The number of different species
What does species richness refer to?
The number of individuals of each species
What does species evenness refer to?
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high immigration and low extinction rates
Large islands near a mainland would have relatively
native species
Species that normally live and thrive in a particular ecosystem are known as
indicator species
Species that serve as early warnins of environment damage are
keystone species
species whose roles in an ecosystem are much more important than their abudance would suggest are called
nonnative species
Species that mirate or are accidentally introduced into an an ecosystem are called
indicator species
Amphibians and fish make good
foundation species
Species that can create and enhance habitats that can benefit other species in a community such as birds that reenerate deforested areas and spread seeds throuh their droppings are called
intersprecific competition
The relationship between invasive euphorbia plants and native purple sage is best described as
eating at different times and resource partioning
Interspecific competition can be avoided by
A relationship in which one species benefits while the other is neither helped nor harmed to any significant deree is best labeled
The win-win relationship of animal behaivor is
rarely kill their hosts
The relationship between honey bees and flowers can best be described as
Forms of nondestructive behavior between oranisms include all of the following except
rock exposed by a retreating glacier
Which of the followin would exhibit primary succession
a bare rock outcrop
Which of the followin would undero secondary succession
physical weathering, lichens and mosses trapping soil particles, and scretion of acids by lichens
Soil formation in primary succession is encouraged by
Grizzly bears and cribou..what stage of succession
Ecologists would consider all of the following to be natural disturbances except
the fires that do occur may be more severe than the ones suppressed, the development of an entirely different eecosystem, and buildup of large quantities of hihly flammable undergrowth
Consequences of fire suppression may include
breakin seed coats to allow germination to take place, creating opportunity for new plant rowth by increasing the amount of light penetrates the forest floor, releasing nutrients back into the soil that comes from burned plant material
Which of the followin is not a positive effect of the disturbance of fire
The study of changes in population size, density, dispersion, and ae structure are known as
one-way movement of individuals out of a particular population to another area
is the maximum growth rate of a population
The biotic potential of a population
a limiting factor
A single factor that limits the growth, abundance, or distribution of a species in an ecosystem is called
optimal level of critical nutrients
Which of the following factors leads to an increase in biotic potential
the maximum size of population the environment will support
Carrying capacity refers to
A true or natural growth curve depictin a population that is limited by a definite carrying capacity is shaped like the letter
An exponential growth curve depictin an ever-rowin population is shaped like the letter
climate changes, predation, interspecific competition, and resources
Carrying capacity is determined by
human destruction of habitat
Density-dependent population controls include all of the following except
Which of the following is not an example of a density-independent factor
has populations that follow an S-shaped growth curve
A K-strategist generally
Which of the following is an r-strategist
late loss
Which of the following best describes the survivorship curve you would expect to find for a mountain gorilla
early loss
Which of the following best describes the survivorship curve you would expect to find for a fish
Invasive species
Kane Toads are an example of
resource portioning
Process of dividing up resources in an ecosystem so that species with similar needs use the same scarce resources at different times in different ways or in different places is called
is declining followed by the birht rate declining
Post industrial is when the death rate

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