Argument on guns Essay

Argument Essay A lot of people do not look into the death rates that are caused by guns each and every day. Really, if you allowed guns to be bought, you are Just doing half of the criminal’s Job for them. Guns are not the only solution to look into when defending you against danger. There are other ways you can protect yourself such as taking a self-defense class, using some pepper spray, and etcetera. Guns make it easier for someone to commit murder. If guns are taken out of civilian’s hands and only available for people in the right position to have one, it will become a lot harder to obtain legally.

Guns will become rarer and more difficult to get rather than having it readily available in gun shops anywhere. If guns are illegal, shootings and murder due to firearms will greatly decrease, which is the point of making guns banned. Banning guns will be more effective than regulating them. Not to mention, people with mental illness or a criminal record should most definitely not have a gun. Most of all of the shootings that have happened in American were held by someone who was mentally ill or was not in the right state of mind.

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Argument on guns Essay
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Guns are responsible for over 31,000 deaths in America. In Britain, thanks to he gun ban, there are 35 people killed each year. Studies show, according to the Week Magazine, that there are more cases in which people are killed by guns than saved by civilians with guns. More studies prove that when you have more gun laws that there will be less crimes. People kill people, but guns help as well. The fact that guns allow more power to any individual, only shows that someone gets shot in the end. Rarely, do you hear about a person who used a knife or bare fists to commit mass murders.

All guns should be banned to reduce the power over others, whether you are the good guy or the bad. Likewise, Arthur Kellermann, Director to the RAND Institute of Health states that “Keeping a gun in the home carries a murder risk 2. 7 times greater than not keeping one. ” If you own a gun, you are more likely to shoot yourself accidentally with the gun than a burglar. You are also far more likely to shoot yourself on purpose than be shot by a stranger, and are much more likely to shoot a relative or be shot by a relative as a result. There are better ways to defend yourself.

Guns are an epidemic not only in the USA but in all parts of the world. For instance, without gun control, a robber can nter your house with a gun, and then you reach for the gun and shoot him or her. As a result, you are left with the emotional and psychological trauma that will possibly scar you for life. By way of example, you could easily walk into a gun shop and buy a weapon that really belongs in the army for under $1,000. People who are against gun control, continually say that, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. This is true; however, having a gun makes it extremely easy to do so.

In contrast, if the criminal has a knife or bat, you can at least run or reach for something to hit back ith. Also, any injuries afflicted will be less minor compared to a gunshot wound. Moreover, it is easier and cheaper to get some basic self-defense classes, which educates you on now to aeTena yourselT ana tnose around you, ana t I Is never out 0T your reach. That being the case, guns are the main cause of violence, which is why there are so many mass killings. There is no way we can change the people in our world, but we can change what they are using. These assault rifles should only be available to the military or cops.

In addition, if you accidentally place a gun like on a able, a child can reach for it and use it not knowing what they are doing. Guns are not something that needs to be taken lightly. Why trade violence for violence? It does not make since. For example, you don’t try to throw more water into a flooded basement, hoping that the added water will defend the furniture. Guns are responsible for over 31,000 deaths in America. In Britain, thanks to the gun ban, there are 35 people killed each year. That being said, with guns being available to any and everybody, the crime rates will increase rapidly and more innocent people will be killed.


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