Animal Captivity Essay

Lydia Gross May 13, 2010 Mrs. Ivey Honors English 9 Keeping Animals Captive There are many animals in captivity all around the world. The animals that are in captivity usually live in zoos or on reserves. A main contributor on helping animals become captive is Animal Rescue. Many animals die or get injured badly in the wild, and being in captivity helps heal the injured animals. Animal captivity can help endangered animals stay alive. Breeding animals in captivity can help preserve the species.

Zoos and animal reserves breed animals to help them become un-endangered. Many animals in the wild die from poachers or natural disasters, which can cause species to die out. For the animals that face a constant threat of poaching, zoos are safe homes for them. To protect the animals, they need to be captured. Animal rescue goes out and captures injured animals, and then returns them into the wild when the animals are healed. Civilians also take in animals to help them survive.

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Many people do this so that they can protect young, lost babies, or any other animals from danger. Some say that zoos are unsafe for animals and that when they see a hurt animal, they take it in and nurse it back to health. But, having a wild animal as a pet could bring consequences to both the animal and the owner. Keeping wild animals captive is seen as animal cruelty by numerous people. They say that it’s very unnecessary to show animals for recreational purpose, if the sole objective is to conserve them.

Also, some people think capturing animals for any reason is cruel. Men and women say that although zoos seem like a safe place for endangered animals, they’re sometimes not the best homes for the animals. Animals in zoos have little space to around in. Efforts should be taken to study, protect, and preserve animals; however, care should be taken that animals suffer the least in the process. Keeping endangered animals in captivity can help protect the animals. Zoos help protect animals from extinction.

Also, zoos help many people understand and protect the animals on Earth more successfully. In many zoos today, animals can reproduce safely and can be well-fed. Zoos keep wild/endangered animals safe and healthy. In captivity, breeding animals can help preserve endangered species. Also, civilians take in animals to help keep them safe. But, many men and women see keeping wild animals captive as animal cruelty. On the other hand, zoos can help protect animals, too. Therefore, keeping wild animals captive can help endangered animals live.

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