AP Biology Crash Course: The Excretory System

maintains water, salt, and pH balance, and removes nitrogenous wastes (urea in humans) from the body by filtering the circulating blood
excretory system
carries unfiltered blood from the circulatory system to the kidneys for filtration
renal artery
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AP Biology Crash Course: The Excretory System
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carries filtered blood from the kidneys back to the circulatory system
renal vein
remove urea and toxins from the blood; produce urine; maintain salt, pH, and water balance of blood
kidneys (contain nephrons)
synthesizes urea from ammonia; detoxifies other wastes
liver (role in excretion)
carry urine from kidneys to bladder
stores and eliminates urine from the body
carries urine from the bladder to the exterior of th ebody
(in the kidneys) filter blood, removing wastes and returning vital substances to the circulatory system. this is an example of coordinated cooperation!
___ _____ and ____ of the blood is maintained by the excretory system
salt, water, pH

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