APES: Weather/Climate

El Niño Southern Oscillation, see-sawing of air pressure over the S. Pacific
trade winds weaken & warm water sloshed back to SA
During an El Niño year
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APES: Weather/Climate
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easterly trade winds and ocean currents pool warm water in the western Pacific, allowing upwelling of nutrient rich water off the west coast of South America
During a non El Niño year
upwelling decreases disrupting food chains; N U.S. has mild winters, SW U.S. has increased

rainfall, less Atlantic hurricanes

Effects of El Niño
layer of dense, cool air trapped under a layer of warm dense air, pollution in trapped layer may build to harmful levels; frequent in Los Angeles, California and Mexico City, Mexico
Temperature inversion
Types – Surface, Crown, Ground (in order) usually burn only under growth and leaf litter on forest floor; hot fires, may start on ground but eventually leap from treetop to treetop; go underground, may smolder for days or weeks, difficult to detect and extinguish, i.e. peat bogs.
Forest Fires

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