Andrew Davis Essay

As an accomplished Hollywood director, Andrew Davis’ words are important for
anyone hoping to become a player in the game, AKA Hollywood. Andrew Davis has
directed many successful action films for Hollywood. The way that he found his
success and has maintained it is the most important thing that I learned from
Andrew Davis. He has given me an example of how one person found success in
Hollywood amongst a flood of others seeking the same high ground. The Fugitive
is by far the most successful film Andrew Davis has directed. Some critics have
even gone as far to state that The Fugitive is the best action thriller of the
decade. Some of his other more recent films include A Perfect Murder, Steal
Little, Steal Big and Chain Reaction. Andrew Davis is also known for making
intense action films such as Under Siege, Code of Silence and Above the Law. His
comments on why and how he came into making such films and being labeled as an
action film director provide an interesting insight into the way that Hollywood
works. He stated that since he found some initial success with action films he
was repeatedly called upon by Hollywood to “just do what he did last
time.” He mentioned that he had ambitions to break away from being pegged
as an action film director, but that it was a difficult thing to do when you
were trying to “keep your hand in the game.” These comments illustrate
one of the ways that Hollywood works. Perhaps the most important thing Andrew
Davis talked about was the power of networking in Hollywood. Often talked about
in class, Andrew Davis is a prime example of the breaks that one can get through
friends and contacts. His relationship with Thomas Haskell provided him with a
valuable contact in Hollywood. Andrew Davis’s relationship with Academy Award
winner Thomas Haskell points to the importance of making and keeping in contact
with as many people as possible in the industry. Andrew Davis recommended to the
class that if at all possible, one should try and find a mentor for guidance and
assistance in the early days of delving into Hollywood. As a filmmaker, Andrew
Davis utilizes a more spontaneous approach to directing, as opposed to more
structured directors such as Stanley Kubrick. Andrew Davis described making a
film as, “a cross between war and a circus.” His approach to
filmmaking in comparison with other guest this quarter and last fall illustrates
the vast differences in styles of directors. Finally, Andrew Davis reconfirmed
the comments of just about every other guest that almost every film is comes to
production via different routes. Some films are handed to directors to be made
and others are made when screenplays find their ways to directors who in turn
takes takes the screenplays to studios for financial backing. Andrew Davis is a
very interesting person and creator of cinema. The story of his journey to
Hollywood and succeeding is an inspirational one. Many of his films have become
very successful commercially. He has given me a valuable insight into succeeding
in Hollywood.

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