APES chapter 3,4,5

a group of similar organisms whose members freely interbreed with one another
A species is defined as
population – community – ecosystem
Which of the following series is organized according to the levels of organization used by ecologists?
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APES chapter 3,4,5
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studies the connections among various ecosystems in a particular region
Landscape ecology
The crust of our planet that is made of rock and soil is what layer?
potential energy
The chemical energy stored in a plant is an example of?
energy cannot be created or destroyed
The first law of thermodynamics states that
the amount of energy in a system
Entropy is a measure of
matter, but not energy
Physical laws (laws of thermodynamics) state that we can recycle
chemical synthesis of organic molecules by bacteria
The producer of energy for the communities of the hydrothermal vents is:
a tertiary consumer
A wolf is an example of:
A secondary consumer would eat:
two interacting species
Symbiosis is the result of coevolution. Coevolution is the result of the interdependent evolution of
Which of the following organisms would be members of a pioneer community on bare rock?
occurs in areas lacking vegetation where soil is present
Secondary succession
are most likely to impact other species
keystone species
ecological niche
an organism’s role or lifestyle within the structure of an ecosystem is its
which of the following ecosystems supports the greatest species richness
that reduce the probability of capture
predation exerts a selective force on the prey, favoring characteristics
the realized niche for the green anole was determined by
grasslands – dillute and remove pollutants (NO THEY DONT)
which of the following does not correctly pair the ecosystem with a service it provides
the relationship exemplifies by bees consuming nectar and carrying pollen from one flower to another
a population of mosquitos develops resistants to a pesticide
which of the following best illustrates the process of evolution
a forest develops on the edge of a retreating glacier
which of the following is the best example of primary succession
species richness
the ability of a community to withstand environmental disturbances (community stability) is a consequence of
the idea that earth’s organisms adjust the environment to keep it habitable for life
the Gaia theory is used to describe
approximately what percent of the atmosphere is CO2
shells of marine organisms
which of the following is in the carbon cycle and also is the carbon silicate cycle
nitrogen fixation
what is the first step in the nitrogen cycle, in which gaseuous nitrogen is converted into ammonia
which of the following plants is a legume, which may have nitrogen fixing bacteria attached to their roots
the reduction of nitrate to gaseous nitrogen is called
dead organic material – ammonification – nitrification – plants
which of the following accurately accurately represents a sequential portion of the nitrogen cycle?
which of the following processes plays an important part role in the phosphorus cycle
earth’s tilt on it axis
the primary reason we have seasons is because of the
characterized by steadily increasing temperatures
the thermosphere is
when one tectonic plate descends below another
subduction occurs
volcanic activity
which of the following does not effect ocean currents
position of the continents, atmospheric temperatures, prevailing winds, varying density of seawater
which do effect ocean currents
troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere
the atmosphere consists of five concentric layers, what is the order of these layers starting at the earth’s surface
volcanoes are frequently found in chain locations where hotspots are found
which of the following does not demonstrate a relationship between locations of earthquakes and plate tectonics?
dryland on the side of the mountains away from the prevailing winds
rain shadow describes
wind shear
what causes turbulence and potential plane crashes
air pressure is greatest over the ocean
during a sunny day at the beach
la nina
australia would be most likely to experience flooding during what cycle
increased condensation in the clouds and warm ocean waters
a positive feedback loop for a hurricane would be
high, low, stronger
winds tend to blow from areas of ____ atmospheric pressure to areas of ____ atmospheric pressure, and the greater the difference between the high and low pressure areas, the ________ the wind
by constructing large reservoirs to hold water in the northern hemisphere
How may have humans unwittingly altered the rotation rate of planet earth?

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