AP english sonnet Essay

Devon AP English 12th Sonnet Both poems describe, show examples, and compare things to their loves, yet both have different attitudes towards their lovers. Edmund says noble things about his lover, and William says ruthless things about his lover. In Edmund Spencer’s poem, he explains how beautiful, wise, and smart she is. For example, he says how beautiful her eyes and lips are; “If saphyres, loe! Hir eies be saphyres plaine; / If rubies, loe! Hir lips be rubies sound. He is explaining how deep nd beautiful of a blue her eyes are, and how luscious and red her lips are. Then at the end of the poem he says how smart and wise she is: “But that which fairest is but few behold / her mind, adorned with vertues manifold. ” He loves everything bout this women. She lights up his world with everything she has. In William Shakespeare’s poem, he explains how things are better looking than her, how bad her breath smells, and how she treads when she walks. For example, he says coral is redder than her lips.

Also he says, “In some perfumes is there more delight / than in the breath that from my mistress reeks. ” He is saying that perfume smells better than her breath, which reeks. This poem puts down his lover and belittles her. What this does is makes her look horrid and shows that William has a different kind of lover towards her. The poems show and derive sources of love from their authors. The sonnets have different aspects when it comes to explaining about their lovers. The attitudes are different and show different kinds of love.

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AP english sonnet Essay
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