APES Midterm Review

If it is replenishing faster than it is being used
Which of the following data regarding a renewable resource is the most important in determining if the resource is being used sustainably?
overfishing, overgrazing, deforestation, pollution, etc
In a tragedy of the commons, an example of a “common” could include:
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APES Midterm Review
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can be used definitely
All nonrenewable resources
Ecosystem service- provide ecological and economic benefits
Which of the following is an example of an ecosystem service?
non point sources of pollution- dispersed and difficult to identify EX. pesticides blown from the land into the air & runoff of fertilizers and pesticides into steams and lakes
Non point sources of pollution include all of the following EXCEPT
turn off lights and electronics when not in use, use natural light, only use electronics when necessary, lower the thermostat, air dry clothes etc
Which of the following would decrease one’s ecological footprint?
Poverty is the lack of water, hygiene, food, housing, and medicine
Which of the following is NOT a basic necessity that a significant number of people living in poverty lack?
1 megawatt
One million watts is a ______ watt
One millionth of a gram is a _______ gram
negative feedback loop
Temperature of your skin increases, which leads to an increase in perspiration. Perspiration evaporated from the surface of your skin. The temperature of your skin decreases. This is an example of:
decomposition of amonification, nitrogen cycle
Also known as mineralization, this process is carried out by decomposers and returns nutrients in organic matter back to the soil.
burning fossil fuels
The process that can release nitrous oxide, and greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere
nitrogen assimilation
Plants converting inorganic nitrogen compounds into organic compounds such as amino acids
Coyotes are opportunistic predators that are found throughout most of North America. They typically feed on small mammals, insects, and fruits and vegetables. They are known for their dietary adaptability. The best description of their role in the food web would be:
r-species: multiply rapidly and short life span
Which of the following is correct concerning r-selected species characters?
energy lost as heat
The 10% energy transfer in food chains is due to
cause temperature to rise
Much of the current tropical forest biomes are experiencing a rapid rate of decreasing forest cover due to logging and conversion of forests to agricultural lands. Scientists estimate, if this trend continues, that the loss of forested land would
All of the following gases make a significant contribution to the natural greenhouse effect EXCEPT
The upper growth limit represented by the horizontal asymptote in the graph above is known as
The graph above represents the population growth of an herbivore over several generations. Which of the following is most likely a reason for the continuous overshoot and dieback experienced by the population?
symbiotic mutualism
Many legume plants have specialized fungi, known as mycorrhizae, living in their roots providing inorganic nutrients such as phosphates and nitrates. The fungus gains valuable nutrients from the roots of the plants. This relationship is an example of
Around hot water vents deep in the ocean live specialized communities. Bacteria turn hydrogen sulfide into reduced carbon compounds through chemosynthesis. The bacteria then provide food to other life forms. Compared to terrestrial food chains, the bacterial fill the same role as
genetic isolation
The building of new highway in a heavily forested area separates individuals of a beetle population living in this area. Over time, the population can no longer reproduce with one another and may become two distinct species. The mechanism for speciation in this event is
primary succession
As our global climate becomes warmer, many mountain glaciers are melting. When these ice sheets reseed they expose new surface areas to become inhabited by organisms. Which of the following best represents the organisms succession on the new rock?
On land, water that reaches the atmosphere from the surface of leaves does so through a process known as
Which of the following biomes is maintained through occational fires?
introduction by humans
Characteristics that would lead to non-native organisms becoming invasive in a new environment would include which of the following characteristics?
El Nino- warmer pacific sea surface temperatures
All of the following are associated with El Niño except
coreolis effect
The direction of the rotation of large cyclones-winds around the center of a cyclone rotate clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere–is due to the
This ecosystem is characterized by long, hot summers and moderated, moist winters. It supports many small mammals, and most vegetation germinated after a period exposed to fire. It is mostly found along coastal areas such as the Pacific coast of North America, southern Texan and Mexico, and the coastal hills of Chile and the Mediterranean.
The Amazon basin, in South America, is the worlds largest tropical forest. Forest cover in the “arc of Deforestation” in the southern region of the basin is rapidly decreasing due to logging and conversion of florists to agricultural lands. Scientists estimated that if this trend continues it will reduce the forest coverage to only 20% of its original size by the year 2016. The loss of forest and land would most likely
28 years or 2048
In the year 2010, a country had a population of 10 million people, a birth rate of 7.2%, and a death rate of 2.2%. If the birth and death rates remain constant, the population will be close to 40 million in
A population larger than before the transition
A country that undergoes a demographic transition will go through. Of rapid population growth, and later stabilize at
infant mortality rate
When compared to most developed countries, most developing countries have higher
vitamin A
Blindness May be caused by a diet deficient in the nutrient
the strong pests survive to reproduce
Which of the following best explains how a pest developed a resistance to a chemical pesticides?
would require less chemical fertilizers
Crops genetically engineered to fix nitrogen would have which of the following advantages?
soil erosion
Which of the following problems can be best addressed with contour plowing?
natural and biological controls rather than the application of pesticides
Which of the following is a feature of integrated pest management?
farming keeps the land in an early successional stage
The connection between farming and ecological succession is best exemplified by which of the following?
bringing water to large areas of farmland
Irrigation in farmland refers to which of the following?
the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid with added nutrients but without soil
Which of the following is the best description of hydroponics?
green revolution in the 1960’s
The green revolution is most closely associated with the time Period between
Where is overnutrition most common today?
mineral soil
This layer of soil is also known as the topsoil; it contains much hummus
It is determined that a soil sample is composed of 23% silk 11% Clay and 66% sand. According to the soil triangle, which of the following is the soil texture of the soil?

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