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?Grammar for Writing 1 ANSWER KEY CHAPTER 1 Pretest (page 1) 1. I love classic English novels. 2. Our professor has been sick since Monday. 3. My grandmother likes to tell me stories about her childhood. She still remembers so much about her youth. 4. v 5. Right now Pat is searching for information on the Internet. 6. v 7. Bob and Jack usually work out at the gym five days a week. 8. Mark has studied Swedish for five years. 9. v 10. v Self Check 1 (page 3) 1. My sister doesn’t like to read. 2. Our manager has a new computer. 3. Does Julia speak Spanish and Italian? 4. Mr. and Mrs. Kim study English at night school. 5.

The bank cashes many paychecks on Friday afternoons. 6. Does he live alone or with a roommate? Self Check 2 (page 5) 1. Water freezes at 32° Fahrenheit. 2. Steve belongs to the club for economics students. 3. We go there all the time. 4. He usually works from a home office. 5. Fredric hears his neighbor’s dog daily. Self Check 3 (page 6) 1. Paul is driving to San Francisco today. 2. Mr. Lim is eating breakfast. 3. Are Ana and her sister working in a childcare center? 4. Karen is achieving an A in the class. 5. The math homework is giving me a headache. Self Check 4 (page 7) 1. She knows the correct answer to the question. 2.

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At this moment, Mia is listening to her new MP3 player. 3. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in November. 4. I am taking two history courses this semester. 5. Claudia is majoring in chemistry. Self Check 5 (page 8) 1. A jazz band has played at Preservation Hall since the 1960s. 2. How many times have the children seen the movie Cinderella? 3. Bettina and Wendy have read all of Mark Twain’s work. 4. We have been in class for two hours. 5. The professor and I haven’t discussed my grades yet. Self Check 6 (page 9) 1. Robert and Alvin have not slept since the day before yesterday. 2. In recent years, I have driven the coastal highway any times. 3. He has been president for almost eight years, but soon we will have a new leader. 4. I have been very busy with work recently. 5. Mark has been gone for six months. Editing Practice Exercise 1 (page 10) 1. The communications industry has become more competitive recently. 2. v 3. He has already gone to school. 4. I have not lived long enough to experience everything. 5. v 6. Her 100-year-old neighbor has traveled to many different countries and still remembers everything. 7. v 8. Helen is studying biology now. Grammar for Writing 1 Answer Key 2 9. I believe I did well on the midterm. 10.

We have made many friends since we moved into the dorm. 11. The earth is round. 12. v Exercise 2 (page 10) 1. is 2. depend 3. brings 4. am going through 5. have talked 6. want 7. am trying 8. play 9. have done 10. know Exercise 3 (page 11) 1. is 2. describes 3. has changed 4. has become 5. has had 6. live or are living 7. face 8. have changed 9. have stayed 10. have remained Exercise 4 (page 12) In recent years, academic success has become the most important goal in many countries. As a result, competition among students and among their parents has increased. This competition has recently caused problems for many young people.

Until now, this has led to several societal problems, including suicide. Currently, suicide is increasing among students in some countries where academic pressure is high. Many students are failing classes because of stress and not because of little knowledge or effort. However, this academic competition has made very educated and productive societies in many parts of the world. Since I arrived in the United States, I have noticed that academic success is not important to all Americans. Although American society is successful, the importance of academic success is not as strong as it is in some other countries.

This may be because the United States has many different cultures, and each culture defines success in a different way. In fact, for many years, American universities have considered a student’s school and community involvement in addition to grades. As a result, students are well rounded but may be academically below students in other countries. American educators are now trying to raise their students’ academic levels. All educational systems have positive and negative parts. We need a combination of the good parts from systems all over the world to make one completely successful educational program. CHAPTER 2

Pretest (page 14) 1. We finished all of the Thanksgiving leftovers yesterday. 2. Carol returned her car to the repair shop because they had not fixed the brakes. 3. v 4. The boys bought a CD by a band they hadn’t heard before. 5. v 6. Last summer while I was studying in Costa Rica, I saw a rainforest for the first time. 7. v 8. Raymond had never flown in a small airplane before last month. 9. v 10. The day before yesterday, Tom went to bed earlier than usual. Self Check 1 (page 16) 1. Richard and I did not complete our homework. 2. When did Katherine and Lee finish the test? 3. Darla saw a movie with her friend last night. . Who did Dr. Lawler choose for the job? 5. We were not lucky in Las Vegas last weekend. Self Check 2 (page 17) 1. In high school, I used to watch a lot of TV. 2. A few years ago, Yutaka saw his first American football game. 3. Francois spoke only French when he lived in France. 4. They went out to dinner last night. 5. Janna texts her friends now, but she used to call them more often. Self Check 3 (page 17) 1. Ronald was taking a pronunciation class, but he dropped it last week. 2. I was studying in the library this morning. 3. Parisa and Tarik were practicing their oral presentation last night. 4.

Last spring, we were traveling around Europe and Asia. 5. She was not walking her dog during the rainstorm yesterday. Self Check 4 (page 19) 1. Hugh had many friends by the end of the semester. 2. I saw my favorite professor while he was eating lunch. 3. At eleven o’clock this morning, she was still sleeping. 4. On the second day of the semester, Igor joined the class. 5. We were singing a song when the fireworks began. Self Check 5 (page 19) 1. The child had run into the street many times before his mother punished him. 2. By the time the movie started, we had seen six movie previews. 3. The class had started by 8:00 A.

M. 4. The university had given out all of its scholarships before the deadline. 5. Mrs. Costello had not taught English before she moved to Korea. Self Check 6 (page 21) 1. (b) Joan’s friend had left the theater before the movie ended. 2. (b) Grace realized that she had left the house unlocked. 3. (a) By the time Honda offered John a job, he had accepted another job. 4. (b) We attended the last class yesterday. 5. (a) The little boy had not seen a real lion before that day. Editing Practice Exercise 1 (page 21) 1. I understood my country’s problems and why we had to move away two years ago. 2.

She went to several concerts last month. 3. v 4. When we first moved here, we felt lonely. 5. v 6. Jun and Chris saw the new play last night. 7. v 8. They had arrived in San Diego by the time I got there. 9. My family had three dogs. 10. While they were living in the mountains, they saw bears in their backyard. 11. He had never taken a speech class before the class he took last semester. 12. v Exercise 2 (page 22) 1. did not know 2. was taking 3. studied. 4. graduated 5. overcame 6. was doing 7. found 8. quit 9. was 10. did not pay off Exercise 3 (page 22) 1. matured 2. became 3. were flying 4. knew 5. was looking 6. ere adjusting 7. was 8. were learning 9. had 10. learned Grammar for Writing 1 Answer Key 4 Exercise 4 (page 23) Today I still remember the start of my longest friendship. It began in fourth grade. There was a girl in my class named Sandi. She was the student who did not always raise her hand and who talked loudly in class. One day Sandi asked me to help her with her homework. I did not want to help her, but I didn’t know how to say no. I chose not to answer her question. I was working quietly when she told the teacher that I was her new homework partner. I disliked Sandi and I did not want to ignore her question any longer.

I had ignored her for as long as I could. I walked up to Sandi and told her I did not want to help her with her homework. No one had ever said no to her before, so she looked very surprised. The teacher had heard our conversation, and she came over to talk to me. She asked for my help with Sandi, so I agreed to be her partner. After I had worked with Sandi for a few days, I learned that she was very nice, and I had judged her too quickly. It’s amazing that we are still friends today when you think about how our friendship started. CHAPTER 3 Pretest (page 25) 1. v 2. v 3. Carrie and Kay are planning the school elections. 4.

The elections were very successful last year. 5. Does Benjamin live in a house or an apartment? 6. Traveling to new cities is so much fun. 7. v 8. v 9. v 10. One of her favorite flowers comes from South America. Self Check 1 (page 27) 1. The birds were flying south for the winter. 2. We are happy with our test scores. 3. Alexander is taking too many units this semester. 4. Babies cry a lot on airplanes. 5. Mobile phones have been popular since the 1990s. Self Check 2 (page 28) 1. Recycling garbage and paper helps the environment. 2. There is snow in Toronto and Quebec. 3. The books that we read in English class are classics. . Yoga, tai chi, and meditation help people’s concentration. 5. One of the airplanes is late. Editing Practice Exercise 1 (page 28) 1. Some students have test anxiety before important exams. 2. v 3. The sofa and chair cost too much. 4. There are many times when I don’t feel confident at school. 5. My family and I were happy when we left our very poor country. 6. v 7. v 8. New laws require businesses to pay more taxes. 9. None of the computers has enough memory. 10. v 11. Neither of the planes leaves before noon. 12. Oil prices go down when there is a large supply. Grammar for Writing 1 Answer Key 5 13. v 14.

Common illnesses like the flu have killed millions of people. 15. v Exercise 2 (page 29) 1. have 2. are 3. are 4. put 5. asks 6. wait 7. become 8. goes 9. is 10. come Exercise 3 (page 29) 1. are 2. leads 3. are 4. requires 5. have 6. is 7. is 8. have 9. has 10. is Exercise 4 (page 30) When I first entered high school, I met my best friend Chong. Throughout our four years in high school, we were best friends. Now that we are away at different universities, our friendship and affection have grown stronger. We communicate daily through e-mail, texting, and phone calls. These help us stay in touch over a long distance.

Chong is at the University of Chicago, and I am at the University of Southern California, so it is difficult for us to communicate in person. I think my best friend feels lonely in Illinois; therefore, I always take the time to keep in touch with him. We like to remember the many experiences that we have had together. One of the most memorable events was during our senior year. We had the physics final exam, but neither of us had studied for it. There were many times we competed against each other, but those times helped us build a strong friendship. I know Chong cherishes our relationship as much as I do.

We are both majoring in biology and planning to go to the same graduate school. Being apart now has made our friendship stronger for the future. CHAPTER 4 Pretest (page 32) 1. v 2. When Ti-lien gives her speech, she will use a computer. 3. Our neighbor is leaving/is going to leave/leaves for vacation this Saturday. 4. Mr. Jackson is going to garden/is gardening later this afternoon. 5. v 6. According to the weather report, it is going to rain/will rain on Friday. 7. v 8. We are going to buy/are buying a new house next winter. 9. He is going to study/will study the formulas before he takes the exam next week. 10. v

Self Check 1 (page 34) 1. My teacher won’t accept late homework. 2. A new computer will change your life. 3. They are going to eat dinner early tonight. 4. Mrs. Ko’s plane leaves at nine o’clock tomorrow morning. 5. We are dining at the new restaurant on Friday night. Self Check 2 (page 35) 1. The publisher thinks her new novel will sell 1 million copies. 2. Cynthia is going to get As in all of her classes this year. 3. I will loan you the money. 4. Andrew is buying a new car next week. 5. The bus comes at 7:05 P. M. Editing Practice Exercise 1 (page 35) 1. v 2. After she graduates, Anna will get/is going to get a art-time job. 3. v 4. The college president is going to be/will be at the meeting tomorrow. 5. Our friends are going to arrive on the next flight. 6. v 7. I will sleep like a baby tonight. 8. We will remember to pick you up at the airport next week. 9. They won’t work at the same job after graduation. 10. v 11. Melissa will rent a house in the mountains next year. 12. When my parents arrive, we are going to take them out for dinner. Exercise 2 (page 36) 1. arrive 2. stay 3. are 4. will not include/is not going to include 5. leave 6. will be/is going to be 7. will probably gain 8. am changing/am going to change/will change . will help 10. graduate Exercise 3 (page 37) 1. are going to fly 2. are renting 3. will show 4. will see 5. exit 6. will be 7. won’t finish 8. will want 9. are going to tour 10. will help Exercise 4 (page 38) My friends and I are planning a celebration after our very last final exam of our senior year. Immediately after we finish the last exam, we will walk/are going to walk to the Marketplace to celebrate. The owner of the computer arcade there promises that his arcade will be a good place to start our celebration. We are going to spend/will spend an hour or two at the arcade before we go to Koko and Elena’s.

They are having/are going to have a party at their apartment. When we get there, we will swim and eat/are going to swim and eat delicious food from all over the world. Each person is going to bring one dish from his or her country. Because of this, the food is going to taste/will taste interesting and delicious. We all know this is going to be/will be a wonderful party to celebrate our accomplishments together. After I say good-bye to all of my friends, I’ll go home to pack my bags. I will leave the following day for a new job. Even though I don’t know my exact duties now, I am going to work at my uncle’s company. I plan o use my English skills a lot. My uncle wants me to work with his English-speaking customers because he does not speak English well. My future home and job are going to be on another continent. This will be the third continent I have lived on. I know that I will love/am going to love it as much as the first two. CHAPTER 5 Pretest (page 40) 1. v 2. Every year the conference begins May 1, so I will arrive April 30. 3. Yulia decided to take piano lessons because she thinks piano music is so beautiful. 4. I saw The Sound of Music in the fifth grade and haven’t seen it since then. 5. Helen is at the gym now, but she will be/is going to e home soon. 6. We haven’t seen the car that you bought last month yet. 7. v 8. Mollie is taking a film studies class this semester, so she went to the movies last night for homework. 9. v 10. Jack had finished cleaning his room, but his mother thought it still wasn’t clean enough. Editing Practice Exercise 1 (page 42) 1. His health has improved since he came home from the hospital last month. 2. v 3. May’s father hasn’t seen the grades that she received on her last grade report. 4. v 5. In prehistoric times, men hunted for food and women prepared it. 6. In many countries, government officials have many enefits, but the citizens do not. 7. v 8. I have had a headache for two hours; I’m going to take some aspirin. 9. Nowadays most Americans do not remember the reasons for Memorial Day, which they celebrate every May. 10. v 11. v 12. Sunny had finished only part of the exam before the teacher collected it. Exercise 2 (page 43) 1. know 2. has 3. surrounds 4. grow/are growing 5. spent 6. lived 7. took 8. entered 9. were 10. remember Exercise 3 (page 44) 1. was 2. practiced 3. began 4. did not want 5. started 6. is 7. was 8. loved 9. made 10. are 11. hope 12. will remain 13. is 14. has 15. covers 16. ill have/is going to have 17. went 18. holds Exercise 4 (page 45) Many people are now adopting children who are five years or older from poor countries that cannot care for their orphans. In the past, I always planned to adopt an infant. I still think that adopting an orphan or mistreated child is a wonderful thing to do; however, I am now learning that it is difficult to raise an orphaned child. A few months ago, my neighbors adopted a seven-year-old boy. Before I met their new son, I believed he was going to be happy with kind and loving parents. However, now I am not so certain. He doesn’t understand love because he ever received love in the first few years of his life. By the time he was five, he had developed behaviors that were normal for a child who did not have loving parents. Grammar for Writing 1 Answer Key 8 In his current loving family, these behaviors are not appropriate. The child is slowly adapting to his new environment, and in the next few years he will become comfortable with his new family and surroundings. I now see the challenges that adopted children bring to families. I still believe children are wonderful, and they increase the joy in their parents’ lives, but sometimes adoption leads to problems.


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