Animal Unit

Question Answer
The animal kingdom is divided into 35 different phlya. What are the two major groups? Vertebrates and Invertebrates.
Animals don't make their own food. They are known as ….. Heterotrophs
Animals are made of many cells. They are considered ___________. Multi-cellular
Vertebrates have an internal skeleton called the backbone or ________. Endoskeleton
The five groups of vertebrates are …….. Fish,amphibians,birds,reptiles,and mammals.
Another word for cold-blooded. Ectothermic
How does a fish obtain dissolved oxygen? Gills
What a fish use to move? fins
Vertebrates that are cold-blooded are…. Fish,amphibians,and reptiles
Changing from a tadpole to a frog. metamorphosis
The three major groups of amphibians are ….. Frogg,toads,and salamanders
The skin of frogs and salamanders are…. Smooth and moist
The skin of reptiles are …… Dry and covered with scales
The two groups of vertebrates that are warm-blooded are….. Birds and mammals
How do bird and mammals obtain oxygen? Lungs
The six groups of invertebrates are…… Worms,mollusks,echinoderms,cnidarians, arthropods,and mollusks.
The simplest animal is a ______. Sponge
How does a sponge obtain food? Filter feed
Worms obtain oxygen through their ______. skin
"Spiny skin" invertebrates Echinoderms
A description of an echinoderm's feet. Tubed
A description of a mollusk's body. Soft
This allows most mollusks to move. A thick muscular foot.
The largest group of invertebrates. Arthropods
A description of an arthropod's legs. Jointed
A description of an arthropod's body. Segmented
Arthropods have a hard outer covering called __________. Exoskeleton
The changing of of skin color is called _______. Camouflage
Patterns on animals that make them appear dangerous is an example of _______. Mimicry
A defense mechanism used by an octopus. Ink
Porcupines use this to defend themselves. Quills
Legs,feet,arms,tails, fins,and wings are used for _____. Movement
Another word for cold-blooded. Ectothermic
Heavy breathing in animals that is used to cool down. Panting
Another word for warm-blooded. Endothermic
The release of salty liquid that cools the body down. Sweating
The loss of hair or fur that cools the body down. Shedding
A mammal's mechanism to increase heat production by involuntary shaking. Shivering
An automatic response that helps to protect the eye. Blinking
The process of finding food for survival. Food gathering
A state of greatly reduced body activity that is used to conserve food stored in the body. Hibernation
The movement of animals from place to place. Migration
Animals copying other animals behaviors. Mimicry
What a horned lizard and squid use for defense? Ejection
Animals traveling together is an example of ______. Grouping
A behavioral process whereby adults of a species try to attract a potential mate. Courtship
Cues an animals to eat. Hunger
Cues an animal to take in water. Thirst
This is required to restore the body's ability to function. Sleep
A newborn animal recognizing and following the first moving object it sees. *Usually the mother. Imprinting
A behavior in which an animal learns that a particular stimulus and its response will lead to a good or bad result. Conditioning
A behavior that is taught. Learned behavior
A behavior that is passed on from the parents. Inherited behavior

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