Apple Company Microsoft Company Commerce Essay

The apple Company had been started on May 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs both were college dropouts. They both ab initio started the company in Jobs garage in the intend of building personal computing machines. Apple Inc antecedently named as Apple Computer, Inc the term “ Computer ” has disappeared in Jan 9, 2007 since the company has gone beyond the fabrication of computing machines to electronic appliances such as iphone, ipads and ipod.At nowadays apple is the thrid largest industry in nomadic phone.On 1980 Applei??s stock went public priced at $ 22.00 per portion and now it has attained an tallness upto $ 700 per portion.


The company was started Bill Gates and Paul Allen who were childhood friend and were both reciprocally interested in computers.Microsoft is the universe ‘s largest company in the merchandising and licensing package related to computing machines and besides in the fabrication of bet oning console.When measured with revenu microsoft is the male monarch in the industries of software.The first of all time merchandise of microsoft was an Operating System Known as i??MS DOSi?? which was followed by a series of Windows Operating System.Microsoft went public on 1986 stock was priced at $ 21 the monetary value of the stock at nowadays is worth $ 6000 and is priced at $ 24 at nowadays.


Who is He?

Steven Paul Jobs was born on 1955 his biological parents had handed him for acceptance subsequently Paul and Clara Jobs had adopted him and moved to Silicon valley.During the early 1950i??s Silicon was a hub in the field of semiconducting material companies.As a consequence Jobs was exposed to neighbors of applied scientists working on electronics. In 1974 Jobs was hired by Atari as a technician edifice circuit boards.During his teenage he had meet Stephen Wozniak who is one of the most of import individual subsequently he became the co-founder of Apple.Steve Jobs was the laminitis and Ceo of apple company.Steve Jobs was one of the chief ground Apple rose to its current highs from a province of bankruptcy.

Bill Gates:

Who is He?

William Howard Gates III popularly known as Bill Gates.Gates was born in 1955 and had a passion in programming at an early age of 13 old ages old. At an early age of 14 Gatess and Paul Allen ( co-founder ) had formed a computing machine company which earned them $ 20000 ( usd ) in their first year.In 1975 Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University and started microsoft along with Paul Allen.Gates is listed in top 10 richest Man in the universe from 1995 to 2012 harmonizing Forbes.Gates is the former head executive and present president of the universes elephantine industries of computing machine softwares.From June 2006 Gates announced that he would work portion clip in microsoft and focused on his foundation for wellness and education.Gates to took the revenu of microsoft from one million in 1978 to 121.2 billion in 2012.

Current Updates


Apple has been awarded as i??The most admired companyi?? by Fortune magazine from 2008 to 2012.The company has acheived to setup 394 retail shops around the globe.The estimated value of the company as of September 2012 is US $ 626 billion.The one-year gross in 2010 was $ 65 billion and the gross has more than doubled in less than two old ages $ 156 billion.At nowadays there are 72,800 lasting and 3,300 impermanent employees around the globe.Apple has got 394 retail shops in 14 states around the world.Apple Iphone 5 made a immense success during the twelvemonth with more than 2 million pre order and finally they had a difficult clip deliverying the phones in time.Soon after the success of the iphone they lauched the ipad mini and ipad 4 and had announced that they had sold three million devices in three yearss.


It has been a promising twelvemonth for microsoft since the following version of Windowss runing system was scheduled to be launched this year.Windows 8 was had gone a measure from the traditional operating system which was used in desktop/notebook to handheld devices such as tablets and nomadic phones.During the mid of last twelvemonth microsoft bought Skype for $ 8.5 billion which is the largest investing of all clip.

In June this twelvemonth microsoft declared that it would be acquiring into the Personal computer seller market with the debut of microsoft surface.The tablet is a tablet which will be running on Windowss 8 giving a tough competition to apple ipads.Windows users now can utilize their tablet with about all the map they can make on a desktop or notebook.Microsoft made a trade with the top taking phone makers Nokia, Htc, Samsung and Huawei and launched their Windowss 8 phone three yearss subsequently.


Steve Jobs


i??I want to set a dent in the universei?? Steve Jobs, Apple CEO.Jobi??s had an bossy attack of leading style.This manner is an attack where the leader takes all the determination in the company without taking any advice from the employees or the co workers.A celebrated quotation mark stated by an unknown i??The foreman is ever right, When the foreman is incorrect, refer to the above statementi??suits this sort of leaders.Without steve jobi??s autocratic direction and a focussed vision to accomplish the end Applei??s company would hold been a boat seafaring in a stormy ocean and would hold sunk at anytime.Jobs used a oppressive leading manner to the employess where he would fire and coerce to do certain employees delivered merchandises that consumers are pleased.Steve had an cocky attitude was over confident and took all the recognition of the success of the company and blamed the ruin to the followers.This is a truly negative character for a leader a truly good lesson can be learned from the life of steve jobs.During 1985 when Apple was confronting a downtrend steve refused to take notice and continued to move as if he was salvaging the full company and blamed John Sculley ( CEO ) for the down tendency which let to a difference between them.Apple being his life and psyche fired him to acquire out by the people whom he appointed.Later he set up a squad with ex Apple employees and started a company on his ain in the purpose of get downing a new computing machine company but was forced to close down because Apple warned him about the lawsuit.During the 1996 things were non reflecting good in Apple with Steve Jobs gone.During this critical situtaion a new CEO was appointed to undertake the state of affairs shortly realised that steve occupations was need to be brought back in order to acquire the company in heights.After a twelvemonth of Jobs return back to Apple the companyi??s value was merely $ 3.1 billion.While questioning Michael Dell the laminitis of Dell what would be his drama on such a state of affairs if he was the CEO of Apple and he replied i??Ii??d shut Apple down and give the money back to the shareholdersi??.With his alone bossy and oppressive leading manner he made the company as the most valued company in the universe with a value of $ 620 billion.Unfortunately steve occupations passed out in October 5, 2011 due to malignant neoplastic disease but still the company grows in value with the manner of leading and procedure he followed i the company.

Bill Gate:

i??Every concern and family must hold a computing machine and must run Microsoft softwarei??-Bill gates.Bill Gatei??s on the other side had a different manner of leading which was a participative or democratic manner of leadership.This method involves the leader and the employees in the determination devising but the concluding determination will be made up by the foreman. Bill Gates is an activating and enthusiasm difficult working person.He is an adaptable individual depending on the state of affairs and besides motivational leader in the company.Bill Gates ever wanted himself to be presented in a manner which makes the people around him to be motivated.Gates involves most of his clip along with his employees and clients i??Your most unhappy clients are your greatest beginning of learningi?? stated by Gates.Initially when many of the users found it hard to utilize Microsoft merchandises and found it debugging Bill Gates would non give up really easy he took every job as a lesson and invariably encouraged his employees to happen a solution.Bill expected his directors to do up their head and take determinations presuming that they are the foreman of Microsoft.He conducted frequent meetings with his directors to discourse about the concern strategy.Inspite of being the universes wealthiest adult male he ne’er boasted about the success of his merchandises but advised his carbon monoxide workers to mind from the failure lessons.Constant creativeness and being an inspiration to the carbon monoxide workers lead to an advanced ambiance and a pleasant stay for the employees transforming microsoft from a package company into many field.They have a broad scope of rivals get downing from hunt engine Google and yokel is viing with bing.In the field of tablets and phone microsoft surface and Windowss Mobile has a company now has given a tough competition with Apple.Starting with three employess in 1975 microsoft has expended to 94,000 at present with a net value of 121.2 billion.


“ Neither Bill nor Steve is excessively perfect or excessively wicked, ” Rehan Ahktar wrote in a 2009 comparative survey, “ and they are merely humans.An interesting fact that I noticed that reflects their personality of their leading would be get downing with the manner of dressing in presentation.Jobi??s likes to have on a black long-sleeved mock polo-neck and bluish denims with balanced gym shoes whether he is in a insouciant province or in the launch of his merchandise reflecting that he has a personality which he like to take control of the state of affairs and non bothered about the people around him.On the contention Gatei??s dressed up in a orderly blue concern suit during the merchandise launch and is dressed in insouciant while working in the office give an feeling which makes him given a soft and trusting image to the people around him and makes the employees motivated and the audience focused.

Jobs was a perfectionist whereas Gates is non that pushy in nature.A typical incident can be stated when a interior decorator of apple brought the paradigm of a macbook a prison guard was free at the underside Jobs noticed that returned it to the interior decorator and asked him to i??center iti?? he said without even opening the macbook. Whereas Gates leaves the paradigm to his fellow couples and makes the major alterations before the launch of the concluding product.Gates ever sets ends and makes certain his followings are crystal clear of the end and wagess them with benefits when they achieve it.On the other side of the die Jobs used fright as tool of penalty to accomplish his mark there were state of affairss where the subordinated weeped during the meeting in Apple.Laurance Clavere former executive employee of Apple had mentioned that i??going to a meeting with Jobs, she has to develop a mentality like a toreador come ining the ring putting to death or be killed.i??Jobs “ was voyaging a district that is frequently vague to direction: the creative activity of significance, both for clients and employees, ” Roberto Verganti from Harvard Business Review.

During the terminal of Jobs life in Apple he was worried about the bequest of Apple an illustration where the bequest went down the drain was the company created by Hewlett and Packard.During 2006 Bill Gates stepped out of Microsoft and was an adviser and worked twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours and concentrate on extinguishing the disease in the universe in a manner he is developing microsoft to make their ends without him in the hereafter.

If we had taken count of the pro and cons of the leading manner from the above article it is an easy choice that Gates scored much more than Jobs on the positive facet but good Steve Jobs did hold few characters which can non be left out.His focal point was manner much better than Gates.A authoritative state of affairs for his focal point can be demonstrated from an advice he had given to the laminitis of Google Larry Page.When Larry visited Jobs at his last few yearss on the Earth these were the exact words i??The chief thing I stressed was focusi?? and asked Google to concentrate on merely five major merchandise and acquire rid of the remainder and so did Page attentiveness to his advice.In early January this twelvemonth he asked his employees to concentrate on merely a few merchandises such as Android and Google+ , and to do them i??beautiful, i?? the manner Jobs would hold done.

In Steve ‘s universe, “ No via media ” . In Bill ‘s universe, “ Hey, via media is alright, we ‘ll acquire it right the 3rd clip. ”

Administration Structure and Process:


Apple company follows an administration known as i??top-downi?? direction manner which normally suits the bossy leader.Where the main utilizations sentences like that i??I am in control here and do precisely the manner I tell youi??.Under Steve occupations there were about 10 frailty presidents for helping him each frailty presidents is the caput of a peculiar section for the such as COO, CFO, Operations, hardware technology, package technology, IOS package, world-wide merchandise selling, industrial design, retail and general counsel.In general there are five catageory computing machine industry, rating, package, development, and devices. If there is any job needs to be discussed the people in that peculiar field the frailty presidents setupi??s up an assignment the ultimate foreman Steve occupations in our instance and discourse their job and happen a solution.Here steve occupations acts as a centre of hub in the full determination devising and makes the determination on his ain. The job with this sort of direction is that the company is in a state of affairs similar to a cat on the wall without the major foreman there would be cold war between the frailty president to take up a decision.This was one of the facet that worried Steve Jobs during his last few yearss in Apple.

Equally far as Apple is concerned one feel that their i??strength is their weaknessi??.With the passing of Steve occupations at present Tim cook is the CEO the stock monetary value of apple is at its extremum after the launch of its latest merchandises retina ipad, ipad mini and iphone 5.But will the elevation of the stocks maintain accomplishing its tallness or will the monetary value of the stocks decrease.Steve occupations had immense potency in the innovation of new merchandises and to run out out work employees but lagged in the accomplishments when it came to selling of the products.One of the ground I personally feel the ground why the macbook did non became a immense success is because they do non educate their clients how to utilize the operating system which the people from microsoft has done a reasonably good job.At nowadays there are 394 retail shops around the universe and among these 250 active shops are placed and concentraed merely in united provinces which is non advisable.Lets imagine a situtation where Apple is about to lauch a package early in the market during a resession clip in the united provinces and its rival is scheduled to establish a month later.In such situtation they would hold earned a batch of revenu if they had spread their retail shop every bit around the world.Due to the desicion doing manner of Jobs is the present CEO able to do wise determination like the past.Recently after the launch of the apple IOS 6 the clients were non pleased with the map application and the Tim worte a missive of apology to client and said it will be rectified shortly.

Another major issue is the high cost of the merchandise and immense capital invested in the research and development for the invention process.Applei??s would hold made a batch more gross revenues if they had pass some clip to research and cut down their cost of their merchandises and keep a monetary value scope with a border near to its rivals.

If we take a depth expression at Apple ‘s rivals there is non merely one rivals for them but have many company bring forthing a specific merchandise for illustration in the field of phone they have Samsung and in the field of package and tablet they have got Microsoft.This is a strength at the present but might be a failing in the close hereafter since Apple will be acquiring a strong competition from all the elephantine companies for merely one peculiar product.Lets take the illustration of Samsung galaxy S-3 which is a tough rival for the iphone since they got merely one opposition in the field of smartphone.Similarly in tablet market microsofti??s surface is their recent rival. Competing against giants of the different industry for a

different merchandises would certainly give them a immense competition subsequently if non at the present because they have got merely one rival to concentrate on whereas Apple has to concentrate on different companies for different merchandises.

During the last few yearss of steve occupations he was interviewed by CNBC and he claimed that he mentioned that the after old ages of research of difficult work he had cracked a manner to transform the usage of telecasting merely the manner he had transformed Mobiles, music participants and computers.The large inquiry that concerns me is that will Apple be able to accommodate to the kind out the jobs that they are confronting before the launch of their following large merchandise.

I would urge Apple to spread out their retail shop and administer every bit around the universe after they have studied the market in that peculiar region.Secondly Apple should cut down their cost in the pricing of their and keep the monetary value scope similar to its competitor.The present CEO must shortly adaptive to the state of affairs of the company without steve occupations and must avoid the failures similar imap late. Tim cook should non see steve occupations important leading as a function theoretical account because one incorrect scheme or merchandise it can drop the full company.Moreover steve occupations is no more to convey the company from its bankruptcy.


On the contention microsoft follows a Bottom-up direction manner of attack. This manner of attack is where the determination doing moves from the underside to the top degree of leader. The determinations must be pipelined through the full hierarchy of leader. As the thought travels through higher degree single engagement of the leaders are expected. Bill gates would have the concluding corrected paperwork done by the grapevine and so make up one’s mind whether he would continue with the plan or bead it. Directly below Bill gates there is a Chief fiscal officer ( CFO ) Alain crosier who is responsible for all other departament below such as selling, gross revenues, and services Group. Under him are three other subdivisions who are responsible for the system under them till the bottom.This method of determination devising is relatively better than the top-down method because the voice of the lower direction is heard and determination can he do in state of affairs when Bill gates is non around.i??As we look in front into the following century, leaders will be those who empower othersi??- Bill Gates.

During 1999 Bill Gatess had written a book on leading manner entitled as i??Business @ the Speed of Thoughti?? . I would wish to sum up four of his favorite tip to leaders.First is to take at least two retreats in a twelvemonth inorder to bear down your battery and refresh and so concentrate on your work.The 2nd tip he wants his followings to read books or gather information on assorted subject irrelevant to their profession. The 3rd tip is one of the most of import tip he wants his leaders to place jobs as soons as possible. Once identified the leader should instantly move upon work outing these jobs every bit shortly as possible. The last tip is to halt work at the terminal of the day.This is considered so that leaders can hold a clear head, to happen out a solution for the hurdlings that they have faced during the twenty-four hours.

One of the major failing about Bill Gatess was that he was emotionally bonded to the things go oning around him. During some major determinations doing procedure this overshadowed his logical thought and do a determination which was non suited for the company and his followings.


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