Andy Kaufman Essay

My quote is, “This man is outta his mind”. Andy Kaufman was a little crazy I
have to say. Andy did some drugs when he was young. At as park in Chicago he got
stoned at a big party in the park and the Chicago police said that the park was
closing. The cops said get or get arrest. Andy said the park wouldn’t close so
no one moved. His girlfriend got hit by a nightstick in the head and Andy ran
down an ally. He wrestled 300 woman none of them won. He wrestled Jerry “The
King” Lawler of Memphis. When he wrestled Jerry he broke his neck. (The people
thought.) They really planned it to happen. Andy was two people, Andy Kaufman
and Tony Clifton, a Las Vegas singer. The mask that was made to be Tony was made
for Andy and his partner Bob Zmuda. When Andy got his contract for Taxi he
wanted to be only one half the shows and Tony Clifton to be on four of them. He
wanted Tony to kicked off the set of Taxi so he asked two prostitutes if they
would help him if he paid them and they did and he got thrown off the Paramount
lot. Andy was dying of some strange lung cancer. At first his manger, his
partner and his girlfriend thought he was joking. His family didn’t really
believe him cause he faked breaking his neck and he was a real big faker. Since
he was dying he wanted to do a big show. So he got Carnegie Hall. They got the
Rockettes for the show. He got Santa Claus in a sled to some down from the
ceiling and gives him a present. He wore a shirt that said I Love Grandma. He
took all the 1,800 people at Carnegie Hall out for milk and cookies. Is this guy
out of his mind or what? Andy is dead and Tony Clifton is still alive. Some
people think Andy faked his death. He talked about it a few years before. Tony
could be Bob but who knows. Is he dead or alive?

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