APES Ch. 8 & 9 Review

Mutualism and coevolution
The relationship between durian plants and flying foxes exemplifies
Keystone species
Flying foxes are recognized as
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APES Ch. 8 & 9 Review
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The number of different species
What does richness refer to?
Low-latitude forests
Where is the most of the world’s biodiversity?
The best description of a cockroach niche is
Range of tolerance, niche, limiting factors, and response to change in conditions
An organism is classified as a specialist or generalist based on its
are more likely to become extinct
Specialist species
It is a specialized species, eating mostly bamboo, which has periodic diebacks, the pandas are separated into small isolated populations, of low birth rate and litter size
The giant panda is an endangered species because
Native species
Species that normally live and thrive in a particular ecosystem are known as
Indicator species
Species that serve as early warnings of environmental damage are called
Keystone species
Species whose roles in an ecosystem are much more important than their abundance would suggest are called
Nonnative species
Species that migrate or are accidentally introduced into an ecosystem are called
Nonnative species
Wild African bees are best described as
Hawks and owls
Which of the following predators avoid competition by being active at different times?
Interspecific competition
The relationship between fire ants and native ant populations is best described as
Eating at different times, resource partitioning, and character displacement
Interspecific competition can be avoided by
The obvious relationship demonstrated by a food chain is
A relationship in which a member of one species obtains its nourishment by living on, in, or near a member or another species over an extended time is best labeled
A relationship in which on species benefits while the other is neither helped nor harmed to any significant degree is best labeled
A relationship in which both specie benefit is best labeled
The win-win relationship of animal behavior is
Rarely kill their hosts
The relationship between clownfish and sea anemones is
Several centuries to several thousands of years
How long does it take natural processes to produce fertile soil?
Rock exposed by a retreating glacier
Which of the following would exhibit primary succession?
A heavily polluted stream that has been cleaned up
Which of the the following would undergo secondary succession?
Some species release seeds only after exposure to intense heat
In forests maintained by intermittent fires
Buildup of large quantities of highly flammable undergrowth, the development of an entirely different ecosystem, and the fires that do occur may be more severe than the ones suppressed
Consequences of fire expression may include
Climate change
Which is the following natural changes would be considered gradual rather than catastrophic?
Natural and catastrophic
Changes such as drought and earthquakes are considered to be
Human caused and gradual
Changes such as depletion of underground aquifers and water logging of irrigated soils are considered to be
Agriculture and plantation forestry
Which of the following human activities most favor monoculture?
The ability of a population to maintain a certain size is known as
Which of the following characteristics of organisms include the other four?
Which of the following refers to the ability of organism to return to it’s former condition after a period of stress?
Less diversity and more resilience
Compared to forests, grasslands have
Keystone species
A sea otter is a(n)
Population dynamics
The changes in population size, density, dispersion, and age structure are known as
The most common pattern of population dispersion found in nature is
You are an ecologist studying the population dynamics of an ecosystem. You observe that resources are not evenly distributed. You predict the population dispersion pattern is
Interspecific competition and evenly spread, scarce resources
You observe uniform dispersion in a species you are studying intensely. You predict that as you extend your work, you will find
One-way movement of individual out of a particular population to another area
Emigration is
Is the maximum reproduction rate of population
The biotic potential of population
A specialized niche
Environmental resistance is enhanced by
The biotic potential increases
A population will increase if
Optimal level of critical nutrients
Which of the following factors leads to an increase in biotic potential?
The maximum size of population the environment will support
Carrying capacity refers to
A logistic growth curve depicting a population that is limited by a definite carrying capacity is shaped like the letter
An exponential growth curve depicting an ever-growing population is shaped like the letter
A population approaches it’s carrying capacity
A population crash occurs when
A time delay between a positive feedback loop and negative feedback loop
A population grows, overshoots it’s carrying capacity, and crashes, most likely from
Climatic changes, predation, Interspecific competition, and resources
Carrying capacity is determined by
Human destruction of habitat
Density-dependent population controls include all of the following except
Resource competition
Density-independent population controls include all of the following except
Which of the following terms best describes the type of population change you would expect to find for a monkey in an undisturbed section of the Brazilian rain forest?
Which of the following terms best describes the type of population change you would expect to find for muskrat population in a state that has just outlawed trapping?
Which of the following patterns would you expect to find for rabbits and coyotes in an undisturbed habitat?
Top-down population control
Wolves controlling deer populations are an example of
Is small and short lived
An r-strategist generally
Are generally less adaptable to change than r-strategies
Boom-and-bust; r-strategist; early loss
Which of the following connections among population cycle, survival strategies, and survivorship curves would you most expect to see?
Adding chemicals that alter natural cycles, over harvesting potentially renewable resources, and eliminating predators and introducing new species
Humans have interfered in the development of natural ecosystem by
Reduce the incidence of malaria
The world health organization initiated spaying in Borneo (Brunei) to
Parachuting healthy cats into the area
The world health organization controlled sylvatic plague in Borneo (Brunei) by
Period Y-Z
Which time period shows the highest rate of growth of the population?
Better sanitation, improved health care, and agriculture improvements
Which of the following contributed to the change in world population during the 1900s that is shown in the graph?
Which point on the graph indicates the approximate world population in the year 1950
1 billion
The American Revolution began in 1776. According to the graph, what was the approximate world population at that time?
Period 3
During which time period are the birth rate and death rate equal?
Period 3
The rate of growth of a population is represented by r. During which of the time does period does r=0?
Period 4
The time period during which r would have a negative value is

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