Apex Biology Unit 1 Lesson 1.1: The Code Of Life

a strand of DNA
What is a chromosome?
showed that DNA is a transforming factor
How did Avery help build our understanding of genetics?
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Apex Biology Unit 1 Lesson 1.1: The Code Of Life
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Scientists did not know how traits were inherited
Frederick Griffith made a scientific discovery in 1928. Which best describes the knowledge about genetics before 1928?
a form of a gene
What is an allele?
They have homologous chromosomes
Humans are a diploid species. What does this say about their chromosomes?
They will have different traits
Two brothers inherit different sets of alleles from their parents. What effect will this have?
DNA in eukaryotes is located in the nucleus.
How is the DNA in a prokaryote different from the DNA in a eukaryote?
It is a male.
A child receives an X chromosome from its mother and a Y chromosome from its father. What is true about this child?
They have different genes
What allows humans to have different traits from each other?
An organism has a diploid number of 60. What is the organism’s haploid number?

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