APES Chapter 7

Their nesting grounds are easy targets, their skins are used to make shoes, belts. and pocketbooks, and their meat is considered exotic (all of the above)
The American alligator is now listed as threatened because…
biochemical reactions in the intestines of detritus feeders
Of the following, ecosystem structure is least likely to include
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APES Chapter 7
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the number of different species
What is species richness?
the number of individuals of each species
What is species evenness?
low lattitude forests
Where is most of the world’s biodiversity?
high immigration and low extinction rates
Based on island biogeography, large islands near the mainland would have relatively….
native species
Species that normally live and thrive in a particular ecosystem are known as…
indicator species
Species that serve as early warnings of environment damage is what?
keystone species
Species whose roles in an ecosystem are much more important than their abudance is what?
nonnative species
Species that migrate or are accidentally intorduced into an ecosystem are called what?
native species
Which term is the opposite of the others?
Amphibians eat many insects, second in number only to birds
Which of the following statements about amphibians is false?
amphibians live part of their life cycle in water and part on land, and amphibians are extremely sensitive to ultraviolet radiation (a and c only)
Which of the following characteristics make amphibians particularly sensitive to pollution?
they are sensitive indicators of changing environmental conditions, their extinction could lead directly to the extinction of other species, and they are genetic storehouses of pharmaceutical products not yet discovered (all of the above)
Amphibians are important because…
indicator species
Birds and trout make good what?
nonnative species
Wild African bees are best described as what?
keystone species
Sea otters, dung beetles, and gopher tortoises are generally considered to be…
foundation species
Species that can create and enhance habitats that can benefit other species in a community such as birds that regenerate deforested areas and spread seeds through their droppings are called…
They bear more young than the habitat can support, causing most offspring to die of starvation or become food for other predators
Which of the following is not a reason for the decline in shark populations?
pollination, aeration of soil, distribution and burial of animal wastes, and top predator control of other populations within an ecosystem (all of the above)
Which of the following is not an ecological service provided by keystone species?
Interspecific competition is competition between two members of the same species
Which of the following statements is false?
hawks and owls
Which of the following predators avoid competition by being active at different times?
interspecific competition
The relationship between fire ants and native ant populations is best described as?
exploitation competition
A new kitten is added to a home with an established older cat. The older cat is observed to gobble up its food as well as that of the younger cat, which is known as?
interference competition
A new kitten is added to a home with an established older cat. You observe the older cat hiss and swat at the younger kitten in the kitchen where they are fed, which is known as?
eating at different times, resource partitioning, and character displacement (all of the above)
Interspecific competition can be avoided by…
by a predator
A shark is least likely to be killed by…
Snakes have a sharp vision which allows them to find prey
Which of the following is not an example of an adaption acquired by organisms to detect food and mates?
The obvious relationship demonstrated by a food chain is….
pursuit and ambush
Prey are least likely to defend themselves against predators by…
Beetles that imitate other beetles but don’t have the same defense mechanisms:
A relationship in which a member of one species obtains its nourishment by living on, in, or near a member of another species over an extended time is best labeled…
A relationship in which one species benefits while the other is neither helped nor harmed to any significant degree is best labeled…
A relationship in which both species benefit is best labeled:
Of the following relationships, the one most likely to be described as a positive feedback loop is
The win-win relationship of animal behavior is
rarely kill their hosts
All of the following are ectoparasites except…
Parasites bring only bad news
Which of the following is incorrect?
All of the following illustrate the relationship mutualism except…
The relationship between clownfish and sea anemones is…
The relationship between redwood trees and redwood sorrel is…
Forms of nondestructive behavior between organisms include all of the following expect:
It is an orderly progression from pioneer species to climax species indicative of the region being studied
Which of the following statements about primary succession is false?
several centuries to several thousand years
How long does it take natural processes to produce fertile soil?
rock exposed by a retreating glacier
Which of the following would exhibit primary succession?
a heavily polluted stream that has been cleaned up
Which of the following would undergo secondary succession?
physical weathering, lichens and mosses trapping soil particles, and secretion of acids by lichens (all of the above)
Soil formation in primary succession is encouraged by what?
You are a field ecologist. In an ecosystem under study, you observe rabbit, quail, and pheasant. Which stage of succession are you most likely to report for this ecosystem?
You are a field ecologist. In an ecosystem under study, you observe turkeys and gray squirrels. Which stage of succession are you most likely to report for this ecosystem?
You are a field ecologist. In an ecosystem under study, you observe grizzly bears and caribou. Which stage of succession are you most likely to report for this ecosystem?
A field ecologist observes primary succession occurring over a period of years. Bare rock is colonized by lichens that give way to moss that gives way to ferns. She is most likely to report that the process guiding succession in this ecosystem is…
You observe a stand of dense hemlocks. You know squirrels from an adjacent area have brought pine cones to the ecosystem, but no pine seedlings have sprouted. Of the following choices, the best label for this observation is…

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