APES Chapter 8

An organism’s niche is analogous to its
The nutrient relationships with other species
An ecological niche includes all of the following except
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APES Chapter 8
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Interspecific competition
The relationship between fire ants and native ant populations is best described as:
The best description of a cockroach’s niche is
The obvious relationship demonstrated by the food chain is
Pursuit and ambush
Prey are least likely to defend themselves against predators by
The relationship most likely to be describes as a positive feedback loop is
The win-win relationship of animal behavior is
An example of an ectoparasite is
An example of something that does not illustrate the relationship of mutualism
Biochemical reactions in the intestines of detritus feeders
Ecosystem structure is least likely to include
Several centuries to several thousands of year
How long does it take natural processes to produce fertile soil?
Rock exposed by a retreating glacier
An example of primary succession
A heavily polluted stream that has been cleaned up
What would undergo secondary succession?
Physical weathering, lichens and mosses trapped, secretion of acids by lichens
Soil formation in primary succession is encouraged by
The food webs are simple
In immature ecosystems:
The efficiency of energy use is high
In mature ecosystems:
An example of a keystone species
Are more likely to become extinct
Specialist species:
Indicator species
Species that serve as early warnings of environmental damage are
Keystone species
Species whose roles are more important than their abundance are
Keystone species
Sea otters, dung beetles, and gopher tortoises are
Produce sublethal effects
A successful disease will
Mullerian mimicry
When two or more protected species resemble one another achieving group protection
Grazing tends to decrease the variety of species that makes up a community
Sheep and cows
Between which organisms would competition for food be most intense?
High immigration and low extinction rates
Large islands near the mainland would have
It will peridot until there are drastic changes in the ecosystem
Describe the climax stage of ecological succession
Is in a state of balance or dynamic equilibrium
The climax community is best described as a community that

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