Archaeology Essay

ARCHITECTURE The difference between modern architecture and architecture from the 19th century is series of vast progressions. The buildings that we see all around us today are mostly comprised of steel and glass. Due to the industrial revolution we now have skyscrapers to gaze upon built next to brick and mortar buildings that were built in the 19th century. The progression was fast and steady, once Americans began to build it seems as though we have never stopped.

For this project I took the time to xplore both Downtown Deland and Downtown Orlando, Florida, and in my perusing I came to find the integration of such old and new buildings to be fascinating. In the central downtown area of Orlando, directly off of Orange Avenue, you have an entire main street covered in buildings all shapes, sizes and textures. Whilst walking along the avenue I saw small buildings that predated the skyscrapers that surrounded them. When looking up and through the overawe you are subdued.

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Then when you avert your eyes and look a little closer to the ground you are welcomed by n incomparable comfort of times past. Small little havens tucked away in alley ways and in dark corners of the new wave of buildings are a steady reminder that we have come a long way. Orlando has many churches and small side streets filled with old buildings. Most are roman architecture with the exception of a few catholic churches. The overwhelming sense of the past is swift and compelling. It makes you want to return to the 19th century when the roads were cobble stoned and times seemed easier.

The skyscrapers that capture your eye while traveling down the interstate are a symbol of economic growth and success. It is representation of being able to build dreams to the sky. The design of such building is to allow more room and taller buildings. Downtown Deland you feel the familiar presence of an old town. The streets are small and lined with shops, restaurants and other small boutiques. Most are brick structures built in the late 1800s. A number of the shops and stores are no longer the riginal establishments but they still carry the same charm and characteristics.

As I walked around Deland I noticed that most structures were roman arch based and not too many were posted beam buildings or curtain wall. I ventured to the heart of the city, around the Stetson University area and close to the main street. Most of the buildings have been converted to banks, retirement homes, schools and other small mom-and-pop shops. What I love about Deland and the architecture longer cobblestone or dirt and we are now driving in cars and not horse drawn uggies, I feel that you can look around and still be taken back.

Back to a time where Henry Deland aspired to build and grow an entire community on the foundation of education. Now that foundation has kept its roots firmly planted and Deland remains a University driven town. The amount of similarities in both the downtown areas are innumerable. I am grateful that I was able to explore and educate myself on the surrounding towns of my home. Living in Florida you are encompassed with a rich history and an ever changing scene.


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