Regulatory Excellence*




Business Records ( T & A ; L, Time & A ; Attend )






Environment, Health & A ; Safety






Routines, Documentation Internal Measurements






Supplier Relationships






Improper Payments












Controllership ( Accounting, Fin. Reporting, Billing )






Intellectual Property












Working with Governments






Complying with Competition Laws






Other Integrity Concerns






Figure 3: Ombudsperson concerns by Area ( studies per Policy ) , ( GE Ombudsperson Process, 2009 )

As this adds to moralss, subdivision 406 of Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 every bit good as Securities Exchange Act of 1934 requires the revelation of ethical behavior of senior fiscal officers. SOX ( “ the Act ” ) , defines codification of moralss as the act that “ promotes honest and ethical behavior, including the handling of existent or evident struggles of involvement between personal and professional relationships ” ( SOX sec.406, 2002 ) .

Hence it can be said that GE efficaciously demonstrates a civilization of unity and moralss, in conformity with SOX, through its ombudsperson procedure. However there have been some ethical Acts of the Apostless by the company prior to the debut of The SOX Act of 2002, but since the company complies with the current ordinances, non much accent is laid on the past issues in this analysis.


hypertext transfer protocol: //

Proxy Statement pg. 36

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Comparison with rivals e.g. Siemens, Sony, Emerson

Any Compensation Disclosure req?

Any unfavorable judgment?


Whistle Blowing:

Whistleblowing can be defined as “ an act of a individual who overrides the involvement of an entity he serves for the best involvement of the populace, by blowing the whistling publically if he believes the entity is involved in an illegal or deceitful activity ” ( Lewis, 2001 )

Section 806 of SOX includes a proviso from the United States Code which focuses on supplying protection to the whistle blower. It includes mentioning of certain limitation on the Acts of the Apostless of employers who may know apart the employee in “ footings and status of employment ” even if they do the lawful act ( )

Having a codification of behavior and Underscoring the civilization of moralss within the organisation constitutes greater degree of Corporate Governance in the Company. GE has had this civilization for many old ages and has policies sing any GE ‘s Conduct, accounting policies, internal controls or scrutinizing affairs. GE welcomes its employees to turn to the issues with the presiding manager or the audit commission.

As discussed earlier in subdivision 3.2.5 of this research, ombudsperson is one of import procedure that GE adopts to let employees describe abnormalities and their concerns to the direction. However, holding the procedure and a civilization may non needfully intend that everything is working up to the criterions and everyone is following, it is nevertheless necessary to non let any misconduct or affect in any illegal act that may give rise to whistle blowers taking action.

Furthermore, non much importance was given to whistleblowing procedure before the Global crisis arose and the debut of SOX Act when there no ‘stringent regulations ‘ like the manner SOX requires companies to follow today. GE avoided to acquire involved in illegal Acts of the Apostless since so as the cost of conformity can be reasonably dearly-won to bear one time non followed.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

GE happens to hold control over cut downing whistleblower concerns in late twentieth century but did hold to confront judicial proceeding and finally pay amendss in the mid-1992, amounting to $ 13.4m, for the illegal sale of Fighter Jets to Israel. The undermentioned way could be followed by the whistle blowers to raise any unity concerns within General Electric International.

Figure 4: General Electric Concern Reporting Channel ( The Spirit & A ; The Letter, p.11 2012 )

Hence, GE must hold realized the importance of whistle blowers actions and what it could take the company into. The strength of this procedure could be judged from the Ombudsperson Chart provided in the appendix as to how GE controlled and resolved the issues raised with clip.

It avoided any such actions later on but surely breached the regulations of ‘the act ‘ for which it had to bear a heavy cost.

Audit Committee

GE ‘s audit commission holds the duty of reappraisal the fiscal coverage procedure whereas the direction is chiefly responsible for keeping equal internal fiscal controls for the readying of fiscal statements ( Proxy Statement, 2012 ) . The commission consists of 6 members in entire with Douglas A.Warner III being the president. Furthermore the chair of the commission has the authorization to pre-approve any audit or non-audit services on behalf of the commission if a individual battle exceeds $ 1m.

General Electric has been basking audit and other services from KPMG since rather a long clip, in fact a 100 old ages! This has raised legion issues in the media for achieving non-audit services from the same audit house.

Sarbanes Oxley act of 2002 ballads great accent on the rotary motion of audit spouses every 5 old ages. Section 203 of this act enforces that it is against the jurisprudence for an audit house to supply audit services to the client if the audit spouse has reviewed the audit, performed audit services, for the client in each of the old 5 financial old ages of that client.

The Company besides got off with a proposal which was supposed to be included in 2012 proxy statement sing compulsory hearer rotary motion at the “ industrial Giant ” which was allowed by SEC non to take action against and merely take from the statement, ground being the proposals are meant to cover with merely “ ordinary Business operations ” ( Blog ) Thus, no action was taken.

It is stressed in the corporate administration regulations and the lessons learnt from the autumn of Enron and Arthur Anderson as to non reiterate the same errors or patterns that could ensue in future judicial proceeding and finally prostration of the company. GE does non look to stay by this regulation and was faced with unfavorable judgment and brawny mulct amounting to $ 50 million to Securites Exchange Commission ( SEC ) for net incomes use through accounting- right under the olfactory organ of KPMG ( Blog ) .

Harmonizing to the Forbes magazine, an article was published in late January this twelvemonth which stated that KPMG earned 10 per centum of their entire audit fees from General Electric in relation to revenue enhancement services without holding any direct or indirect connexion to audit. However, every bit far as conformity with the regulations under Sarbanes- Oxley Act is concerned, these services should ne’er hold been provided in the first topographic point ( Forbes, 2012 ) . Even though they got off with the all right, such revenue enhancements and dealingss with the audit houses should non be adopted.

Therefore, in relation to objective ( 1 ) and ( 4 ) of this research study, it can be sagely said that GE did non follow with certain regulations and ordinances sing audit which affects the grade of its Corporate Administration.

Code of Ethical motives

Objective ( 2 ) of this research can be related to this sub subdivision as good moralss contribute to effectiveness in control environment. Having a civilization of moralss in an organisation enables it to take rigorous actions against any unethical act whether external or internal. As a company grows and becomes more powerful, as in this research General Electric ‘s humungous concern growing around the universe, moralss become progressively of import ( eHow, 2012 ) .

It is besides stated in subdivision 12 of GE ‘s Governance Principles that it has this civilization of moralss and expects its officers and employees to move ethically at all times and follow their several codification. If there exists any struggle of involvement or unethical behaviour occurs, the managers are permitted inform CEO. Additionally, SOX besides lays great accent on the ethical behaviour as discussed earlier in Ombudsperson Process subdivision.

The undermentioned list shows the clauses in GE ‘s Code of Conduct which emphasizes on “ obeying the applicable Torahs and ordinances regulating our concern behavior worldwide ”

Figure 5: GE Code of Conduct ( The Spirit & A ; The Letter, 2008 )

Having said that, GE has had a good history of concern moralss but at the same clip there were some unsmooth times when the company got involved in Acts of the Apostless that were considered to be unethical. One of the ethical instances against GE was in 1999 when in Chicago, GE collected Debts from its consumers by unjust agencies and was ordered by jurisprudence to reimburse them and this amounted to $ 147m! ( web log )

hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20pay % 20for % 20GE, % ID=28029

Therefore, the analysis shows how it may impact the stakeholders, consumers in this instance, and the administration in GE.

Relationss with Stockholders and Disclosures

Disclosure is an of import portion of good corporate administration as it allows decrease in information dissymmetry every bit good as more unfastened communicating and position of the company ‘s public presentation is available to the stockholders. Sections 401-409 of Sarbanes-Oxley act besides stresses upon enhanced revelations by the company in assorted facets including internal controls and other fiscal information etc. GE meets this demand by registering revelations to the SEC in its signifier 10-K. The most recent revelations made by the co. harmonizing to NYSE includes (! ! )

It is every bit of import as appropriate revelations to hold strong relationship with the stockholders of the company as they may hold an consequence on the company indirectly by the power of their ballots. GE believes to hold a healthy relationship with all its stockholders and determines to hold one-year meetings for treatment of proposals and election of managers. Article 7 of the company ‘s By-Laws besides stresses on the frequent and timely meetings with the stockholders to guarantee effectual communicating.

Furthermore, GE besides tends to hold a sequence program for the place of CEO in its administration rules which is required to be reviewed from clip to clip. In instance of sequence, the board ‘s initial mark is to place internal replacement for the place of CEO, otherwise it maintains an exigency sequence program to put to death in exigencies. Having said that, GE seems to “ disregard ” such ‘rule ‘ every bit good as the proposals made by the stockholders about the combined function of CEO and president every twelvemonth. This has raised leading concerns and ferocity amongst the stockholders that company does non look to hold any marks of sequence of Mr. Jeff Immelt as the CEO in close hereafter.

Therefore, GE does follow with the revelation and communicating with stockholders demands reasonably good apart from the sequence of CEO. Stockholders have raised concerns about this in about every proxy statements but have need been voted FOR in the meetings.

Impact of CG patterns on Key stakeholders of GE


Stakeholder is “ any person or a group of person who can impact and be affected by the policies, patterns and operations of an organisation ” ( Polonsky, 2005 ) . Sing nonsubjective 3 of my research study, cardinal stakeholders of General Electric will be identified and the impact of Corporate Governance on these stakeholders will be discussed here under.

General Electric Stakeholders Analysis

Good Corporate Administration is likely to hold a positive impact on the cardinal stakeholders of a company as it is believed that the company is managed and run harmonizing to the several administration rules.

Stakeholders play an of import portion in public presentation and running of every organisation. It is importance for entities to clearly place, sort and see the demand and wants of its stakeholders to guarantee smooth advancement in the market.

The diagram below illustrates the acknowledgment of GE Stakeholders as to how they can be classified into external, internal and affiliated stakeholders.

Figure 6: Recognition of GE ‘s Stakeholders

Furthermore, in conformity with nonsubjective ( 3 ) of this research, Mendelow ‘s matrix is used as a concern theoretical account to analyse the power and influence of the above stakeholders and put them in the matrix consequently. This is illustrated below:






Keep Informed




Minimal Effort

Key Players




Keep Satisfied

Community Members

Pressure Groups


Figure 7: Mendelow Framework

The Matrix above suggests that GE considers its Directors, Customers and Majority Shareholders as the Key Players as they tend to hold high power and high influence that may impact the determination devising of the organisation. GE offers great support to its clients and employees therefore turn outing to be good ‘Corporate Citizen ‘ .


The positive consequence of good corporate administration on different stakeholders finally consequences in a reinforced economic system and a tool for socio economic Development ( Articlebase,2008 ) . Stockholders are the true proprietors of the company and can therefore implement their power to impact company ‘s determinations. GE stockholders majorly comprise of institutional Investors and Common Fundss who have a shareholding of 53 % ( Yahoo Finance, 2012 ) . Therefore, Mendelow places GE Shareholders in Key Players quadrant due to their importance.

The layout below shows the no. of portions and their estimated values acquired by the top Institutional stockholders.


Number of Shares

Estimated Value* ( $ ) **




BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.



Capital World Investors






Bank of New York Mellon Corporation















Invesco Ltd.



Figure 8: Top 10 Institutional Stockholders ( Yahoo Finance, 2012 )

* Value shown is computed utilizing the security ‘s monetary value on the study day of the month given.

**Currency in USD


Number of Shares

Estimated Value* ( $ ) **










SPDR S & A ; P 500 ETF Trust





















Figure 9: Top 10 Common Fund Holders ( Yahoo Finance, 2012 )

* Value shown is computed utilizing the security ‘s monetary value on the study day of the month given.

**Currency in USD

Presently 2,621 establishments hold 6.02 Billion portions in GE whereas the portions held by insiders total up to 16.79 K presently ( Daily Finance, 2012 )

Corporate Administration can impact the fiscal public presentation of a company. The impact on the stockholders will be evaluated in footings of Profitability, EPS and Share Price of GE and the EPS and Share Price would besides be compared with rivals to farther analyse the impact.


The tabular array bellows shows GE grosss over the five twelvemonth period from 2008 to 2011.


*Sep 2012

Dec 2011

Dec 2010

Dec 2009

Dec 2008







Figure 10: GE Revenue from 2008 to 2012 ( Daily Finance, 2012 )

Figure 11: Analysis of GE gross

*Due to the restriction of Full twelvemonth fiscal information for 2012, quarterly gross revenues are added together for the 9 month period ended 30 September 2012.

**The Sums are presented in ‘million USD.

Even though the graph shows lessening in gross, GE had a entire net income of $ 14.366 billion in year-end 2011. This is an addition of 25.6 % since December 2009 due to strong market public presentation in different sectors around the universe.


Net incomes per portion of GE are compared with its Rivals every bit good as the industry norm.

Figure 12: Analysis of EPS with industry and rivals ( Daily Finance, 2012 )

Share Price

GE ‘s Share monetary value is compared with the industry norm every bit good as the other rivals here under.

Figure 13: GE portion monetary value growing over 5 old ages ( Yahoo Finance, 2012 )



Employees are amongst the cardinal stakeholders of an organisation. They play an of import function in the rise and autumn of any organisation. GE keeps its employees demands in position and attempts to acquire the best of them by actuating them and supplying a good workplace environment. GE expects its employees to move with unity, comply with GE ‘s Policies, and act to implement conformity and avoid any misdemeanors ( The Spirit The Letter, 2008 )

Workplace safety has been given great importance in GE and attempts to acquire involved in the activities that prevent any workplace hurts and supply a safer working environment to its employees. It considers the wellness and safety of its employees as a ‘law ‘ and believes it to be the right thing ( The Spirit The Letter, 2008 ) .

However, there had been a few instances against GE in regard to the Safety of employees in the yesteryear where it violated at least 858 regulations of the occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) . There were some serious hurts with significant chance that decease or physical injury could hold resulted. GE ensured that its Environment, Health and Safety ( EHS ) ends are achieved and a safe workplace environment is provided.

It can be said that the better the Corporate Governance is in an organisation, the more committed the employees will be. To back up this, GE introduced different employee plans which include ; Matching Gifts, GE STAR Awards and United manner, with a position of back uping and educating GE employees and retired persons ( GE Foundation, 2012 )

Therefore, the overall committedness of GE ‘s direction towards its employees shows good suspiration of quality Corporate Governance patterns within GE and its concern towards its employees.


+ GE recalled 3.1 million dish washers get downing in 1999, saying that a side switch could run and light, showing a fire jeopardy.

+ In April 2001, New York State AG Eliot Spitzer won a opinion in province tribunal that, in connexion with the dish washer callback, GE falsely told consumers the job could non be repaired, nudging clients with partial discounts to purchase new GE dish washers.

The Spirit and the Letter pg. 16

Society and Environment:

The Spirit and the Letter pg. 40-44

hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: // id=7846

A GE agreed to pay $ 15 million in amendss and to carry on a figure of undertakings designed to get or heighten wildlife home ground.



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