Animals Are Living Things

Term Definition
What is a mammal? It is an animal that has fur or hair and makes milk to feed its young.

What is a bird?

It is an animal that has feathers and wings.

What is a reptile? It is an animal whose skin is covered with dry scales.
What is an adaptation? It is a body part or action that helps a living thing meet its needs.
Why is the sun important to reptiles? They get heat from the sun because their body temperature changes with the air temperature.
What is a fish? It is an animal that lives in water and has gills.
How is an amphibian different from other animals? It lives part of its life in water and part of its life on land. Most young look different from their parents.
What body parts help an animal adapt in water? Fins or flippers help animals move in water.
Name three body parts that help an animal adapt on land. strong legs, sharp claws, and colored fur to hide
What adaptations do birds have that help them fly in in the air? Birds have feathers and tails to help them move in different ways. They also have hollow bones that are strong and light.
Why does a whale come out of the ocean after a long time? It is an usual mammal and needs to come out of the ocean to breathe air with its lungs.
What happens if an animal does not get what it needs to live? The animal has to move or its body needs to change.

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