Anatomy Final Exam

Question Answer
1. Stores sperm & Coiled tubule in which sperm mature Epididymis
2. Seminferous tubules within lobule produce: Sperm
3. Secretes 60% of volume of semen, Secretes fructose (sugar) as nutrient Seminal vesicle
4. Prostate gland Contributes about 30% of semen volume & Bulbourethral glands Both: Secretes alkaline mucus as a lubricant and buffer against vaginal acidity
5. Female gonads: Ovaries
6. Hormone need during pregnancy & used in placenta: Progesterone
7. Initiates repair/growth endometrium, female secondary sex characteristics, sex drive: Estrogens
8. (LH) Triggers: Ovulation
9. Finger like grabs the ovaries Fimbriae
10. oocytes declines with age, until ovarian cycles end at age 45–55 (time period) : Menopause
11. Uterine Cycle: Also called, menstrual cycle~ 28 days begins with Onset of menses “period” Lasts 1 to 7 days Lose of functional zone of endometrium.
11. Uterine Cycle: Then Proliferative phase follows menses Repair, growth of functional zone of endometrium (Menses and proliferative phase occur during ovarian follicular phase). Last: Secretory phase( follows ovulation) Endometrial glands become active
12. The ovarian cycle Refers to the series of changes in the ovary during which the follicle matures, the ovum is shed and the corpus luteum develops.
13. Follicular phase Describes the development of the follicle in response to follicle stimulation hormone (FSH). As luteinizing hormone (LH) levels increase they stimulate ovulation, or the release of a mature oocyte into the fallopian tubes.
14. Luteal phase the corpus luteum forms on the ovary and secretes many hormones, most significantly progesterone, which makes the endometrium of the uterus ready for implantation of an embryo.

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