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APA WORKSHEET You may use your APA manual as a resource as you complete this worksheet. You may write on this worksheet, but your answers must be recorded on the answer sheet on the last page. 1) In APA format, italics are used in which of the following situations: (circle all that apply) a) Title of books, periodicals, microfilm publications b) Introduction of a new, technical, or key term or label (after first use, do not italicize i. e. , the box labeled empty) c) Words that could be misread (i. e. the small group, meaning a designation, not a group size) d) Letters used as statistical symbols (i. e. , t-test) e) Periodical volume numbers in reference lists (i. e. , 26, 46-67) 2) In APA format, the preferred typefaces include: (choose all that apply) a) 12-pt Times New Roman b) 12-pt Courier New c) 10-pt Comic Sans d) 12-pt Courier e) Any readable typeface is acceptable 3) In APA format, you double-space: a) The entire paper b) Only the body of the paper c) Only the reference list d) The entire paper is single-spaced 4) Margins should be at least: ) One inch on right, left, top and bottom of the page b) One inch on right and left and 1 ? inches top and bottom of the page c) 1 ? inches right, left, top and bottom of the page d) None of the above are correct 5) When citing a quotation in the text, the following elements must be included (mark all that apply): a) Author’s first name b) Author’s last name c) Page number d) Publication date e) Publishing company 6) References are double-spaced and the first line is indented. a) True b) False 7) The reference page should include: ) All materials you read or reviewed to prepare your paper b) Materials that you cited in the text of your paper c) Only those materials from which you used direct quotes d) None of the above are correct 8) A block quotation is a quotation that: (choose all that apply) a) Contains at least 40 words b) Is indented ? ” or 5 spaces and is typed in a block format c) Is not contained in quotation marks d) Is double-spaced 9) Using abbreviations are acceptable if the writer first spells out the term completely and puts the abbreviation in parentheses immediately following the term.

The next time the term is used, the writer can use the abbreviation alone. a) True b) False 10) You should identify each page of the manuscript with your name in the event that pages get mixed in with another manuscript. a) True b) False 11) The first word of a paragraph is: a) Typed flush with the left margin b) Indented 5-7 spaces c) Either of the above is acceptable d) Neither of the above is acceptable 12) For electronic sources that do not provide page numbers: (Choose as many as apply) a) Use the paragraph number, if available, preceded by the abbreviation para. b) Since online material is continuously updated, it is not necessary to list the year when crediting a quotation in an online source c) If neither paragraph nor page numbers are visible, cite the heading and the number of the paragraph following it to direct the reader to the location of the material d) None of the above is correct 13) It is acceptable to start a sentence with an abbreviation. a) True, it is always acceptable b) False, it should be avoided whenever possible 14) The header should be: ) One to two words from the title of the paper and page numbers b) The exact same as the title of the paper c) Page numbers only d) Added to the running head 15) A formal paper’s introduction should describe only the intent or focus of the paper; research strategies are a central part of the paper’s conclusion a) True b) False 16) Please indicate if the following are in correct APA format – circle your choice (0. 5 pts each). a. In a recent study of 40 women, Morse (2001) reported that Meniere’s responses were noted to vary with menstrual cycle phases.

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Morse suggests that these changes may be related to neuroendocrine events. Correct ————————Incorrect b. Morse (2001) studied 40 women and found that Meniere’s responses varied with menstrual cycle phases. Correct ————————Incorrect c. In a recent study of 40 women, Meniere’s responses were noted to vary with menstrual cycle phases (Morse, 2001). Correct ————————Incorrect d. Morse, House, and Jones (2001) found (first use of citation) Correct ————————Incorrect e. Morse et al. 2001) found (subsequent citation, used throughout the remainder of the paper) Correct ————————Incorrect f. Morse et al. found (subsequent citations following the first citation in the same paragraph) Correct ————————Incorrect Student Name:____________________________ GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY NRS 430 – PROFESSIONAL DYNAMICS APA WORKSHEET – ANSWER SHEET(5 points) 1. ____________________________ 2. ____________________________ 3. ____________________________ 4. ____________________________ 5. ____________________________ . ____________________________ 7. ____________________________ 8. ____________________________ 9. ____________________________ 10. ____________________________ 11. ____________________________ 12. ____________________________ 13. ____________________________ 14. ____________________________ 15. ____________________________ 16. Circle the correct answer a. correct…………. incorrect b. correct…………. incorrect c. correct…………. incorrect d. correct…………. incorrect e. correct…………. incorrect f. correct…………. incorrect © 2008. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.


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